solstice altar- donna raymond

I had a really special and beautiful night to celebrate the summer Solstice. Auraura had gone out to dinner with her step-mum and upon her return home all sleepy eyed, I grabbed a candle and said,

“Hey! Auraura, come here… Do you know what night it is tonight? We are going to have a special ceremony”

“For poppy?” she replied.

“No darling, not for Poppy… for something else… go brush your teeth and I’ll meet you in your bedroom.”

Auraura was excited. There was a certain majick in the air, and I noticed she had caught it with the twinkle in her eye! I sat on the edge of her bed and waited for her to join me. She sat beside me on the bed. I proceeded to tell her that tonight was the Summer Solstice, that it was the longest day of the year and that’s when we honour and celebrate the Sun for all of its majick and life giving energy. (She thought that Solstice was when “the moon and the sun come together”- an eclipse) So, the candle that I held inside a turquoise lotus tea-light holder had drawn her curiosity. I told her that on Solstice we have a fire ceremony, to honour the sun, to transmute all discordant energy so that we can also align with the energy of abundance. We can use the element of fire to release any energy that no longer serves us, or we can use it to send out prayers. I asked her if there was any energy that she would like to release (I mentioned things like having bad dreams etc) or if there was a prayer she would like to offer to the world.

“I would like to release all bad energy in my body” she affirmed with confidence

“Oh, that’s a good one!” I replied.

I then told her to close her eyes and proceeded to take her on a short guided meditation.

“Imagine for a moment that you are the Sun. That you contain all the light inside of your body. Reach out your arms as wide as you can, and wrap them around the Earth with all the love that is inside your heart. Offer your blessings, prayers and good intentions to the Earth.

At this moment I circled the candle around her head in a spiral motion

Now bring your awareness to the energy that you wish to release tonight. Ok, now hold that intention inside your heart, breathe and feel it deeply… and when you are ready Auraura, give yourself permission to let go… and then blow the candle out!”

Auraura released her intention with the fire ceremony and then drifted off to sleep after a cuddle and a funny “sticky kiss” that we do nearly every night!

So mum duties had some to completion for the night, and I could now enter into the realms of ceremony, which I wanted to facilitate for my husband and two close sisters, Toddi and Maddi. I grabbed some paper, candles, singing bowls, lit some incense and prepared some tea. I tuned into my heart and acknowledged the Bulwai ancestors and all their song-lines, dreaming and wisdom.

We sat outside on the veranda and wrote down our intentions of what we would like to let go of, and what forms of abundance we would like to draw towards us. We sat for a moment in silence, I lit some Palo Sant and placed it inside a metal bowl and then offered our words to the fire.

solstice ceremony

solstice ritual
one by one we offered our intentions to the fire
working with fire
working with fire
solstice release
and the fire consumes…

After we released our fears, restrictions etc, I called for everyone to sit in silence for a moment.. to offer prayers to the Earth and all beings. For healing. We called in healing for Fukushima. We called in support to preserve the Great Barrier Reef which is currently being threatened. I started playing the singing/healing bowls and everyone took turns in sending out prayers to the world. This probably went on for about 30min and the collaboration was so incredibly beautiful and inspiring. I love my friends! My prayers were for all indigenous cultures to be acknowledged and respected, that we embrace the wisdom of the old ways and for all children to feel loved, safe and protected!

Maddi then blessed us with a song- her voice is so smooth and dances around octaves with a soulful elegance well beyond her years. Silence crept in and the ceremony was complete… which meant it was time to film my video blog! HA! I wasn’t sure on what I was going to talk about, but after sitting with these beautiful souls it suddenly became apparent. So here it is below… Just a simple one this week.

Just a gentle reminder to always acknowledge the original people of the land on which you stand/sit. For those of you who don’t know what country you are residing in- please take a look at the map at the bottom of this post, below the video!


Love is…


Indigenous Australia Map
Become familiar with Indigenous Country.



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Sacred Feminine Mentor and Wise Wombman. Donna helps women connect with the potent energy of the Womb, claiming their sovereignty as an Authentic, Empowered Wise Wombman. Her work focuses on understanding the Archetypal energies of the Sacred Feminine, integrating the Shadow Self, Healing from Abuse and Trauma whilst letting go of Story.