Evoking the WombSong workshop

Workshop- Evoking the WombSong

Saturday December 28th, 2013


Majella Mary Hall, Candlenut Steiner School, 46 Boyles Rd Kuranda, Qld.

$75 per person (payable on the night)

limited placements. bookings essential

 *Includes light refreshments.

*Discount for groups of 3 or more!

*Payment Plan available.

*Please bring a journal, water bottle and wear comfortable clothing

N.B: At present, I am an exclusive breastfeeding mother of a 4month old- so please be supportive with my role as facilitator.

Our wombs are a sacred container for our creativity and dreaming. All too often, we store old emotions and negativity which become trapped and unable to flow or be released. Just as we naturally shed from menses, we can also use the wisdom of the womb to release that which does not serve us and realign to our creative potential- using the womb space to grow and nurture our dreams and goals. This workshop takes women on a  journey into connecting with the Sacred vessel. In a safe and supportive environment, women are guided to delve deep into the dark watery chasm of the womb to find any hidden tension, resistance and emotional trauma.

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kindling the enigma by Adam Scott Miller

kindling the enigma by Adam Scott Miller

About Donna Raymond

Sacred Feminine Mentor and Wise Wombman. Donna helps women connect with the potent energy of the Womb, claiming their sovereignty as an Authentic, Empowered Wise Wombman. Her work focuses on understanding the Archetypal energies of the Sacred Feminine, integrating the Shadow Self, Healing from Abuse and Trauma whilst letting go of Story.