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Keeper of the Keys

written Nov, 17 2015.

I had a very potent experience the other night with a guided EFT journey with Kai Ashley on youtube… I identified a being that was guarding my throat… this area that I have felt a blockage since I was perhaps 11years old… around the same time I had my first initiations into the dreaming realms…┬áMy first lucid outer body experiences etc…my first philosophic explorations into the meaning of life and death, which spurred (amongst living in an unhealthy environment) deep anxiety and suicidal thoughts.

For years I’ve struggled to breathe deeply…

I can go deep into the diaphragm and womb but when I want to draw in longer… it peaks.. and there is a sharp twinge there… access denied!

Even went to the doctors when I was 21 cos I was convinced something was going on with my lungs. Funnily enough I had a Cranio session with a dear sister last week, and she felt a pull to that same areas (as did I) but she was told not to go there.

Aaaaanyways… I had to command this being to be seen, showing me it’s face and revealing it’s name.

The name that came through was Karna… I kept going through the process and after what felt like a couple minutes, it became quite clear that the spelling was actually Carna.

After I finished my journey a good ol’ google search revealed this:

“A goddess of good health. She was originally an underworld goddess, keeper of the keys. In some stories Carna takes the place of Cardea in her encounter with Janus. Her festival is celebrated on 1 June. In some accounts, known as Carna, Cardea, Cardea, Eurynome, Cardo, Carnea or Carnea.”

I just smiled reading it… it made sense on a level that I can not articulate.

I’ve always been drawn to keys.

Since I was small I’ve had visions of this underground temple, where I was some sort of High Priestess that became the vessel and oracle for guarded books of wisdom. I had an order of monks that worked for me transcribing words as they would come through… Anchoring the oracular wisdom

Vision or memory, I don’t know but body feels as though it remembers that place.


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