Sacred Circle Sisterhood Sacred Circle Sisterhood

Sacred Circle Sisterhood

Facilitate and Market Women's Circles, Call Yourself Back Home to Your Ancient Roots and Revive the Strength, Wisdom and Support of Sisterhood.

10 years ago I built a profitable business running monthly women's circles with a baby on my hip!

  I actually created my first women's circle on a whim and ended up with 50 women in my backyard!
I knew I felt a calling to this work and that's the moment I knew I had tapped into something special.

  With unwavering determination, I took a leap of faith, immersing myself in this calling because I felt a deep, intuitive nudge guiding me forward. Over the years, I've poured my heart and soul into creating and nurturing intimate women's circles and sisterhood gatherings, and have experienced profound personal and professional transformation, generating high 5-figures from monthly women's circles.

Now, I stand before you, ready to share the wisdom I've gathered, to empower and uplift mothers and women who are called to hold sacred space. I'm here to guide you on a journey that reconnects you with ancient wisdom, the kind that has sustained generations of women and held the power to heal, transform, and unite.  

It's time for you to step into your own power and create a thriving sisterhood by becoming a facilitator of women's circles.  

So, are you ready to embark on a transformative journey, to step boldly into your power, and lead sacred women's circles that inspire profound change?

If you're seeking a path where ancient wisdom seamlessly intertwines with modern empowerment, you've found your sanctuary.

Are you being called to facilitate
Sacred Women's Circles?

There is a calling...
It stirs deep inside, this inner knowing that you are meant for more. Maybe you've felt this little nudge for while, maybe you've ignored it because you didn't know how to move forward. Perhaps you are seeking a career change, or you want to create more meaning in your life. You don’t have to be Spiritual or cosmic to feel it… It can be a quite whisper within... a spark of inspiration, or a process of deep listening.

 When you are called you will know.

  • Are you often in a service-oriented role, such as a caregiver, healer, teacher, or spiritual practitioner?    
  • Are you a lover of all things mystical, priestessy, witchy and woo woo... 
  • Are you the wise woman everyone seeks for advice- (like there's an invisible sign on your forehead that even strangers open up to you)
  • Have you faced and conquered personal challenges, and now you're driven to guide other women on their path to freedom and well-being? 
  • Do you possess unique talents, skills and wisdom with a strong desire to make a positive impact on the world, and future generations?  
  • Have you ever dreamt about bringing women together as a career?
  • Are you passionate about helping women heal, overcome the "sister wound" and genuinely support and celebrate each other?     
  • Have you attended a women's circle and thought, "I could lead this," but you're unsure where to begin?

If you answered YES to any of these, if this speaks to your heart, then chances are you know you are meant to serve in this way.
If you've been waiting for a sign from the universe to finally take that leap, then this is your sign! 
The women in your world need you! Women around the world are yearning for safe and sacred places to gather together in solidarity. Sacred Circles are beneficial to the health and well-being of modern women who are looking for meaning in their lives, especially after the disruption of connection from 2020. I'm here to work with those special women who feel called to this type of service work, weaving the fabric of a global sisterhood.

From Little Seeds to a Flourishing Sisterhood


It was over 12 years ago when I first heard whispers about the transformative power of women's circles. In my community, women were yearning to come together, seeking connection and healing, yet they hesitated, waiting for someone to take the lead. But as time passed, no one stepped up. That's when I decided that the catalyst for change had to be me.

With no prior experience but a heart full of compassion and a burning desire to help, I took a leap of faith and shared an invitation on Facebook. What happened next astounded me...

over 50 women showed up!

I was blown away and as I sat there, with all eyes on me, I realised I was about to lead my very first women's circle. 

So, what did I do?

I plunged headfirst into the deep waters of uncertainty, trusting my intuitive nudge and inner knowing that I was called to this sacred work for a profound reason.That night, something truly magical occurred. A seed was planted, and I was awakened to my calling and purpose.

Without a mentor to guide me, I became a relentless student, tirelessly learning and adapting. I discovered what worked and embraced failure as my teacher. These lessons allowed me to grow into a respected leader with depth and humility.

 As a mother raising four young children, I developed templates and systems that streamlined my work, making it manageable and efficient. I learned to optimise my energy and capacity, ensuring that I could consistently show up, even when life presented its challenges.

 Through dedication and mastery, I've honed my craft, and now, I help my clients achieve similar transformational results.

 So, If you're like me, you understand the power and urgency of bringing women together in an intentional way. It's about sharing stories, laughter, tears, dance, and profound connection. It's about shedding the masks we wear and revealing our authentic selves.Through sacred women's circles, we create a sisterhood where it's safe to be seen, heard, held, and healed.

Together, We walk each other home, one sister, one circle, at a time.

In your heart and soul, you feel the calling—to step into the role of a facilitator, to join the global movement as a leader of sacred circles. You've experienced the profound healing that unfolds in these sacred spaces, and you're ready to share that magic with others.

Through your own Sacred Circle + Sisterhood offerings, you can anticipate:

  • A Circle of Strong Support: Surrounded by women who genuinely love and uplift you.
  • Grounded in Integrity: A deep sense of responsibility and trust in your leadership abilities.
  • Holistic Integration: Seamlessly weaving your skills and healing modalities into your events and workshops.
  • Empowering Emerging Leaders: Providing a platform for others to share their wisdom and be celebrated.
  • Community Collaboration: Partnering with local women and businesses for greater impact.
  • Giving Back: Channeling resources towards community initiatives, women's shelters, and charities. 
  • Financial Flourishing: Adding an extra $200-$2000 per month to your income.
  • Soulful Service: Offering a much-needed space for women to be seen, heard, and healed.
  • Visibility and Opportunities: Presenting at women's events, festivals, conferences, summits, and podcasts.

 A Journey of Profound Transformation

 For years, I've had the incredible privilege and joy of creating sacred spaces for thousands of women, near and far. In these sacred gatherings, I've woven ceremonies, workshops, and retreats with a single purpose: to help women reconnect with their innate beauty and power. I've crafted rituals that inspire women to commit fully to themselves, and I've been deeply moved by the awe-inspiring courage and authenticity I've witnessed. 

Within these sacred circles, I've held a sanctuary for women to heal from the deepest wounds of trauma, shame, and guilt. Whether their journeys were marked by experiences of rape, abuse, miscarriages, abortions, menopause, motherhood, or silent struggles, I've provided a space where their truth can flow freely, where they can simply be, without any need for fixing.


What I couldn't have predicted was the profound initiation into transforming this soulful work into a thriving, soul-nourishing business. I had to navigate the intricate world of sales and marketing to reach and support more women. I had to courageously challenge limiting spiritual beliefs about money, realising that my success as a facilitator was a force for positive change, not only supporting myself but also my family and community.

On my business journey, I've shone a spotlight on local women and their businesses, raised funds for local women's shelters, and nurtured a sisterhood that values connection and collaboration above all else. Because this work is more significant than any individual.

From the very beginning, I knew that as one woman, there was a limit to what I could achieve alone.
The true power of this work is the ripple effect when we all come together, as sisters returning home.
That's why I've birthed the Sacred Circle Sisterhood Facilitators Course.

To share the wisdom I've gathered with other heart-driven women who hear the same calling. To guide you in creating a business you adore or elevating the existing service you provide. No matter the season of life you find yourself in, it is never, ever too late to answer the call. I'm on a mission, a mission to empower 1,000 women to rise and start their own circles.

For I know, with every fiber of my being, that when women gather, majick happens. I've witnessed it, time and time again. 

In a world yearning for powerful, enchanting women in positions of influence and leadership, it's women like you who will respond to the call, blazing a trail of transformation and empowerment that will ripple forth for generations to come.

Sacred Circle Sisterhood is more than a course; it's your gateway to a world where you embrace your true potential

🌟 Unleash Your Leadership Potential  
Imagine walking into a room and commanding respect with your presence. As a graduate of Sacred Circle Sisterhood, you'll garner the skills to captivate and inspire others. Learn the exact strategies to captivate and inspire your circle, ensuring every woman feels seen, heard, and empowered. Your leadership extends beyond the circle, empowering you to reclaim your time and steer your life with purpose and meaning. Personal leadership will have you radiating confidence, attracting positive connections and deepening your relationships.   

🌟 Heal and Grow with Confidence
Through the SCS program, you'll embark on a trauma-informed journey of healing and self-discovery, regaining control of your time and boosting your self-worth, which will filter into your circle offerings. Emotional healing will improve your overall well-being and create space for nurturing, authentic relationships. Because embodied leadership comes from your own capacity to heal so you can hold space for others. SCS equips you with the tools to guide powerful healing sessions, providing a space for nurute, relief and rejuvenation.

 🌟 Ignite Transformations through Ceremony
Experience the awe-inspiring impact of sacred ceremonies. Gain the expertise to lead rituals that stir souls, leaving women feeling connected, inspired and transformed. These ceremonies are not just transformative; they are the heart of your journey. As you guide others through these rituals, you'll witness profound transformations that create lasting bonds within your circle.  

🌟 Tap into Timeless Wisdom of the Women's Mysteries
   Unlock the ancient wisdom that resides within every woman. This journey will deepen your understanding of yourself and your purpose. The wisdom you gain will help you inspire and support others on their unique paths. As you awaken to your inner wisdom, you'll activate your intuition, creativity, and inner strength- which will help you attract people who resonate with your true self.  

Build a Thriving, Purpose-Driven Business
 Imagine turning your passion into a purpose-driven business. SCS program equips you with the tools to create a sustainable women's circle business. While financial stability is part of the equation, it's more about pursuing a meaningful path that aligns with your values. Soulful sales and marketing training hands you the keys to creating a profitable, heart-centered women's circle business. Watch your income grow as you do what you love.

🚀 Join the Empowered Circle of Leaders
  This is your opportunity to step into your power, lead with purpose, and create a thriving business that aligns with your values. The SCS course is designed for action-takers, change-makers, and those who are ready to make a meaningful impact in their lives and the lives of others

What You'll Learn

  • Sacred Circle Fundamentals: Master the practicalities of different circle types, understanding what works and what doesn't.  
  • Creating Safe Spaces: Discover essential strategies to craft a safe, nurturing environment that fosters trust and keeps women returning for more. 
  • Professionalism and Authenticity: Learn to avoid common rookie mistakes, maintaining professionalism while staying grounded in your authentic self. 
  • Leveraging Your Strengths: Harness your unique skills to amplify your impact and communicate effectively.  
  • Foundations of Safety: Establish the bedrock of safety and acquire the skills to create space for profound healing- ethically.
  • Reading the Room: Hone your ability to gauge the energy in the circle, trust your intuition, and adapt on-the-fly, even when plans go awry.
  • Circle Promotion: Master the art of calling in your circle sisters, and gain insights into pricing and marketing strategies that ensure women are drawn to your circles, return for more, and enthusiastically recommend your offerings.  
  • Profitable Business Model: Unveil a simple, profit-driven business model ideal for startups or enhancing your existing services.  
  • Understanding Women's Seasons: Delve into the basics of women's seasons, enabling you to tailor your circles for women of all ages and life stages. Harness the power of womb wisdom to create potent ceremonies and rituals or transition into rites of passage work.  
  • Fostering Personal Growth: Cultivate a deeper connection to your body, sensuality, and creativity. Boost self-belief in your capacity to drive change and achieve the success you've always envisioned.

Course Overview


I designed this 6week program with flexibility in mind. Study at your own pace and use the private community for connection and accountability.


I strive to make my work accessible to as many women as possible, including 1:1 support. Payment plans are available to help get you started today!


Be a part of a global movement that makes a positive impact. Lead your community and transform the lives of other women through your sacred circle and sisterhood.


Start your business from home and help transform your life and community.


$349.75 AUD
per month for 4months

(Aprox $230  USD)

  • Instant access to SCS course, 200+ Circle ideas, Templates + Scripts.
  • Private FB community
  • Certificate


$1333 AUD

(approximately $869 USD)

  • Instant access to SCS course + Original training vault
  • Bonus 1:1 Alignment + Strategy Call, 200+ Circle ideas, Templates + Scripts
  • Private FB Community
  • Certificate 

To help you feel EXCITED about your decision to starting your Sacred Circle Sisterhood journey, I want to sweeten the deal with these FAST ACTION BONUSES!

1x 20min strategy and alignment call with me to refine your circle offering and ease any nerves you may have about stepping into your leadership role.


200+ circle themes to inspire your creativity and reference when you're not sure on what to offer or need to come up with something quickly- That's years worth of monthly circles!


5 of my most popular DONE FOR YOU Circle templates + 3 Meditation Scripts so that you can start facilitating ASAP!


The original SCS video vault and bonuses


Step into Your Role as a Facilitator with Confidence and Clarity 

The comprehensive program offers proven methods to promote healing and authentic connections among women, eliminating guesswork.  

Through this transformative journey, you'll heal past wounds and cultivate nurturing, healthy friendships, leading to a profound shift within yourself.  

You'll develop trust in your capabilities and effortlessly create life-altering experiences for women in your community.  

Joining the program makes you part of a global movement shifting towards feminine leadership characterized by inclusivity, nurturing, and compassion. Women today have the privilege to create sacred spaces and services that impact women, families, and future generations.  

You have the power to make a difference in the world, starting with the Sacred Circle Sisterhood, one circle at a time, even from the comfort of your own home.

 "Doing this course was a wise investment and also a turning point in my business that gave me the confidence that I needed. I held my first women’s circle before I’d even finished the course. It was the beginning of paving the way forward to facilitating women’s empowerment courses and much more without having to go through many years of trial and error!"
-Bekah Schott  

Embody Your Inner Wisdom for Personal Empowement

The Sacred Circle Sisterhood offers a transformative journey towards personal empowerment and a deeper connection with your womb space, leading to heightened intuition.

Discover the art of Feminine Presence for a more open approach to the world, welcoming opportunities with an open heart and open arms.  

The course integrates transformational work into various aspects of your life, promoting presence, creativity, and emotional resilience.

Healing relationships and connecting with your body leads to freedom and creativity, boosting confidence in your abilities and leadership skills.  

Release fear, doubt, and insecurities to confidently offer your unique gifts to the world, paving the way for a grounded sense of purpose.  

Embrace your authentic self and align with your higher purpose, enabling you to communicate your truth clearly and walk your path authentically.  

Gain a clear understanding of creating safe sacred spaces for women, becoming a skilled facilitator.  

Cultivate the courage to be seen and heard, leading with integrity and inspiring trust in others.  

Become a beacon of trust, inspiring and positively impacting the lives of other women

“Within a short space of working intensively with Donna, I was offering my first circle by myself. I’ve continued holding regular circles since then & have also had some amazing opportunities arise that I’ve been blessed to experience. Prior to working with Donna, I never dreamed of stepping up THIS much, but she inspired me to really feel into my soul’s calling."
-Sophie Feore

Craft Your Sacred Business

You'll learn how to create a service-based business as a women's circle facilitator and guardian of Red Tents, which can transform lives and complement your existing work.  

The course provides templates for circle facilitation and effective marketing strategies, allowing you to express your unique style and recoup your investment and continue to monetise your medicine in an ethical ane empowering way.  

Sacred Circle Sisterhood equips you with powerful tools to support women throughout all stages of womanhood, fostering a resilient and connected community as circles have the capacity to combat loneliness and isolation, encouraging women to share, find solace, and connect with others who share similar experiences.

Being a leader and curator of safe spaces for women makes you an invaluable asset to your community, positively impacting women's mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

"Donna has structured the course in a comprehensive way filled with resources that eliminated my fears and doubts about my own competence and capabilities as a facilitator, which ignited my self-belief in my capacity to create, lead and curate sacred and empowering experiences for tween and teen girls as well as women. Bonus: soon after I began sharing my own circles, I had made back my return on investment - well worth it! I had done other courses that were modeled on a similar premise, though it was THIS course that eased my overthinking and grew my confidence."
-Kim Darby



Australian Dollars



Australian Dollars

 Start Your Journey To Leading Women Today 

 Upon purchase you will be directed to set up a student account where you will have access to all course modules and materials, so that you can work Self-Paced and take action immediately. The course has been designed to flow steadily over 6 weeks, to help keep you accountable and on track with implementing course work and meeting your goals. Of course YOU get to set your own pace, so you can tune in to what works for you.  Course content is delivered via Video, Audio Journey’s, PDF Worksheets. A private online community is used for support and heart-storming and accountability. You will have access to all of this for the lifespan of SCS and will automatically receive any new upgrades and bonus material that is offered in future.

This course is designed for individuals who are ready to take action and make a meaningful impact.
It's for those who:

  • Are passionate about empowering women and creating a supportive community. 
  • Bring expertise in fields like therapy, healing, energy work, or have a wealth of wisdom to share. 
  • Understand the value of investing in themselves and their businesses to achieve long-term success, and are committed to the journey.
  • Embrace a growth mindset and recognize the importance of inner work and personal growth as keys to authentic leadership.
  • Hold strong values aligned with integrity, community, kindness, creativity, freedom, and more.

However, this course may not be the right fit for those who: 

  • Seek constant reassurance and external validation for their decisions.
  • Are unwilling to invest time, energy, and resources in their personal and professional development.
  • Have not engaged in any form of personal development or inner work.
  • Are resistant to learning, growth, or taking personal responsibility.
  •  Are solely motivated by financial gain or driven by ego, rather than a deep sense of purpose and service to others.

The 'SCS' Course was a game changer, I felt more empowered to make a difference in my life and the lives of those around me, than I had ever felt before. I was bold enough to hold my first circle before I had even finished the course! It was Incredible!! We were experiencing true sisterhood. Donna's course gave me the tools I needed to empower myself to shed any resistance around stepping into my role as a leader and start making money supporting other women in my community.
-Stephanie Helena

I work with women who have a deep calling to support others in their unique way.

Do you remember your first circle?

That feeling of coming home to yourself, the power of women from all walks of life gathering to heal, grow, and support one another?

I'm here to remind you of that beauty and help you step forward as a guardian of sacred circle spaces.

Over the years, I've been a keeper of stories and secrets, witnessing incredible transformations. Women have found solidarity, celebrated each other, claimed their power, and connected with their inner wisdom. They've broken free from limitations, unleashed creativity, and experienced deep belonging. All of this happened in circles I created, and I want you to trust your power to do the same.

It's time to uplift your community, change lives, and create opportunities for yourself.

The world needs your gifts, and your community needs you. You don't have to figure it out alone. The Sacred Circle Sisterhood course is here to guide you.

Most of my students confidently lead their circles even before completing the course, and they continue to grow their businesses with integrity.

 So, are you ready to answer your calling?

"I was inspired by Donna's work and the way she shows up, facilitates and holds space from her heart in her most authentic version which is why I joined SCS. Learning about the power of womb work and being able to expand that into something I could create and make my own was massive. The course is super affordable and not just about teaching you how to hold space and facilitate in a step by step way but also being able to create an actual business out of it was so important to know. It changed my life and helped me heal."
-Jess Russel


SCS has been created and priced affordably so that the work is easily accessible and you're able to make a return on your investment. Investing in yourself and your business is scary at first, but the more you take decisive action towards your dreams and desires, the faster you reach your goals!

Upon purchase, you will have access to all course modules and trainings so you can work at your own pace. As a mother of 4 children I understand what it is like to have limited amounts of time and I always design my programs with flexibility in mind. There is no such things as falling behind, and you can use the online community for accountability to help keep you focused and on track.  

I encourage my students to take bold and decisive action and most hold their first circle before they've finished the course trainings. I am confident that my trainings will give you the clarity, competence and confidence to show up powerfully within a month of joining- the only limitations are the ones you place upon yourself- or how it fits into your schedule with respects to the season you are in.  

Absolutely. You will find great value in uplevelling your skills as a leader, and refine your offerings. Plus you'll be able to access my proprierty ceremony and circle templates and other trade secrets.

I strive to make my work accessible so if you require an extended payment over 6months, please get in touch and I can create a custom invoice. Custom payment plans have different terms and conditions which can be discussed upon application. 

"She gives you a format to run a woman’s circle, but it’s her experience and guidance on how to connect with your inner-confidence and womb strength that makes this a gem!  She creates a strong bridge for you to create and lead. I was able to hear my own sacred spirit and am ready to create that here in the US. If we could duplicate that with the women of the world and offer that support of a listening genuine space, we would all be able to hear our own sacred souls. I strongly encourage you to take this course and honor your intuition and the timing on your path."
-Ariel Temianka