Embracing the Mystery

My beautiful readers,

grab a cuppa- this is going to be a bit of a free-form release and open sharing.

I know I hadn’t written in a while- truth is there’s been so much going on, so much to say… that I was overwhelmed in not prioritising the space I require to flow with words… I am so pleased that my drive to write and share has come back in full swing, marked by the divinely inspired post I shared the other day. If you missed it, read it here

Part of the reason for my silence over the last year.. well it’s not really silence… (it feels like it to me) is that I have navigated a freebirthing another beautiful baby girl, initiated my own Sacred Divorce, launched a new online course, Taught at the Wise Women Gathering, and well, little Lucah, bless her, has shared with me her wisdom of Surrendering to the NOW…to my role as MOTHER- first and foremost the matriarch of our family. Beyond all ambitions I might have… the homefront has commanded my attention and energy

but I am here now.

I’m back.

There is a bit of breathing space now that my little one is walking.

It means I’ll be able to work again soon… fully committed.

Many, many skins have been shed, and I feel that all came to completion around her 1st birthday and the Eclipse portal we had… entering into a Lunar new year. I felt it strongly too- as if I was able to come back into myself a little more.

Anyone who has been an exclusive breastfeeding mother with multiple children will know the demands of that experience- mentally, physically and emotionally.

I have not slept for more than 3hrs solid in over a year… i’m not complaining, that is just the reality of my life as a mother right now.

And oh how I have missed writing and blogging SO much… I know I said a while back that my focus was going to be on sharing birth stories and wisdom around my freebirths… and they’re all there in my draft folder.. still not quite eloquent enough to share…Maia’s one ended up being a deep catharsis as I felt it necessary to provide context with backstory- but there’s just SO much… and I’m wondering if I should save it for my book and just keep the story simple and relevant to women seeking fully empowered birthing stories… either way… they will be published in due course… at the perfect moment, and read by those who need to hear the wisdom contained in my stories. As is the case from the feedback I receive.

So here I am.


I want to take a moment to share a synchromystic story that has changed my life and is continuing to in leaps and bounds…

My Mother is an amazing Tarot reader, so tuned in and switched on in a deeply intuitive way. I remember when she first read my cards, I was completely blown away and the woman sitting before me.. Where was she hiding this secret gift of hers… and why was she not offering it to the world. I sat, bewildered and in awe of her power and accuracy of reading the cards that were reflecting the present journey at the time.

A few months after my first reading with her, I asked for her to draw a few cards for me over skype as I had something come up in my life that I needed clarity on. Without knowing anything or wanting to scare me, my mother read the cards and danced around the strong theme of fertility. To be polite, she wove it with respects to birthing new projects and new ideas.

I was trying not to laugh… I was bursting at the seems, but waited for her to finish.

After she finished reading my cards, I looked at her on the screen and shared the news that Jay and I were expecting.

After this experience I know I can trust my mother to accurately read for me, and she has become like my trusted advisor to a Mystical Order of the unspoken.

Just before Christmas last year, I asked my mother to give me a card reading again, this time in respects to my Wise Wombman business… as I was unsure of the direction ahead, and to be completely honest was feeling quite ashamed, like I had dropped the reins, not anticipating the degree of sleep deprivation from being a mother of 3 daughters.

So she read my cards for an hour. It was very late at night.

The cards read that I would be “turning my back on what I know” and moving in a different direction… Something new and left field. The path is unknown but there is much growth ahead.

Hmmm…. I thought to myself…

Perhaps I’ll be heading in the direction of online mentoring and not so much into the “Womb” Work…it seems like everyone is a Womb Priestess these days…

I sat with this feeling of the unknown for a few days.

I then found myself in a fb group by one of my online business mentors, sharing a business opportunity with her, and because I was in the flux of creating and launching my WombManifest e-course and school holiday madness with 5 kids, I didn’t give it much of a look in.

A few days later a gorgeous woman and FB friend Emakhet who co-created a really potent Dream Academy, was live on FB… I found myself taking a moment to watch which is not something I usually do, but since I respect what she embodies I felt called to participate in her live stream. She was offering a free Oracle reading.

I thought “why not” and gave it a go, mentioned I was open to anything that came through.

What she shared with me BLEW MY MIND!

She drew a card called the Cosmic Carrot and then went on to ask if a carrot had been dangled in front of my face. I giggled like a little child… giddy with excitement

YES!!!! There was a carrot.

She mentioned that she was not here to say if the carrot was good or bad, but that it was there, and that whatever my decision was I was so supported. She then cupped her hands together and gently cradled an imaginary little me- totally held.


After my mothers tarot and this new Oracle reading,

I decided to have another closer look at that business opportunity.

A Gift of the Earth…

doTERRA essential oils.


a fucking MLM… hmmm I thought… Is this really where I am meant to be directing my energy.

I closed my eyes, tuned into my wombspace and received a resounding YES.

So like any natural wise woman would do, I googled ALL THE BAD SHIT I could find about the company.


Yes, as cosmic and shamanic as I can be, I am still very much critically minded. I do not follow the herd.

I much consider myself a lone wolf in that respect… Hanging out on the fringe observing culture from the edge… where the majick happens!

So I researched the company and its practices for a couple days.

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils were not new to me, I had been using a couple of Young Living products for years but never felt called to invest my time in it as a business. It never resonated with me.

So after researching I sat on the land and kept asking Spirit

Is this really what I am meant to be doing?

I questioned whether it was a wise decision to invest my time… was this just a distraction… a cosmic carrot sized distraction.

A test from Spirit…

I felt scared that it was going to shift my focus from my Wise Wombman Wisdom School journey.

But then…

A divine moment of clarity

and I felt the plants, the songs, the medicine come through.

I felt them calling… a resurgence of wisdom is rising.

And we hear it in different ways.

For some that comes from hands deep in soil.

For others it’s sitting in ceremony with sacred teacher plants

It comes through natural medicines and healthy eating

Essential oils are a way in which this ancient wisdom can bridge worlds, and change lives.

They say the oils call you…

Our plant allies are allowing us ways to connect with the Great Mother and the healing medicine that they have to offer us. For Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual support.

They called, and I answered by following the synchromystic signs that showed me how to connect with them.

I took a leap without even trying a single drop of oil, I purchased my enrolment kit and started the journey with these pure therapeutic grade essential oils.

I am forever changed. Forever grateful to have this beautiful healing medicine in my life

Frankincense and Lavender have shifted me out of a funk and activated something deep within.

Even my friends have commented on the difference.

They’ve asked me what have I done… what’s changed…

and I have shared with a radiant smile.

So for the past 3 months i’ve been journeying with these oils and other natural products.

I recently went to the convention on the Gold Coast which BLEW MY MIND.

I laughed, I cried.. my heart was burst wide open in an unexpected way that allows me to speak loudly and proudly about this company that operates with integrity and aligns with my morals and business ethics.

The way they source their plants where they grow natively and give back to the communities and invest in other humanitarian causes is awe inspiring.

My big dream is to be a powerful philanthropist. A person that can invest in the dream makers and game changers.

The visionaries, mystical misfits and rebels of culture that inspire heartbased change that we so desperately need on the planet.

I know we will find common unity in community as a way forward as One Tribe.

And I see clearly how doTERRA aligns with this vision and is allowing a vehicle and opportunity to not only change lives, it also creates opportunities of financial abundance in the process.

This is inspiring.

So, I am surrendering to the great mystery… where I thought I was going has changed on a slight detour. Is it the scenic route… who know’s!

My business has a soul compass of it’s own… it is not my job to forcefully steer it, it is my role to move in ways so that the Soul of my business flows effortlessly and in turn makes a positive impact in the world.

My focus is on delving deeper into the medicine of the oils to bring back new maps… I will be creating new courses and meditations etc with the aims of using these sacred tools to create emotional resilience, whilst empowering us to become responsible for our own health and wellbeing, to take back the power we have handed over to”big pharma” for far too long.

That system is corrupt. The multi trillion dollar sickness industry must crumble along with the lies it has perpetuated over generations.

Yes, Western Medicine has its place and is beautiful the way it can serve us when we need it, though many alternatives exist to support our health and vitality and we do have options.

Don’t worry I’m not the type of person who will spam you or aggressively spam you with reasons why you should join my doTERRA tribe... because I know and trust that those that feel called (just as I was) will be called to create and weave some majick with me, as oil priestesses…

the new wave of medicine women is here…

We will no longer be persecuted.

In the meantime, I will still be creating Wise Wombman majick and blogging when the muse dances wit me and I am inspired to let my fingers tap the keys.

The point of this letter- (is that what this is… not sure) I really wanted to reach out to you, my dear and loyal readers to offer you a glimpse of what’s been happening in my world.

Expect bigger things from me this year beautiful, as I am stretching myself and expanding in new ways… especially a new, inspiring side project I am working on that I am hoping to birth in late June.

Having said that- don’t expect them to be all polished and super squeaky clean… I run this gig by myself. YEP EVERYTHING… comes from my hands and heart… as a mama of 3 daughters and 2 bonus boys whilst running 2 businesses.

So wherever this new adventure takes me, I’m embracing the mystery with full trust and joy in my heart.

Just know that my MOJO is back baby!!!

Here’s to all the people keeping it real!

SO much love

Donna xx


-Cover Photograph by Chanel Baran








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Sacred Feminine Mentor and Wise Wombman. Donna helps women connect with the potent energy of the Womb, claiming their sovereignty as an Authentic, Empowered Wise Wombman. Her work focuses on understanding the Archetypal energies of the Sacred Feminine, integrating the Shadow Self, Healing from Abuse and Trauma whilst letting go of Story.