Wise Wombman

Sacred Feminine, Sovereign Self

Embodying Sacred Feminine Wisdom and Letting go of Story.

Sacred Feminine Mentor and Wise Wombman, Donna Raymond

Donna helps women connect with the potent energy of the Womb, claiming their sovereignty as an Authentic, Empowered Wise Wombman.

Her work focuses on understanding the Archetypal energies of the Sacred Feminine, integrating the Shadow Self, Healing from Abuse and Trauma whilst letting go of Story.

Offering safe and supportive spaces to journey in, Donna facilitates ceremonies, rituals and workshops exploring the Women’s Mysteries, with personal and intuitive counselling to process deep emotions, blockages and trauma stored in the womb and body.

Donna offers practical wisdom to initiate and encourage liberation from suffering, letting go of emotion and story,  embodying Sensuality as an Authentic Wombman.

Donna Raymond WombSongI have been called to be of service in cultivating the potent energy of the womb, clearing and releasing old trauma and blockages, making space inside this creative centre for Wombman to nurture and birth the new paradigm… Dreaming into Being!
The work that I facilitate focuses on reviving Ritual and Ceremony, Healing the Shadow Self, Sacred Sensuality, Blood Rites (Menarche, Pregnancy and Birth) and deeper connection to our wombs, our innate song, Spirit, Earth, Majick and the power of Archetypes.

It is my intention to cultivate more connection to the Sacred, honouring the Sacred Feminine and Masculine and to also live my life as an example and expression of my Truth, becoming a ‘wayshower’ and claiming responsibility for my own journey, to embody the wisdom that I have learnt through experience so that I may radiate it from my heart into the world, as an empowered wombman and conscious co-creator.

As a mother, I am dedicated to creating abundance and beauty as a legacy for those children that will walk ahead of me in generations to come.
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Wise Wombman DreamingBIO

Donna Raymond, founder of Wise Wombman, is a Sacred Feminine Mentor, Educator and writer, working primarily as a facilitator of Women’s Mysteries, Sacred Circles, Rituals, Workshops and healing intensives. Through her journey in birthing the Wise Wombman Mystery School, she has designed and created her own signature workshops and online courses which focus on cultivating Authenticity and Self Empowerment by bringing awareness to and integrating the Shadow Self, clearing trauma, energetic blockages and ancestral/collective wounds carried in the Womb and subconscious. Donna’s work has been dubbed as primal, archetypal and deeply shamanic and continues to inspire women around the world.


Based in Kuranda, Australia with her partner and 3 daughters, she also facilitates a monthly Womb Temple (red tent) from her home and creates custom made ceremonies and rituals for significant rites of passage, such as marriage, wakes and various blessings ceremonies.





Donna has cultivated her spirituality through extensive self-guided processes over the last 15 years and is often said to be “wise beyond her years.” Her ability and dedication to navigating the emotional realms and languages of the heart and mind, have led her to embody the wisdom that comes through her very strongly.

It is her belief that women are to bEarth the new paradigm, becoming wayshowers, dreaming into being and embodying themselves authentically, celebrating the seasons and cycles of woman… serving the highest good of humanity for the generations of children to follow in our footsteps.

Creating common unity in community.

“Before we can walk forward, we must honour those that have walked before us”
– Nainiouman Coya Coya
Donna Raymond Empowered Wombman