Wise ones…

The plants are calling!

I am being asked to gather a tribe of potent and powerful Oil Priestesses (and Priests) to share the plant medicine magic of dōTERRA essential oils.

Are you feeling called to speak for the plants and help people become empowered with the ability to invest in their health and wellness… not only physically, emotionally but spiritually too?

If so, I would love to journey with you.

As most of you know, I’m a bit of a rebel. A majickal, mystical missfit.

I am on a journey to help as many people as I can to live inspiring and meaningful lives, through transformational healing, resilience and self-responsibility and empowerment, by sharing practical wisdom and sacred tools that develop a connection to Self and Spirit.

Essential oils are one of those sacred tools we can use for not only physical wellness, but also spiritual and emotional well-being.

Using Essential Oils daily has changed my life for the better… (I’ll share my story below)

I love that I get to share essential oils with you… and if you’re called, I can help you build a successful business with them too!

Why did I choose to create a Doterra business?

I was called…

Seriously… Not even joking on this one…
Working in ceremony with essential oils, is amplifying the potency of my shamanic and spiritual work. I am working with the plants, and connecting with the land they were grown as well as clients that come to see me.

This is what has me excited, sharing the sacred side of working with these majickal doTERRA elixirs and connecting with so many beautiful souls who are naturally drawn to them. It has been a way for me to become more social and snap me out of my little ambivert bubble. Yes, I have cultivated a wealth of practical daily wisdom from using essential oils and LOVE to educate others, but I want to go one step further and cultivate a tribe of Oil Priestesses, Modern Mystics and majickal missfits… the ones that walk between worlds, the seers- healers- energy practitioners- birth workers, visionary artists, permaculture pioneers and revolutionary game changers…

So I am being called to gather a heart based tribe of integrity… The type of people like myself who work so hard and tirelessly to shift consciousness and remind other people to come back to the heart, back to nature and to create deep and meaningful connections with others.

These products can help change peoples lives for the better.

Through Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual health.

Donna RaymondOn the business side, I believe whole-heartedly that when kind hearted and good natured people become the conscious custodians of money- GREAT THINGS HAPPEN… IMAGINE… WHAT WE COULD CREATE…

ahh… my whole body comes alive with possibility… and I and many other people, feel that doTERRA is a vehicle for purpose driven people to create wonderfully inspiring art and projects.

Funnily enough I dove into this headfirst after 3 synchromystic experiences that I almost felt like Spirit was PUSHING me to do this- even when I didn’t feel ready. I resisted so much- like usual, until I get out of my own way.

I thought it was taking my focus and attention from the journey of my Wise Wombman business. I resisted, and sat in my skepticism… I resisted, and laughed that subtle signs kept coming my way and in my dreams. Mind you at the time, I was birthing my WombManifest Course…

**Queue Leonie Dawson and the divinely aligned doTERRA Cosmic Carrot**

Even though I knew a few online entrepreneurs were on the doTERRA journey, I decided to partner with Leonie for 2 reasons.

  1. She’ grew up in a small North Queensland town like me- and well… We are a different breed haha!
  2. She knows how to create a successful business.

So I knew I would not only have the support needed to create a successful business helping other people, but she is also quite genuine and swears like a trooper… so it was a no-brainer really.

Rock Solid Support Sisters!

I’ve partnered up with my own Shining Oil Goddess- Leonie Dawson, and Wise Oil mama, Em Falconbridge to TRIPLE the potency of support for you and our tribe.

Leonie Dawson

Leonie Dawson

After battling with illness, Leonie found remedy in doTERRA’s pure essential oils to help support and strengthen her immune support as well as manage stress and anxiety levels.

Leonie is the CEO of two multi-million dollar brands, and her genius is in marketing and high growth business. She now shares her business wisdom with our team.

Em Falconbridge

With her innate desire to help others, Em has built her own 6 figure business with doTERRA essential oils in 1 year, by sharing her genuine love for the products and by nurturing wholesome and meaningful relationships- all whilst working full-time as a mama of 3 children. Her dedication and continual hard work is nothing short of awe inspiring

So, If you’re wanting help/advice on using the oils, you’re in great hands.

And if you want to build a hugely successful business in essential oils, we will be coaching + helping you to get there!

Whatever you need – just post in the Empowered Health and Wellness CollectiveTeam Unicorn facebook groups and we will guide you on your journey!

oil Priestess donna raymond

My Essential Oil Oddyssey…

I was first introduced to essential oils in 2006 when I was cleaning a superyacht for a high profiled businessman in Australia. The only cleaning products used were a dilution of Lavender essential oil, and Eucalyptus.

In 2007 when I pregnant with my eldest daughter Auraura Freedom. I researched which oils were best to support me during labour, and so I purchased Lavender and Clary Sage.

In 2009, as part of my Raynor Massage Diploma, I learned about aromatherapy and the therapeutic qualities of essential oils. I learned how to make blends out of oils that would complement the healing massage. I was quite interested in the different notes of oils and how to blend effectively. I learned how to ask my clients questions and create specific oil blends to support the healing journey of particular focal areas of their health and wellbeing.

Fast forward a couple years later and I was introduced to Young Living essential oils by a dear friend and learned how to use essential oils instead of toxic chemical cleaners or using petro-chemicals. Living in the rainforest, as a new mama, my focus was on having natural products that were safe and effective, as well as not harming the sensitive ecosystem. I started using peppermint oil to deter ants and mice (we had no walls at one stage) Lavender as a multi-purpose cleaner and then began to learn how to combat mould naturally. I read about which oils were bese to kill bacteria and mould spores. Although I had a fair bit of knowledge around the benefits of essential oils, as a single parent my mindset was that they were a luxury item not a necessity- and so I never fully invested in- or understood the beneficial role they could play in my family’s life. I guess I wasn’t ready- or perhaps did not fully resonate with those oils personally

2016 I was introduced to doTERRA essential oils and they have changed my

I must admit I was skeptical at first because of the whole MLM thing- so before I signed up as a wellness advocate, I researched the company. What I discovered made my heart happy, and it all felt in complete alignment, resonating deeply with my heart. I dived in. Head first without even trying the oils first. I was divinely guided, and it all felt so right.

I am so happy I have cultivated my intuition over the years, and learned to trust that feeling inside that I have become so familiar with in important decision making processes. I enrolled with the Emotional Aromatherapy kit. Unfortunately at the time they were out of stock in Australia so I had to wait for it to arrive, so my next order which was the Home Essentials kit arrived before my first order.

Frankincense and Lavender along with the LifeLong Vitality Supplements HAVE CHANGED MY LIFE!

Seriously… I am a mother of 3 (with 2 bonus boys who stay with us on school holidays) with a baby thats has never slept more than 3hr straight at night- I’ve been in a bittersweet state of constant sleep deprivation and delirium. This has made it challenging to grow my Wise Wombman business, to blog and to offer my hearts workshops and healing retreats. I had come to the realisation that I have high functioning stress, meaning that I adapt really well to stressful situations, so it has taken me a lot to actually admit that I am stressed- when I don’t exactly feel it in my body.

I store tension in my jaw, and had noticed that during my restless sleeps, I would wake with my teeth clenched. When I would wake up, most days I would become a Mum-Zombie that was ready to devour her kids. HA! Some days were worse than others, and when my oils arrived I intuitively decided to blend frankincense and Lavender together and anointed myself.

Within 30min I felt everything shift and align… as if a renewed sense of clarity washed over me.

My tension and foggy mind began to dissipate and it felt like all of energy centres cracked into alignment.


My energy body was amplified- like a cosmic kick-start. Suddenly I didn’t feel cranky anymore- I started SINGING AGAIN.

It has now become my daily practice along with the supplements which I feel working on a cellular level.

The supplements have become my ritual of self care as at the time of writing this, I do not get much ‘me’ time to rest and restore.

Essential oils have phased out other daily household products, and I am so proud to be consciously developing my medicine cabinet and wellness regime. Even my girls know them as “The Majickal Oils” ha!

I am using them to for general cleaning, boosting immunity, managing back and sciatic pain, cuts, bruises, bites, ceremony, dreaming, mood management, aromatic anchors for empowerment practices, emotional support and continuing emotional resilience, creative stimulation, increasing vibration and energy, accessing new realms of consciousness, connecting to plant wisdom and connecting with other people, creating meaningful relationships based on service and kindness.

I don’t ‘sell’ oil, they have a way of finding themselves into the hands of people that need them.

My all time favourite oils though, are, Hawaiian Sandalwood and Jasmine.

photography credit: Chanel Baran