How a Mother Becomes a Sacred Bridge

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(This written piece was originally published for the ‘Bridges’ edition of Aluna Temple Magazine on page 17 and stems from my personal experience birthing two daughters.  Suzana Grau is the founder and Visionary Creator of  Aluna Temple, who has dedicated her time and energy to bring this vision of a Sacred Online Magazine into the world. Please take the time to peruse the wisdom offered and shared from around the globe. Visit the original publication of Aluna Temple Magazine Here and connect with the Facebook page here)

Conscious bEARTH 

Mother… A Sacred Bridge 

Pulsing with the rhythmic ebb and flow of creation energy, all possibilities dance in the universal womb of the Sacred. The tapestry of consciousness is woven into the fabric of this space, and time, as we know it, lingers in an eternal moment. The heart blooms and is intoned with sensory information of the  ‘other’ world… The external world, where breath is the language of life and love is.

In a crescendo of harmonic frequencies, we spiral within the field of creation and our dreaming is sung from our Souls desire to experience the intimacy of flesh and connection. Our language of who we are at Soul level, shapes the reality we choose to weave. Our Will anchors us into the essence of form, physically manifest to align with a deep purpose as we cross the most Sacred and honoured bridge… in all cultures.


Pregnant with potential, ripe with meaning… We pass through the channels of Mother, into a new world. From Spirit incarnate, she calls to us and sings us through… sings us home. In her spiraling bEARTH field we begin to align with our path with heart, and thus begin the sacred rite of passage we must all embark upon.


Through her waters we journey into a new world…

Mother is the grand archetypal bridge between these worlds and her role, as the Bridge is to guide her incarnating child through with safe passage.

 Through birth, a dimensional portal is open with access to not only mother and child, but a vast ecology of energy. It is important for the conscious Mother to prepare the birthing space with clear intention. She must keep her channels clear as she opens the vortex of the birthing field- where she will journey with a myriad of labouring mothers around the world.

 In this context, Mother is a Gateway and a Bridge not only for the child, but also for herself, to have direct access to the wisdom that permeates the birthing field.

Milky Way Galaxy

Understanding the archetypal Bridge.

 Bridges are transitions into new places and experiences that garner environmental signals that we can translate and then use to create context of where we are heading- even if we don’t know.

We build bridges to create strong pathways of connection from one plane to the next. By creating solid foundations to cross over, we begin to develop a vocabulary between different worlds and a new lens to perceive our current reality through. We can use these bridges to dialogue with the unconscious and bring back new maps from foreign realms. Similar to a threshold, the bridge carries us across unchartered territory, with enough time to transition into, absorb and assimilate the new environment.

  As we incubate within the mother’s womb, we are constantly being fed sensory information about the external environment through sound, light, and her emotions, even her thoughts can leave an imprint on us. This is called the “Limbic Imprint”, and provides our blueprint or reference points for how we perceive and experience Love, which is compounded by the process of our birth and those first precious moments outside the womb.

  The Umbilical Cord also serves as a bridge exchanging oxygen and nutrients to the growing foetus in the aquatic realms and creating dialogue between the growing child and mother. How amazing is it that a child with its own DNA and blood type can be grown inside of a Mother with different DNA and blood type!

Just as Mother serves as a bridge to her child, so too does child to the Maiden archetype, embarking on the sacred journey into Motherhood for the first time.

With all births, breath becomes the key to the gateway that birth opens and is an anchor to which the inter-dimensional bridge is tethered.


The importance of Structural Integrity

As with any physical bridge, it is important to create strong and solid foundations, clearing any obstacles to make the journey easier. It is necessary to heal any discordant energy that may surface and have the potential to enter into the birthing field. These are usually sub-conscious emotions, fears and restrictions, or unhealthy relationship dynamics. As with any type of journeywork, conscious awareness with intent is essential in forming the structural integrity of the mother bridge.

Feelings of being safe, supported and trusted to enter into a state of complete presence to receive her child with grace, are primitive elements that prepare a Mother to become a strong and stable bridge. If this is established, she will be free to navigate through the mystery of the birthing realms, aligning with a sense of service to bring back new wisdom.

Auraura bath

Crossing Over

A beautiful friend Janja introduced me to the concept of the ‘The Birth Shaman’, where the mother journeys during birth to meet and receive the spirit of her child. Shamanic birth is a deeply connected process directed with conscious awareness in every stage, beginning with the initial dreaming of child, conscious conception and pregnancy followed by prepping the birthing field and space- usually with a sense of ritual and ceremony. When mother engages her consciousness into the journeywork, actively participating in creating sacred space, activating the Birthing Field, dialoguing with the spirit of her child, softening and opening her body to bring child through with complete presence…

the ripple effect is profound!

Mothers bridge the divide between our known world and the mystery that surrounds each birth, having direct access to a wealth of wisdom that can be attained within the birthing field. Understanding the process of “Limbic Imprinting” and encouraging women to reclaim their powerful role as the “Birth Shaman” is paramount to reclaiming this sacred rite of passage.

We can change our current reality by changing our birth practices!

The more we identify the Mother as being a Sacred Bridge between the Spiritual and Physical worlds, the more respect is given to her and choices to explore ways to actively participate in changing our current birth culture.

Radiant Mother Donna Raymond
Radiant Mother. Photograph Chanel Baran


About Donna Raymond

Sacred Feminine Mentor and Wise Wombman. Donna helps women connect with the potent energy of the Womb, claiming their sovereignty as an Authentic, Empowered Wise Wombman. Her work focuses on understanding the Archetypal energies of the Sacred Feminine, integrating the Shadow Self, Healing from Abuse and Trauma whilst letting go of Story.