An Intimate Journey into the Womb- Evoking the WombSong- and exploring my role as facilitator.

evoking the wombsong

It took me 2 days in preparation, cleaning out the school hall, sweeping and singing up the room in order to create sacred space to journey with with women, deep into the womb and collective feminine expression. It was no easy task that is for sure, especially after being bed-ridden with mastitis from letting Maia sleep on my chest. The milk fever sent me into a weak delirium and I am so thankful to have support around me to be able to rest. It bought up old memories of having blocked ducts and being a single mother- being unwell in bed, hardly able to move and yet still summoning the strength to look after a little one! At times when I look back on that journey I can’t fathom how I managed to do some things… I just did it I guess.. there was no other option but to keep pushing forward regardless of the pain or fear! For some of you reading this, that will strike a chord… It’s a challenging journey for sure and one that I am so blessed is not my present experience of life… For all you single mamas, or with partners who work away or are not fully present… I feel you!

So by 4pm on Saturday afternoon, the space was finally set, the energy felt clear and I was ready… only challenge now was to get Maia settled and asleep before I could leave her at home with Adam. She usually goes to sleep around 6pm when the outside sunlight starts to fade behind the rainforest trees across the road. I needed to leave the house at 6pm, so to navigate around this I put some dark sheets up over the curtains to make the room perfect for little miss Maia to settle in. It worked, with more hesitation then I have ever felt before, I left the house and headed for the School Hall where the workshop was being held. Even though I know Maia would sleep through and that she would be perfectly fine, with the best alternative back up plan in place if she were to wake (as my mother could not come up as was initially planned)… my heart still skipped a beat leaving her home… at 5 months old!

I arrived at the school hall at 6:30 with enough time to light candles and incense before my guests were to arrive for a 7pm start. That sickly nervous feeling in my stomach started to creep in- very familiar to the moment before I’ve gone on stage to perform in the past… I breathed through this feeling and any doubts that rose to the surface with it. It was hot- and as I looked around at the hall in recognition of all the work I had to do to prep the space, I caught myself thinking “why do you do this Donna?!” Sometimes I ask that question more often than not, and I usually come back with the answer “To Serve.. to help others heal” It’s a challenging process as facilitator when no one really sees the energetic input for what you have to offer… the months researching and cultivating the tools to share, the hours sourcing the perfect venue or prepping the sacred space, then holding that space as facilitator, being available and present with your participants and then cleaning the space and unpacking afterwards. Phew… it’s certainly a huge task, albeit challenging at times, but one I do love and hope that some day in the near future, I can hire an assistant or two!

The first participant arrived a little early which was great, I love it when women are committed to their healing journey that they arrive early to become familiar with the setting. 7:30pm came and only 5 women had shown… I started to feel a little unsettled as there was a lot to be shared before delving into the deep womb work.

Having late attendees really throws you a curve ball.. Do you just start? Or wait a little longer? How does this affect the people that have arrived on time?… How flexible can you be with your course content?… How much will participants then miss out because of late arrivals?

A few more women arrived and I decided to start- even though I was expecting over 20 women to attend, being mindful that 3 had already cancelled. To top all of that off, there were two women who had a “story” together that didn’t know either one was attending…

Both women sat together in sacred circle and I am SO Proud of them for staying true to their own healing journey.

All this made for an interesting dynamic to navigate around though, and definitely a test as a facilitator to keep the space sacred for others… Ah wow… all this and we hadn’t even begun yet…

And then, with the trust and commitment of all present, some deep majick was woven into the night… Evoking the WombSong!

Emu Egg Dreaming

 Evoking the WombSong Circle

sound therapy
oracle circle
evoking the wombsong altar

evoking the wombsong sacred circle

sacred womens circle

Yeah, I felt a bit pressed for time with some of the processes I had developed and in hindsight, I know that there are definitely ways in which I will fine tune this workshop and other material I would like to offer… but as the first intensive of it’s kind, I feel that it was a huge success! The success being measured by the overwhelming positive feed back, hugs and thank-you’s I’ve received. This kind of recognition makes my heart smile and to see and hear the difference that it is making in women’s lives makes all the effort worth while!

Overall I am blown away with how deep the 15 women went into themselves. The nature of this work can be quite confronting for some, and yet I feel within the sacred circle of sisters, the shared vulnerability makes for a potent symbiosis of growth- both directly and vicariously. In circle we are all equal- all present to reflect on self, to sit and heal. Story become irrelevant in the present moment which allows the dynamic to tune in deeply to where emotional trauma can be anchored. The more I journey with women and witness this process in action, the more I am humbled to be of service to this womb work! There is so much beauty in wombman when she is navigating the internal wombspace, singing her song in the way that only she knows how…

So much reverence I have for all the beauties who instilled their trust in me to guide them through this process… I have so much love and respect for the courage they have shown by giving themselves permission to step outside of their comfort zones and try something new and peeling back the layers!

When I arrived home at midnight, Maia had just started to stir. I was delirious by this stage, but felt that great sense of satisfaction that comes with the completion of a goal… I did it… and I feel great knowing that the healing journey has made an impact in the lives of the women who attended. Although most women have kept their process close to their hearts, I knew when I looked around the room during the closing circle, that some deep clearing had taken place and that the ripples from that will begin to gently surface and create healing in their wake. It is these moments, when I am quietly reflecting with wombman that I know this is what I am meant to be doing. Beyond all the doubts and fears that I process whilst discovering the role as facilitator, my dedication to hold space with pure intentions and being witness to these subtleties of wombman, gives me the courage to keep stepping up… to keep doing the internal work myself as ultimately I know that you can only take someone as deep as you have gone yourself- and I am not afraid of the depths nor am I afraid to admit that I am still learning too! We’re all in this together! xx

Love and Blessings xx

Photography (except for the emu egg) by CHANEL BARAN

Big love to Deya Dova for giving me permission to use her music in my workshops! Super grateful… as I absolutely love her new album Symbiotic!


About Donna Raymond

Sacred Feminine Mentor and Wise Wombman. Donna helps women connect with the potent energy of the Womb, claiming their sovereignty as an Authentic, Empowered Wise Wombman. Her work focuses on understanding the Archetypal energies of the Sacred Feminine, integrating the Shadow Self, Healing from Abuse and Trauma whilst letting go of Story.

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  • I completely understand your concerns G, and your point of view. As a workshop facilitator, I do not feel that this is a breach of client confidentiality as the blog post is so vague. The situations identified are quite common and ones that I have come across a few times in the realms of healing. It is for this reason alone that I felt to share my personal experiences with navigating through that with integrity. I feel as though I have communicated in such a way that does not breach confidentiality. If however any of the participants have concerns over this post, I would be more than happy to correct this immediately. Thank you for highlighting this though and I know that it is a very fine line to walk with sharing just enough and too much.