Donna Raymond Sacred Feminine MentorUpcoming Wise Wombman Workshop

-Evoking the WombSong- Kuranda

Saturday MAY 27TH, 2017


Boyles Rd, Kuranda Queensland Australia.

EARLY BIRD $190 per person (before May 1st)


($50 deposit required) non refundable

$60 for returning WombSong Participants (includes those who have purchased WombSong E-Course)

limited placements. bookings essential

Our wombs are a sacred container for our creativity and dreaming. All too often, we store old emotions and negativity which become trapped and unable to flow or be released. Just as we naturally shed from menses, we can also use the wisdom of the womb to release that which does not serve us and realign to our creative potential- using the womb space to grow and nurture our dreams and goals.

The Wise Wombman Evoking the WombSong takes women on an experiential journey into connecting with the Sacred vessel.
In a safe and supportive environment, women are guided to delve deep into the dark watery chasm of the womb to find any hidden tension, resistance and emotional trauma. Once this has been identified, we begin to evoke the “WombSong” as a tool for deep releasing and healing. This also cultivates more confidence in expressing yourself clearly and speaking your Truth, whilst strengthening emotional resilience.

Each woman has a unique sound that rises up from the depths of her womb- connecting with this energy often brings with it a cathartic experience and profound sense of surrender and empowerment. This intimate journey is for willing participants who are ready to peel back another layer, to go deeper into the Self and embrace the wisdom of the womb and the majick of the Divine Feminine.

Let us delve deep into the heart of the sacred womb and find ways to allow cleansing and healing of old wounds and restrictions.


Evoking the WombSong can help with:

Understanding ways to connect with your inner voice

Developing a stronger connection to your intuition

Connecting with your Authentic Self.

Healing from a traumatic Pregnancy/Birth experiences

Letting go of old stories and emotions

Embracing the Peri-Menopause/Menopause season

Releasing internal tension such as Anger, Fear, Grief, Hurt, Stress, Shame, Guilt, Longing,

Failure etc

Letting go of emotions that no longer serve you

Cultivating deep Self Worth and emotional reslience

Clearing imprints which hinder fertility

Discovering new creative ideas

Open up to new possibilities for your life

Freeing yourself from stagnant energy

Celebrating being a woman

Honouring your Sacred Feminine essence

Connecting with your Sensual Expression and Sexuality

Having an archetypal, primal and shamanic experience

Accessing the wisdom of the Womb.

Connecting with the Divine/Sacred Feminine

Opening and exploring the Women’s Mysteries

Becoming clearer on goals and direction in life

Due to the nature of this work, I only work with small groups of women so please secure your place early.

Saturday May 27th 2017.


Located Boyles rd Kuranda


EARLY BIRD $190 per person if paid before May 1st.
Secure Early Bird Price and book here: EARLY BIRD PRICE
FULL PRICE: $250 A non refundable $50 deposit is required
(includes those who have purchased WombSong E-Course)

*Includes light refreshments/lunch.


*Please bring a journal, water bottle and wear comfortable clothing

“THANK YOU, for organising such a great humbling event. Thanks too for facilitating such powerful healing and unblocking. As a young 7 year old girl, I used to love singing at the kitchen sink whilst washing dishes and had quite a good and powerful voice (so I was told).. Shortly after having my tonsils removed, my father committed suicide and I have not been able to belt out any powerful sound since. 45 Years later you have facilitated the unblocking of my throat chakra and for that I will be eternally grateful. I feel blessed to have been able to participate in the event and meet and share the day with all of the beautiful female collective souls. I look forward to keeping the circle going. Also, you have a most amazing and powerful voice that vibrated all molecule within. “- I.Baran

“When it came to the Evoking the WombSong I felt nervous…I had always been loud but do I have a voice? Donna lead us into a free flowing chant her voice is captivating & translates deep within.. I was in a sacred circle I felt safe & thought here goes… it was both a personal wombsong & a collective one. I loved it it in it’s self was such a journey. I was intoxicated by really being able to let go, I could feel what I could describe as an energy building up inside of me engulfing every cell it was brewing but it had plateaued & then Donna placed her hands on my back she instinctively knew what to do & the energy shot through me it was like what I can only describe with my limited knowledge on things as a Kundalini experience. It was flowing through the Earth into me & out through my crown into the universe.. IT WAS PROFOUND! I had never experienced anything like it. Everything that ever was, was ok, acceptance of the past & optimistic for the future & for me that was a major breakthrough. Donna says it’s us who do the work within, but without her guidance & intuitive coaching I would not have been able to have such a profound breakthrough.. for that I am eternally grateful.

That’s what it is, freeing an ancient voice.. well for me that is what I got I released generations of trauma it was very sacred very profound.. what really was also very special about it was that while one was having a break through either way by vocal release the others held space with their hum ohm chant or whatever.. nothing ever has had such primal ancient roots for me.” -K.Howard

participantssacred womens circle

evoking the wombsong sacred circle