Essential oils are highly volatile aromatic compounds extracted from plant material. These compounds contain specific molecular properties which compliment our innate body wisdom that has the ability to support, protect, restore and maintain our overall wellbeing on both physical and emotional levels. 

These potent and powerful plant medicines have been around for a long time and the fact that all modern medicine is derived in some way shape or form, from the Natural world, goes to show us that Mother Earth provides what is truly needed to support her “children”.

Traditional Folk Medicine and Herbal Lore Keepers knew of this ancient wisdom stored in the natural world and knew how to create powerful plant medicines to assist in healing and supporting the body in many ways. The Wise Women and Medicine Men would pass on this knowledge and each generation thereafter intuitively knew to seek particular plants and herbs in times of need.

It has become common knowledge to seek

Ginger to ease stomach upset and nausea.

Chamomile to create a sense of peace and calming.

Tea Tree to help with bug bites and stings.

Eucalyptus to help ease congestion and open up the airways.

Lavender for relaxing as well as helping us with a good nights sleep.

Lemon to help kickstart the metabolism and cleanse the system.

Rose has always been reserved a special place for Sacred Ceremonies and rites of passage because of its powerful and often intoxicating aroma.

donna raymond doterra

Although you may have noticed a rise in modern usage, essential oils are not new!
Historical evidence has shown that aromatic oils were used prominently in Ancient Egypt, China and India, for practical and spiritual purposes.

Perhaps the most beautiful part about essential oils, is that fact that these aromatic compounds are actually what protect the plants health and immunity- by warding off pests, attracting pollinators and also helping them heal when damaged.

So you could say that essential oils are the immune system of a plant!

Pretty Amazing, right!?

Unfortunately though, not all essential oils are created equal. This is why it is absolutely imperative that you seek to use the most pure essential oils on the market, as so many brands are full of synthetics, preservatives and fillers. GROSS!

There is a movement happening, where more and more people are invested in reducing their toxic overload and exposure to nasty chemicals, by switching to natural alternatives. Consumers are seeking safe and affordable ways to live healthier lives, and want to know that what they put in their mouths, on their skin and what they inhale is of the purest quality.

Quality is key!

Experience the dōTERRA Difference…

After extensive research of their product development and the philanthropic heart of company, I chose to completely align my personal wellness journey and my professional business with dōTERRA because of the integrity of the company and the lengths they go to, to deliver the purest quality essential oils on the market today.

dōTERRA seeks out raw plant material from areas where the plants are either indigenously grown, or where they best thrive due to climate and soil conditions etc.  dõTERRA literally travels the globe to find sustainable sources of crops to harvest.

These efforts ensure that as consumers, what we receive is a product that is superior in therapeutic quality. To add to this,  every single batch of oil must meet strict testing protocols, and to do this, the following is required:

  • Rigorous testing (including Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry) assures the presence of desired therapeutic qualities.
  • Third party testing guarantees a non biased analysis of absence of toxins, contaminants and microorganisms. (dōTERRA has also partnered with many different universities and labs
  • Purity of oils guarantees no negative side effects or drug interactions. What you get inside these cute little brown bottles are literally potent and pure therapeutic grade essential oils.

Due to the fact that there is so many essential oils on the marker, it is really important to know that these oils contain no herbicides, pesticides, weeds, or fillers.

But you want to know the “thing” that had me purchasing my oils before I had ever tried a drop?

It was being connected to SOMETHING BIGGER- a GLOBAL MOVEMENT that is actually making a positive impact in the world.

What stood out for me was dōTERRA’s commitment to sustainability via an initiative called Cō Impact Sourcing, which helps to empower many communities in in exchange for their valuable services.

What this means is that the farmers, growers and distillers get paid fairly and on time. This creates a strong local economy with the guarantee of ongoing work, enabling them to provide for their families, send their children to school and because of the real life relationships created on the ground, trust that dōTERRA is invested in the longevity of a sustainable and mutually beneficial business partnership.

Sustainability is at the forefront of production, and that’s why dōTERRA can offer over 100 single essential oils sourced from over 40 different countries around the world- about 80% of which we consider to be developing nations.

This shows us, that we really can make a difference with how we choose to spend our money!

Here’s a list of where some of our oils are sourced;

Lavender from France and Bulgaria

Lemon and Bergamot from Sicily

Frankincense from Somalia

Wintergreen from Nepal

Vetiver from Haiti.

Cardamom from Guatemala.

Douglas Fir from New Zealand

Tea Tree and eucalyptus from Australia (of course!)

Petitgrain from Paraguay

Oregano from Turkey

Knowing that my money was helping others in an empowering way, allowed my heart to fill with joy as a conscious consumer.


Just when you realise how INCREDIBLE dōTERRA is,



I am a philanthropist at heart- it’s actually one of my big “Why’s” to having the courage to create a purpose driven, service based soulful and sacred business in the first place. The Cō Impact Partnerships totally got my attention, and then the Healing Hands Foundation solidified this in my heart and mind and allowed me to align fully with dōTERRA’s Vision.

The relationships that dōTERRA build with their farmers, growers, harvesters and distillers is completely inspirational. Strong connections are forged with shared visions and interests of the future. Community is at the heart of dōTERRA and through the Healing Hands Foundation, an opportunity to ask each community what they truly need to thrive is established, and their needs can be met out of mutual respect for playing such a pivotal role in bringing these “Gifts of the Earth” into the hands of many oil enthusiasts, like you and I.

If you’re like me, you’re probably super skeptical of “charities” knowing that most funds channeled into these initiatives- often pulling on the heartstrings of generous people- become dissolved in administrative costs or a CEO’s bonus.

Since dōTERRA has already established family-like partnerships with real life people in these communities, they can channel funds directly to where they are actually needed. Of course each community is different, and as such the projects vary in scope and size.

In Somalia, where Frankincense is sourced, the farmers actually requested that doTERRA build schools for their sons. ‘On one condition,’ doTERRA responded. ‘You must allow your daughters to be educated also.’ (AMAZING!)

In Haiti, where out Vetiver is sourced, the children were walking hours each day to bring back a few gallons of water for their tribe and thus missing out on school. With the help of the Healing Hands Foundation, they now have a fresh drinking water that flows freely from a tap.

There are so many Healing Hands projects taking place all of over the globe right now, and as a dōTERRA wellness advocate, we have priveledge to contribute to these projects by donating right here and being a part of the change we wish to see in the world.

Everything I have shared here with you has lead me to embark on my journey in standing strong and proud as a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate- so much so that I am willing to share online and help share, educate and inspire others with their essential oil lifestyle.

If you’re reading all of this thinking “SIGN ME UP”

You can follow the step by step instructions here

I recommend starting with the Natural/Nature’s Solution Kit or the Home Essentials Kit (because I feel they are the best value for money and you also get a diffuser to start with)

If you want to read a bit more about my personal journey as an “Oil Priestess” aligning with dōTERRA you can read about it here

Being a part of the dōTERRA family has changed my life in many ways, and I am incredibly grateful for this essential oil odyssey, these “Gifts of the Earth” and the way it is continuing to provide the opportunity to connect with beautiful people around the world, such a blessing!

Join me in co-creating the Empowered Health and Wellness Collective

Donna Raymond dōTERRA