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The Rise of the Feminine 

Silent Rhythms by Autumn Skye Morrison

Silent Rhythms by Autumn Skye Morrison

When we think of femininity, we often think of gentle, delicate and flowery terms attributed with archetypal images of the innocent Maiden and the sexual Goddess, which stem from of our limited exposure and understanding of femininity.

We see the feminine essence dancing and frolicking in her sweet naivety, she is weak and dependent, soft and sensual. Yearning to be captured or possessed wrapped up and claimed in the protective embrace of strong masculine presence.

We praise her desirability, alluring sexuality and mystical beauty, yet shun her emotional impulses, wisdom and intelligence… often failing to witness and value other expressions of the feminine- primarily anchored in the form of a seasoned woman, expressed archetypally as the Mother’s sacrifice, the Crone’s wisdom and the power and authority of the Priestess.

Femiv-ads-4-ninity does not dissolve or become dull once a woman has children, it actually matures into a depth of embodied presence. This could be why our culture chooses to only celebrate the feminine form in its youthful expression. Her physical beauty and sexuality are easily
commoditized for profit.

Unfortunately though, through the skewed lens of patriarchal culture, our modern society does not know how to, nor want to, value the true essence and power of femininity.

Femininity is an expression of the feminine essence, its expression is not limited to gender and it is but one face of creation energy.

We all have expressions of the feminine and masculine energy with us and can use these energies to serve us in different ways.

The feminine is the receptive, intuitive side of being. It is Consciousness made manifest through the desire to experience itself physically. In short, it is nature.

Nature is cyclical, and whilst it has observable patterns, it is also uncertain, where the only constant is change.

Birth, creation and growth… Death, destruction and decay.

It is often the intuitive and emotionally receptive side of femininity that is so misunderstood.

Emotions are to some extent just energy in motion, the way that our subconscious responds to sensory information from our environment, just like the weather. You could say that the feminine is the barometer for emotional undercurrents and as such, due to what is socially acceptable, a range of emotional expressions are often suppressed. The full gamut of emotional expressions, accessed through embodied femininity, becomes distorted as we push the undesirable into the shadows.

The shadow side of the feminine is fierce. Full power, she will rage in righteousness and justice for ancestors that have fallen in a cacophony of screams and generations of children whose future has been jeopardized at the hands of psychopathic corporatocracy. She will voice her truth unwavering and unapologetically. Ego and Pride play no part in swaying her moral compass. She will destroy all cast illusions and protect the innocent; she will run and hide if needed to serve as a wisdom keeper of forgotten ways. She commands respect for the life force that summons her fertility and will die unto herself time and again, knowing that HERstory will be told.

kali yuga Redreev George

Kali Yuga by Redreev George

Archetypally we know this embodiment of femininity as the witch, the dark goddess Kali or Lilith. Depicted with grotesque imagery, designed to subconsciously create an instinctual form of repulsion that separates us from our means of identifying those facets within ourselves.


Because there is great power there!

Make no mistake if you cross paths with someone embodying feminine fury. As quick as nature can create life, it can destroy it in the same breath, which in itself is another act of creation.

Such is the nature of growth.

All you need to do is look to the natural world for wisdom- the microcosm of the macrocosm, as a tree falls and dies in the forest, it gives life in the way of nutrient to mycelium, composting into new soil and making room for the vines to begin their climb towards the sunlit canopy.

For too long we have feared death, and so we have feared life… the act and art of truly living as a whole being. Embodying the Masculine and the Feminine. Donna Raymond Sacred Feminine Mentor

The medicine of femininity lays in catharsis… the shedding and renewal of self. Like an alchemical womb, either seeding life or letting go of that which no longer serves.

Femininity will strip us of all masks and illusions if we dare to explore ourselves in depth.

Contrary to what our rational minds will have us believe, (because the feminine has been deliberately disenfranchised) it is our men that have suffered the most!

This subconscious meme that constantly tells us that femininity is soft or weak, severs the masculine ties to the medicine of feminine expression. Our brothers disengage with the their intuitive emotional receptors, and rather than feel their feelings and process them accordingly, they learn to bottle them up, or switch off completely- numbing the pain through distraction and addiction. We subscribe to the notion that ‘Boys don’t cry’ and that when life is challenging, or during crisis they have to ‘Man up.’

For too long we have been tricked into believing that being a woman, being feminine means being powerless and inferior. To add insult to injury, we associate derogatory and abusive terms with female anatomy and feminine qualities.

artist unknown

artist unknown

So what chance do we give our boys, our men to even want to develop their femininity? To cultivate strong emotional foundations which establish intimacy and connection with others and allow pathways for healing.

Femininity teaches us the dance of creation, contraction and expansion… it is constantly changing and evolving, feeling and conversing with the unspoken realms.

With depression and male suicides on the rise, now more than ever we must encourage the feminine to rise in us all. We must encourage the feminine to hold the masculine in loving nurture as so many are lost, scared and not sure of how to be.

Let our femininity not emasculate us, but rather call us all home.







About Donna Raymond

Sacred Feminine Mentor and Wise Wombman. Donna helps women connect with the potent energy of the Womb, claiming their sovereignty as an Authentic, Empowered Wise Wombman. Her work focuses on understanding the Archetypal energies of the Sacred Feminine, integrating the Shadow Self, Healing from Abuse and Trauma whilst letting go of Story.