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A woman that has been consistently called, “The Real Deal” by her clients, Donna Raymond offers a range of services to help modern women connect with themselves and the wisdom that lies within.

As a Sacred Feminine Educator and Mentor, Donna’s role is to help guide you on your journey with genuine support and a dedication to connection and presence. She will walk beside you on your journey and help you navigate where it is you wish to go, offering wisdom and practical tools that you can relate to and implement easily to gain the results you seek.

Donna’s wisdom has been cultivated by life experience and years of deep Soul searching, spiritual growth, personal and business development. Due to her nature, she bridges the spiritual and esoteric realms with logic and reason to provide a grounded approach to supporting her clients needs.

Donna listens deeply and does not offer scripted versions or blanket fix all approaches as each partnership is unique. Investing in personal growth, well being and success, often requires deep soul work. Holding space and guiding clients through uncomfortable and challenging emotions is perhaps Donna’s best attribute, she’s walking it with you. Being emotionally resilient, Donna can go to those deep and intimate realms with her clients to facilitate transformation growth and she absolutely loves seeing and helping other to succeed.

Below are the following areas she offers personal 1on1 support with.

Conception, Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum Support.

Sacred Feminine Leadership and Conscious Entrepreneurial Support

Healing from Psychological Abuse and Trauma