A Message to the Warriors of the Mind

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Today I want to give a shout out to all the people who are actively participating in changing their mindset and suiting up to battle the black beast!

We all know that sometimes the biggest battles are the ones that no one can see- they are silent internal struggles that are often between life and death- quite literally.

So to those warriors who wake up everyday in battle armour and are fighting the good fight to reclaim safe space inside, to simply feel at home and peace inside your mind and body YOUR ARE AMAZING!!!!

Please know that each day you say YES to being here, the darkness inside loses power over you. I wish for you all to be surrounded by loving compassionate support as you navigate the gauntlet of this hellish experience.

I wish that that black dog bites itself in the arse and fucks right off from pissing on your mind and tainting your perception of how powerful and beautiful you are! I wish that you get to experience the beauty and joy of this world with eyes full of wonder and I wish that this is to become your reality sooner rather than later.

I wish that your suffering up until now serves a deeper purpose- that it becomes integrated medicine of lessons to help shape your soul, deepening your journey and ability to connect with others who are in the thick of it, so that we may all walk each other home.

The only way out is through it and I hope that you have access the necessary support- or begin to ask questions as to what you might need to get through this.

Silence is the best friend of Abuse- this means self-abuse also… the mind parasite that tells you that you dont’ matter- that no one cares, feeds off your self-isolation to validate its program- so you keep feeding it.

I wholeheartedly believe that when we begin to understand how the brain works, from a neurological and psychological perspective, we arm ourselves weapons that penetrate the false characters of Self that are created by ways of adapting to the parasitic mindset that hijacks our Spirit. We begin to understand the imprints from past trauma and remember glimpses of ourselves when we truly felt at whole.


Adopting the archetype of the Warrior (as opposed to the Worrier) helps us claim a facet of ourselves back from the program and imprint of depression- as we are not that diagnosis- we are experiencing symptoms of it… in this way when we separate Self from a diagnosis we claim Sovereignty of our experience, which puts US back in the driver’s seat… and even though it might seem like s dismal piece of power- it is OURS!

I find it really important to envision ourselves in complete control of our mental faculties- even when we feel out of alignment- with the correct support and help we can trust ourselves to make conscious choices- that being that we are actually making a choice from our Highest Self- that is aware of all parts existing and takes responsibility for the consequences of our actions.

To anyone that is on this journey I want you to know that there are people out there thats have the ability to see beyond the mask that you project- and that they truly do love and want the best for you. They can empathise with the journey whilst not judging your for undesirable behaviours as a consequence of the war inside.


This is the parasitic trick and is so alluring and enticing to bring your thoughts back to that place… BE VIGILANT in guarding and protecting your mindset- It might mean that you have to let go of friends and family that are not helping you break this cycle…

Relationships become casualties when you are embarking on the hero’s journey to claim Sovereignty and safeguarding your Mental Health- and absolutely necessary to surround yourself with people that are GENUINE, REAL, HONEST and have your best interests at heart- because you have shared with them the vision you are anchored to embody of yourself.

If we begin to protect our internal realms from the poisons that so often distract us from our path, then we begin to set firm boundaries for ourselves.

When we change our “story” we begin to change the way people relate to us.


Warriors show us that there is an incorruptible strength of Spirit within… that’s why you’re still here- so invest that strength in challenging your mind- the parasitic thoughts that tell you bullshit stories about yourself to bring you down. DOWNRIGHT REFUSE TO BELIVE THE LIES ANY LONGER… and seek a different outcome. Even if you don’t believe it yet- CHALLENGE this parasitic entity that plays with your mind… DRAW YOUR SWORDS…the more you realise how strong and resilient you truly are, to have battles so long- the more you begin to harness your power back, and starve the black beast from the fear it fuels itself into existence.

The true path of the Warrior is to know the battle game- the fight so as to not have to engage in conflict in the first place.

The Solution is in the Problem… so USE YOUR MIND to adapt strategy to help forge a new path- in turn forging new neural pathways in the brain to steer you in a direction of health and vitality!



About Donna Raymond

Sacred Feminine Mentor and Wise Wombman. Donna helps women connect with the potent energy of the Womb, claiming their sovereignty as an Authentic, Empowered Wise Wombman. Her work focuses on understanding the Archetypal energies of the Sacred Feminine, integrating the Shadow Self, Healing from Abuse and Trauma whilst letting go of Story.

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