Posted On Oct 02, 2023 |

Your Embodiment is beyond your sensual pleasure...

Your Embodiment is beyond your sensual pleasure... your succulent feminine form.

You are not just the fertile maiden adorned with the gaze of devotion.

You are beyond the alluring beauty your flesh radiates.

You are far more precious my dear.

You are dirt...

you are liquid fire.

Untamed. Unashamed.

Strong and clear.

The heat of your sex germinates the dreaming... a primordial force of creation bursting with life and love...

All expressions of the Goddess are accessed at will.

Lillith, Innana, Hecate, Circe and Kali dance in celebration of your true awakening... enchantress...priestess...protectress of the unspoken realms.

Wise Woman.

You are not here to play small.

You are here to serve the Divine and the generations of children that will walk this land long after your bones rest in ash.

There is a reason the poets remember you beautiful heart.

You are fucking cosmic!