donna raymond wise wombmanWise Wombman Mentorship

Each Woman has her own gifts of beauty to offer the world. My job is to not only help you discover what they are, but to also guide and support you in cultivating the courage to embody theses gifts and to be truly SEEN.

I work with Spiritually aware individuals and Conscious Entrepreneurs that have felt a deep calling from Spirit to serve on the highest level they can, for the good of others. Through 1 on 1 dedicated support I serve the Sacred Leaders, Wise Women, Priestess Pioneers, Dream Weavers and Way Showers, Creative Visionaries, Misfits and Revolutionary Rebels.

Is there something epic inside of you waiting to be birthed?

Fuck all those bullshit stories you keep telling yourself… If you wanna get real…. really real… then I’m your woman!

For far too long women have played small, have bit their tongues and neglected their body wisdom and power. Through the Women’s Mysteries, Womb Wisdom practices and Psycho-Spiritual techniques, we journey together to let got of stories and imprints that hold you back from living a life of embodied presence that is rich in meaning.

I have a way of seeing through story and going straight to the heart or core of what needs to be healed. As an anaretic 29 degree Scorpio Lunar Pisces. I don’t work on the surface… If we journey together I am genuinely invested in your personal growth and wellbeing.  I am fluent in the language of emotions, the underworlds of the Shadow Self and subconscious beliefs. Being resilient and strong means I am willing to go to those places with you if needed for transformational growth.

IMG_20160607_204409#1As an intuitive empath and creative, I have an innate ability to heart-storm ideas that will help you remember your own majick, power and wisdom. It’s all inside of you, I help you remember.

Allow me to support you through Life, Love and Business so that you can express yourself authentically and walk your path with integrity.

It brings me great joy to encourage others to succeed in making their goals come true.

I’ve got your back sister… It’s your time now.

If this speaks to you, connect with me to start the conversation


“Donna is one of the most influential, inspiring, intuitive, incredible and authentic women that I have had the pleasure and honor of crossing paths with. In the 4 years that I have known Donna she has been an incredible mentor and high priestess sister figure which I greatly look up to and honor. I havDonna Raymond Chanel Barane experienced many profound initiations and deep healings through attending Donna’s workshops and sacred ceremonies.

Donna’s a huge inspiration to me as a Conscious Female Entrepreneur. She has been an INCREDIBLE business mentor. She is AMAZING at intuitively generating new NEXT LEVEL ideas, concepts, blueprints and pathways for me to endeavor when it comes to my business and my entrepreneurial life path. She truly is a revolutionary thinker and intellect when it comes to paving the new pathways of business. Every time I connect with Donna and we dive into the heart storming and problem solving business realm I always walk away feel so inspired and super motivated to take my business to the NEXT LEVEL. Donna has greatly lifted my confidence and given me so many tools as I truly follow my dreams as a 25 year old photographer and entrepreneur. Donna has held so many keys which have helped me unlock deeper facets of myself and heal very deep wounds.

Donna Raymond and Chanel Baran Business PartnersI have attended many of her ceremonies and workshops where she facilitated a sacred space for me and other women to really feel safe, be ourselves, truly feel and honor our feminine. I have traveled to deep places within myself and healed deep wounds from this lifetime and ancestrally as well. Donna has been a big sister to me in so many ways that I pray every women would have a figure like her in their life. I have learned so much about the women’s mysteries and rituals of healing my sacred womb space. Donna was the first women in my life to speak of this knowledge of the feminine and the womb. I have also had the honor to work with Donna creating events together which unite sacred women’s ceremony and photography together. Donna is in all facets of the word MY GO TO WOMAN!

Throughout her years on this earth, after birthing and mothering 3 beautiful daughters she has an INCREDIBLE wealth of wisdom, intelligence, knowledge and experience. I highly recommend journeying with and investing in this women as a Mentor and also experiencing first hand her ceremonies, workshops and courses. She is truly worth her weight and time in gold and more! When you invest in Donna you really invest in yourself. Well that is what I feel I have done. This woman is a true and rare diamond. I bow to you sister with deep reverence and honor.”

Chanel Baran Wise Wombman mentorship

Chanel Baran – 2016


To receive loving support and deep practical wisdom to help guide you on your journey…

Be ready.

This is not for people who just want to talk or stay in drama and story.

If you are investing in me as a catalyst for your growth, and I am investing my time with you to serve your highest good- I want to make sure we make it as efficient and dynamic as possible.

So you are required to show up on time, be present and ready to dive deep.

If you find yourself in a Funk and you need that extra helping hand to see clearly, this is the session for you. With no obligation to continue ongoing mentoring.

Prepare to get Raw and Real. No B.S. straight to the point with heart

Oracle: 90min

90min Intuitive and potent drop in sessions- no commitment to ongoing mentoring.  

(in person or Skype call)

Includes 2 follow up emails recapping on session and practical tools for support. 

Investment $333

Sage. 12 weeks

6x 90min sessions and email support. Together we begin to develop a collaborative in-depth relationship where I can support you in your specific area of need. In this time I am completely invested and committed to serving your highest good, through empathic and intuitive guidance. We set a goal together, and I help you navigate your way there. I want to see you succeed, I want to see you fully expand into your wholeness and unique way of being in the world. As I am a multi-talented guide, I work with clients to cater to their individual needs, as everyone is different- there is no “one size fits all” approach to journeywork. I see and pick up on subtle nuances that allow me to share different ways at looking at problems- to explore realms of healing and create positive impact and beneficial solutions. Working with me and building trust to go deeper takes time, so this is a perfect step into developing a powerfully dynamic relationship


Priestess: 6months

Deepening our journey together.

Explore and discover your life’s path and purpose

Step into the authentic version of yourself fully and boldly.

Self Empowerment tools and practices that will also serve others.

We will work intimately together on a few specific areas in your life that require inner work and transformational change, including  Birth Imprints, Sacred Wounds and Ancestral healing.

You will develop emotional wisdom and resilience to help you walk clearly during life’s turbulance

Learn how to use and create your own powerful Rituals and Ceremonies

Learn how to harness the creative power of the Womb and other Sacred Tools to align to your Lifes Path and Purpose

Explore the esoteric realms of majick and develop a deeper perspective on Spirit, Nature and the Grand Seasons and Cycles.

Strengthen the WayShower through Sacred Leadership skills.

By application only


Wise Wombman Initiation: 9months

We look at Pregnancy, Birth, Life, Death and everything in between

Explore your inner realms with deep transformational Shadow Work

Cultivate your intuition and compassion

Emotional Alchemy and Resilience training.

Learn how certain imprints and beliefs affect our behaviour. Identifying patterns and reoccurring themes and experiences in life-

Looking for deeper meaning and wisdom

How to establish an online business

How to support clients etc

By application only


Wise Wombman Apprenticeship 18months (Facilitator Training)

All of the above PLUS

I will teach you everything I know with respects to embodying YOUR inner Wise Wombman and serving your community as a Respected Leader.

Learn how to hold Safe Sacred Space for others.

Explore your inner realms with deep transformational Shadow Work.

Establish a container for ceremonial and ritual work

Facilitator Training for my personal Ceremonial works including; WombSong, Sacred YOUnion and Sacred Feminine Expression Sessions. (Must commit to 1x in person training.)

Help and Support to Create YOUR own transformational offerings with integrity.

By application only