Maiden. A Mother's Guide to Puberty and Menarche as a Sacred Rite of Passage


Maiden is an educational guidebook for Mother’s to become empowered with knowledge and practical wisdom around the menstrual cycle and how to create a special ceremony to celebrate their daughter’s first bleed in a way that is nourishing and honours puberty and menarche as a sacred rite of passage. It is the first in a series of legacy books that aims to weave words of deep meaning that will encourage women to access the wisdom within it.

Every Mother needs to read this book. The earlier the better!

Lucy H Pearce

Author of Moon Time; Reaching for the Moon; Medicine Woman; Burning Woman, founder Womancraft Publishing.

"This book is such a gift if you are approaching your daughter’s first bleeding looking for guidance on what to do and how to prepare. It provides wisdom and support on every level: emotional, practical and ceremonial, and the knowledge that you…and your precious daughter are not alone in this momentous transition."

Jane Hardwicke Collings

Author of Ten Moons, Herstory and founder of the School of Shamanic Womancraft

This book is a practical guide book for mothers about menarche, a girl’s first period. It has everything a mother needs to know to welcome her daughter to a positive menstrual cycle experience,  and to heal her own past wounds of menstrual shame in the process.   This book helps mothers on * how to nurture our daughters into being sovereign women.   * how to help our daughters see the cultural game of sexualisation of maidenhood so they can choose a different path where they are honoured as they are rather than measured by their desirability physically   * how to do ceremony to welcome girls to womanhood… and so much more.

Sarah Drew

 Author of GAIA CODEX: A Novel and Ancient Wisdom Text Revealed 

MAIDEN is an essential offering that is needed not only in our community of women, but as an essential element for the evolving human species as we come back into balance with nature, with each other, indeed with all Life. As women and their daughters reclaim their sacred rites of passage, a guidebook and catalysis to our intrinsic deeper knowing of the wisdom of our bodies is a much welcomed gift. This is love letter written from wise experience and remembrance. Be sure to add it to your collection, for yourself and future generations.

Kim Darby

Sisterrise collective + yaya sisterhood + first moon circle facilitator

MAIDEN is filled with powerful insights of wisdom and practical ‘can-be-applied-now advice’ for those seeking guidance on how to support the next generation through Menarche. Donna’s passionately written words are easy to digest and will relate to many; I HIGHLY recommend this book as a ‘MUST HAVE’ for ALL

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