As a Ceremonialist, Donna weaves her natural talents to create potent and powerful ceremonies which are full of heart and rich with meaning.

Breaking with tradition and Societal Norms, Donna offers a different approach to significant rites of passage. Please use the connect page to enquire about any of the following ceremonies.

10610567_10153120594828595_9112994654622664476_nMarriage and Love Ceremony

Working with her clients and listening to their needs is high priority and whether the event is to be formal/informal a significant role can be offered to design and facilitate a complete custom made ceremony, or simply compliment something that is already in place. This allows Donna to work well alongside Licensed Civil Celebrants for Legal weddings.

Due to her ability to connect deeply with the land and those she works with, she is capable of holding space for both large groups and intimate gatherings. All ceremonies that are created are shaped by those who engage in them, and as such no two ceremonies are ever the same.



blessingMother Blessing Ceremony

The transition into motherhood is a sacred journey and one to be met with respect and reverence for life and creation. A Mother Blessing Ceremony- which draws inspiration from the Navajo Blessingway traditions, is a time for women to gather in circle to honour, cherish, and nurture the expectant mother. These ceremonies are for women who are not interested in the commercial side of birth though the traditional “Baby Shower” and wish to create a deep and meaningful memory of this precious experience. Peace on Earth begins with birth, and when a woman feels safe and supported in her role as a birthing mother, she is capable of opening deeper into love to bring her new child through Earthside.

End of 13103475_10154415868458132_4584732617332178446_nLife Ceremony (Funerals and Wakes)

After attending a few funerals, Donna felt as though these ceremonies have become void of true connection and meaning. Death is a Sacred rite of passage and one that must be treated with utmost respect for the deceased and living family. As a Highly Sensitive Intuitive Empath, Donna creates meaningful rituals woven into ceremony that not only celebrate the life of a loved one, but connects those living to the stories and cherished memories of the heart. Donna has the capacity to create potent shamanic journeys and private rituals, “Singing the Bones” and also simple and beautiful public ceremonies that connect through the heart to a broad demographic of religious and spiritual beliefs.

“Donna Raymond is a boutique funeral designer of sorts – she created and delivered an amazing ceremony to honour of my twentytwo year old son Zake who took his life in April. With short notice and at a time of deep loss, she sensitively ‘choreographed’ a memorable, moving and wonderful celebration aka ‘funeral’. (I don’t like the word funeral – because it wasn’t funeral-like at all, and I don’t think anyone thought ‘hurry up, let’s get out of here’ once!) Donna made an occasion that was deeply personal, yet everyone could connect with. As Zake’s school attended, it was important the ceremony be something they could relate to, and take home an important message about suicide – to get help if they needed it. Suicide is a traumatic issue and Donna tackled it sensitively and sensibly. Donna started off in a way that grabbed everyone’s attention and a circle was quickly formed to the sound of the clapsticks. This was especially lovely because of Zake’s Aboriginal heritage. D guided everyone into creating a beautiful memorial for Zake that brings love, comfort and awe to me still (just over three months later.) It’s my symbol of what I have gained in my loss; it reminds me of community, loved ones and is a beautiful art piece in it’s own right. The next morning, D guided myself and close ones through a more intimate pre-dawn ceremony at the tree where my son took his life. She drummed and – well, it was just beautiful. It felt incredibly healing for us, and for the land. It was deeply personal and transformative. I deeply applaud Donna for bringing an alternative to traditional options when it comes to death and funerals (what you do as a goodbye ceremony). For the main ceremony, she bridged many ages and backgrounds and left everyone feeling they had been a part of something sacred and beautiful. The more private one was a journey of healing, experiential and archetypal. I see Donna as a midwife of sorts, she brings ceremony and practical wisdom in a time of darkness. It was an honour and blessing to have Donna facilitate this ‘event’ I don’t think anyone there will ever forget the experience. I love that my son’s death can be associated with the love and spirit that was created that day, it was overwhelmingly perfect and we ‘did him proud” 

Donni Hakanson. 2016

Author “Oracle of the Dreamtime” and “Native Symbols” and

“The ceremony that was facilitated by Donna to honor and remember the passing of our dear friend Ren was such a healing and beautiful experience uniquely affecting and giving us all the space to move through our feelings of grief and memories in a safe space whilst being guided by Donna. The intimate closeness of us all journeying as a group and our individual relationship to our beloved was honored, acknowledged and respected and we were able to express these feelings and release these emotions during the ceremony that was life changing on so many levels. I left this intimate beautiful ceremony feeling so positive and uplifted knowing that our loved one had been honored and released from this realm with such a powerful and positive intention during a usual dismal and hard to accept time in one’s life. My gratitude is infinite towards Donna for facilitating this ceremony enabling us to farewell and celebrate the life if our beautiful friend and left this circle changed on so many levels.”

-Moana. 2016