Donna Raymond is a Visionary Leadership and Transpersonal Business Mentor, Author, Speaker, World-class Ceremonialist and Retreat Facilitator.  

Through her work, Donna empowers ambitious, purpose-led women, transformational coaches, facilitators and creative entrepreneurs to boldly own and unleash their creative genius and purpose work, unapologetically. 

As a transformational leader, she helps you to step into your highest potential, whilst confidently and creatively leveraging your soul-purpose work into business that is aligned with your values and visions, enabling you to make a positive impact in the world so that you can experience personal and professional growth, fulfillment, and success.

Donna is a multi-passionate visionary entrepreneur and is the creatrix behind the Wise Wombman Wisdom School and The Visionary Business Academy.


I'm on a mission to be me... fully expressed and fulfill the prophecy of my being here in this time and place.

I'm here to make art and create epic things!

To live and lead from a place of embodied truth, wisdom and grace and do my best to grow into the best version of myself in service to the world. 

  I'm here to courageously walk my talk and use my voice and influence to inspire connection to the natural and mystical world, emulating kindness, creativity, majick, innovation, healing, beauty, sensuality, playfulness, wisdom, curiosity and wonder.

 I will continue to listen deeply to the quiet whispers of my heart, trust my intuitive wisdom, create potent transformational experiences and keep drawing upon all of my skills and knowledge to empower those that journey with me in remembering how to live a deeply meaningful and fulfilling life.     

I'm on a mission to see how incredible life can be and how much freedom, majick, beauty and wonder can be created and left behind in my wake. 

I want my time here to be fulfilling on all levels.

I'm here to make the ordinary EXTRAORDINARY!
And well... I really just want to end up being this wild old mystical creature with a cheeky twinkle in her eyes, knowing in her bones that she did everything in her power to live life fully expressed whilst encouraging others to do the same. 

 My mission is to create and leave an epic legacy for generations to come.
  And so it is. 


I'm on a mission to provide purpose-driven spiritual entrepreneurs with the tools and guidance they need to crystalise their vision and cultivate innovative ways to package their brilliance into high-quality, value-based offerings and services. Ultimately I strive to support these entrepreneurs in developing their businesses into conduits for their soul purpose and legacy work, which allows their wisdom, creativity and passion to materialise in meaningful ways.

 I'm here to show ambitious women how to embody their feminine power, activate their sensual nature and unleash their wild creative expressions so that they can confidently walk into any room at will, shift the energy with their presence, sell their ideas and services with integrity and confidence whilst graciously receiving and gathering resources to further invest in their passion projects.

I'm committed to supporting those 'crazy' spiritual entrepreneurs with a BIG VISION, strong Spirit and backbone, who have the grit, resilience and motivation to keep going, despite their fear and insecurities. I'm here to share solutions and innovative ideas to create freedom, transformational growth and success, sustainably.

 I'm here to walk beside them when they need someone trustworthy who understands what it takes to take bold action towards making the seemingly impossible possible.
I offer a safe space and potent tools to release and let go of the perceived limitations, to shake of the shit from all the stress and tension that come with such big purpose work, so they feel energised to have more quality time invested in having fun and making memories with their loved ones. I'm here to reality hack and help find new pathways to experience more expansion and freedom in the mind and body that help open up new possibilities- super-charging their creative power and amplifying their impact and influence.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.  To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
 -Buckminster Fuller

   I'm here to create a movement of resourceful transformational leaders and philanthropists that are not driven by flexing status and focusing on how much money can be made, they're more excited about the limitless possibilities and what we can do with these resources in a way that uplifts humanity!

  I love to inspire those with acquired status to find a deeper connection to Soul work and spiritual wisdom whilst also exploring innovative ways to support their legacy work, so that life becomes filled with an inspired sense of wonder and aliveness as they channel their power, influence and resources into creating something truly meaningful, positively impacting many and lasting generations.    

I will use my power and influence to speak life into those that need a little spark, and to light a fire under those that have big work to do.  

"Here's to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes ... the ones who see things differently -- they're not fond of rules, and they have no respect for the status quo. ... You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them, but the only thing you can't do is ignore them because they change things. ... They push the human race forward, and while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius, because the people who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do."
-Steve Jobs

“The one who plants trees, knowing that he will never sit in their shade, has at least started to understand the meaning of life.” 
― Rabindranath Tagore

I see a world where embodied wisdom is at the centre of innovation because the world in dire need of creative and majickal thinking that is focused on holistic health, wellbeing and connection to the natural and mystical worlds.

I see a world where we value, protect and preserve the wisdom of our elders, and the playful innocence of our children.

I see a world where those in positions of privilege and power, use their platforms of influence to elevate the voices of those who have been silenced for generations and step back and listen when they need to. 

We all have a lot to learn from each other. 

I see a world where business is seen as a evolutionary pathway and spiritual initiation towards self mastery and financial/creative freedom for those soul-led entrepreneurs who are destined to experience high level influence and leadership whilst sharing their gifts and wisdom with the world, unashamedly.

I see a world where healthy empowered transactions, quality of service, philanthropy and creative expressions are the markers of a successful business where 
the focus on exponential financial gain and passive consumption is replaced by symbiotic growth, freedom, reciprocity and mutual respect, especially for the future generations.


As a multi-passionate visionary and creative entrepreneur I don’t fit the standard mould of category and niche- I exist outside- wild and undefined, on the edge, where the Majick happens.  Driven by knowing that everything I do in this lifetime creates a ripple effect, I often think about the future and how my energy and art is cast forth into the world, how it interacts and inspires change in peoples lives and therefore changes the way they relate to others.  

Ripples upon ripples.  

I'm a deep/big thinker who loves art, nature, poetry, philosophy, psychology, nervous system regulation, emotional alchemy, music, majick, ceremony, and storytelling.

  I am highly sensitive and attuned to see patterns, energy and understand subconscious programming and symbolism of the Shadow Self. I'm adept at interpreting dreams and finding out the root of subconscious beliefs, buried in the psyche. You want me on your team!

Conceal, Feel, Reveal, Heal!

 I'm totally invested in personal development, reality hacking and activating human potential whilst finding wonder in everyday life and creating a fulfilling life rich with meaning.  
I'm interested in birth, life, death, rebirth and emotional alchemy- typical Scorpio!  
I'm a night owl.  
I love stillness and sharing stories under night skies by an open fire.
  I love creating memories and majick for and with people.  

I love to create safe spaces for people to unmask and connect with their true self.

"Life is ephemeral. Don't let your creativity die inside you"

 I began my journey as a qualified fine artist and then moved into event management because I could see a need for more meaningful interactions that uplifted consciousness through gathering people and sharing quality education, resources, skills and wisdom.

For over 15 years I have been creating potent transformational healing experiences. In 2011 I kept hearing of a need for women to gather in my local community, and so I put up a post in facebook inviting women to gather at my home and sit in circle. 50 women showed up that night. I freaked out and hid in the kitchen brewing chai with a close friend who was supporting the gathering. That was the humble start of something beautiful. I had a synchromystic dive into the depths of the mystery and figured out how to swim.

WombSong- my emotional alchemy practice came through my being shortly after, and I knew how potent this work was and that I had to be courageous in stepping forth and creating safe places for women to heal. I still use this practice to this day and it has helped hundreds of women around the world connect with their womb and the wisdom that resides there, whilst radically changing their lives for the better.

 I created the Wise Wombman Wisdom School as a way to unleash and share my creativity and esoteric wisdom with over 700 students from around the world. Over the years my work has focused on;

Womb wisdom, women's mysteries, season and cycles, emotional alchemy, ritual, ceremony, rites of passage, transformational healing, mindset, esoteric and mystical wisdom, timeline healing, meditation and shamanic journey work, ancestral and inner child healing, shadow work, sacred feminine embodiment practices, blood rites, activating the voice and creativity, sensuality, sacred pregnancy, birth, postpartum and embracing the beauty of motherhood, dream-weaving and legacy creation, awakening a sense of majick and wonder, gratitude and the simple things in life, redefining success and creating a life of meaning, accessing inner wisdom, facilitator and leadership training, personal mastery and spiritual business mentoring.

It's been a wild journey and I've been mentoring a new wave of transformational feminine leaders for 6 years now.

With the generous support of my soul-mate community I published my first book, Maiden. A Mother's Guide to Puberty and Menarche as a Sacred Rite of Passage which is available globally in online bookstores.

This is part of a legacy series for the daughters in my bloodline- as much as they are for the world. I have MANY books to write and I'm excited to channel my energy into anchoring my wisdom and stories.

In 2022 I was a finalist for the Cairns Business Women's Club Sole Entrepreneur of the Year Award and eventhough I had been on a work hiatus to heal my nervous system and body from ptsd and physical injury, it meant a lot to be recognised for the work I've had been doing- especially in the mainsteam business world. 

  I am wildly creative and intuitive. Transformational ideas flow through me naturally. My clients benefit the most from this as I will amplify their offerings and income.
 I am an artist of many talents.
 I'm too much for some people.  
They are not my people.   

   When I speak, energy moves through me as a Soul transmission, things will come through that resonate with the group or individual. I don't plan it. When I'm in flow, my voice changes pitch, tone and cadence. That's when I've truly dropped in and I usually notice a shift of energy in the audience and eyes start to twinkle. Sometimes my own mind is blown with what comes through in the moment.
I am open minded, focused on innovation and creative solutions.

Status and fame don't faze me. I've met and worked with very wealthy people and celebrities. 
I see people as people, I see their humanity, hopes and dreams.  

 I am not normal-  whatever that means! I am an INFJ/P and neurodivergent. I have a warped sense of humour and I don't take life too seriously, there is always room for play and to be silly!  
I love to laugh and drink tea, or spill it!

 I believe human beings are encoded with phenomenal creative potential and I'm interested in reality hacking and creating paradigm shifts that positively impact the future generations. The world is in need of majickal women doing epic things! and I'm on a mission to help create financial freedom aka 'fuck you money' in the hands of the women that are invested in uplifting humanity.  

   My home is in the rainforest in Far North Queensland, Australia and I share it with 4 incredible children, 3 of which I freebirthed naturally at home. I've prioritised my small children over going too big on my business too soon, preferring slow and steady growth that my nervous system can integrate.

 What you see is what you get, I'm not trying to be "someone". 
I am who I am. 
I'm am NOT a coach or a predatory multi-figure business mentor making money off people wanting to make money (yawn).  

I value experiential wisdom and teach what I myself have walked and integrated.

I teach sacred feminine wisdom, majick + mindset and shadowwork that has helped me become a master at transformational healing, emotional alchemy, resilience, embodied confidence and authentic leadership.

I'm often told I'm the "real deal" and I'm quite proud of the fact that my business is built on trust, transparency and creating quality services and digital products, whilst building genuine and inspiring relationships with my soul-mate community.  

  I LOVE creating safe spaces for women to gather and share stories, to awaken their creativity and sensual expressions. It is an honour to be a story-keeper and witness women unravel ancestral tension whilst also receiving new ways to celebrate and love themselves as they are.  

I love seeing women succeed- especially those I work with closely.

I am surrounded by an INCREDIBLE sisterhood of powerful creative women, I surround myself with honest, creative, talented, kind and ambitious people who love to use their life force energy to create a big impact in their world at macro and microcosmic levels.

 So... chances are if you've found me, and you've read this far... it's for a reason!  Perhaps I called you in... or maybe you did?
 So, if you're in need of your own personal wise woman in your corner to help you remember how powerful and phenomenal you are , let's connect and create majick together!

 "You pave the path to being real and raw for those who are uncomfortable with their own vulnerability and help women unpack their stories to find the answers to their own healing. What you offer is self empowerment through self awareness. Your ceremonies bring women back to their core, into their heart and into their wombs where our innate magic, our inner knowing is aligned, connected and accessible. You are a courageous leader, with deep passion and knowledge. And a big heart to boot.


 "Do yourself a favour and learn from this extraordinary wise woman. Such insight presented in raw, real, relatable, understandable ways. Donna Raymond's teaching, guidance and support is life changing! I adore her work. She has taught me, guided me, nurtured me and believed in me unquestionably.


 "My experience with Donna during her six month Wisdom Keeper mentorship program blew the doors off of any expectations I had for working with a coach / facilitator.  Donna’s depth, wisdom, transparency,  groundedness, ability to relate, support, and flow with me was astounding. SO RARE this woman truly is." 


 "I knew a business mentor would be the first step in supporting and guiding me to unpack this dream/vision I had for myself and begin the process of making it a reality. I'm so deeply grateful it was Donna who walked beside me every step of the way! The results I gained were priceless: ✨Empowerment ✨Confidence ✨Creativity was reactivated ✨Sacred sexuality and sensuality ✨ Practices to support my bleeding cycle ✨A vision of one of my offerings I would like to share- Donna took me through an initiation process to receive my own medicine of what it would like. Truly epic and mind blowing! Heart opening and expansive.