After breastfeeding Maia and putting her to bed early this evening, I felt inspired to share my feelings regarding my practice of “conscious breastfeeding” with this little video.

For me, being able to feed and nurture my child is one of the most beautiful and intimate experiences as a Mother. The bonding that takes place whilst I nurse is something that I purposefully imprint in my memory… to draw upon fond memories later. When I first became a mother, I wasn’t told about how deeply spiritual nursing your baby could be. I remember feeling that breastfeeding was kind of like a beautiful sacrament, and one that I felt had been forgotten. I felt like one of the best things I could do as a mother, was to intone my milk with all the love and wonder that I could open up to… I would avoid feeding if I was stressed or feeling angry- as I felt that it would energetically “sour” my milk, and I did not want Auraura suckling from me whilst I was embodying that energy.

I understand that it’s not always a viable option to have a comfortable and peaceful setting to be able to commit to this profoundly beautiful experience, but no matter where I am- or the company I am with… I find ways to shut off the external world just a little so that I can be present with my daughter.

Breastfeeding for the second time brings back a flood of memories, and I often look down at Maia and see Auraura… it trips me out sometimes, as I am instantly transported back to being a new mum… It’s as though the pathway has been built from the repetition of nursing, and I become a time-traveller!

About Donna Raymond

Sacred Feminine Mentor and Wise Wombman. Donna helps women connect with the potent energy of the Womb, claiming their sovereignty as an Authentic, Empowered Wise Wombman. Her work focuses on understanding the Archetypal energies of the Sacred Feminine, integrating the Shadow Self, Healing from Abuse and Trauma whilst letting go of Story.