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Gratitude- Donna Raymond

The Everyday Priestess

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As I sit down to write this to you, the heavy rains roar outside as the frogs echo a chorus of celebration- the monsoon has arrived! I have no idea what is about to come through my fingertips, but hey, let’s see what flows shall we?

Today I was ruminating on my life, and the perspectives of social media. You know that I share quite openly and honestly as I value real and raw expressions of genuine sharing. Anyways, I was thinking about the ways that people might perceive me based on my (limited) sharing online over the last 2 years…

I wonder how the images that I share, the photoshoots that I co create to bring to life my symbolic visions of deep meaning and feminine majick and wisdom… I wonder how they are received and interpreted!?

As an Artist I know the power of the image and how to construct visual language to communicate ideas.

Images are powerful tools that work beyond our conscious interpretations.

Art lives beyond the Artist.

So, I was having a look through these images, the intentional branding of Wise Wombman and the countless hours I have invested in personally designing all my graphics, logo, colours, layouts, website… you know all that jazz..

And It had me wondering about the archetypal language that some are aware of, and some are not. These archetypes speak to a primal layer in our psyche. They transcend time, language and culture because they speak to our Soul.

So I want to speak to this… specifically the archetypal energy of the Priestess… because I have been witnessing something in the ‘women’s empowerment’ arena that well, to be honest has made me retreat back into my mystical cave… HA!

I do not jump on band wagons, I am a rebel at heart and will usually bail when things all of a sudden  “become hip and cool”. I dance to the rhythm of my own song!

I see these beautiful brands being constructed, dominated by mainly beautiful white women (not a bad thing- it is what it is, so very beautiful too, I’m simply noticing it becoming a saturated style) and painting an image of the Priestess as young, alluring, mystical, sexy and of course, fuckable.

Whilst some of these qualities exist, Wombman is so multi-faceted that only focussing on and celebrating one part, discounts the value of the whole range of expressions.

These images do not represent the DEPTH of what the Priestess archetype holds within her medicine.

I see so many women look at these images and their hearts shrink because they feel they can never live up to this ideal, the status quo of “womens empowerment”- they can’t find an entry point to relate to having THE SAME ACCESS to these archetypal energies- because they don’t self-identify with the marketed image or the spiritual narratives.


The semiotics I see are all similar- its like a cookie cutter recipe of “HOW TO PRIESTESS ONLINE” and it makes me fucking gag sometimes!

You want to know why?

It’s because the work of a Priestess is oftentimes ANYTHING BUT beautiful or sexy.

Seriously. Sometimes it’s U.G.L.Y

It ebbs and flows in the rituals of the mundane.

It’s deep shadow work, healing collective wounds beyond the etheric scope and parameters of where most would dare to tread.

It’s on the fringe and is often incredibly isolating and lonely.


Sometimes the emotional labour is so intense there is no reprieve from catharsis after catharsis that transforms your very cells and perception of reality.

You die a thousand deaths whilst shedding skins and stories along with the salt and mucous that pours from your face in the process of your ego being obliterated as timelines crumble around you!

You are tested and humbled by the Great Mother/Spirit/Goddess in more ways than you can imagine because you have surrendered to the knowing that this is to create resilience and grit… you are being shaped to strengthen the psychic muscles to carry forth your purpose work- whatever you are destined to do, in service to the greater good of all.


You are initiated by Spirit before you even knew you could have a choice to feel ready.

There you are.


The work happens in Spirit, Mind, Body and with the Earth. It can be sweaty, messy, dirty, challenging and days where the “holding” is so mammoth that your bones become so tired, only an ancient heart would know the aching to rest yet stay true to fullfill the prophecies encoded inside.

Priestessing is doing what you need to do, to survive in this modern world AND STILL create space for your deep connection to Nature and your majick… and when you can’t do that, you realise that your whole life MUST become a living ceremony, an integrated sacrament to the Divine.

Sometimes this means being covered in blood, sweat, tears, vomit, mud and shit- and still walking forward with a twinkle in your eye, holding the vision of love and beauty in your heart… forging a path forward through the thicket- to be the visionary guide and wisdom keeper of the mysteries.

Sometimes Priestessing is making it through another day alive! Taking on the mammoth task of conquering the beast within, to claim sovereignty over your internal spaces. To show others it’s possible to liberate yourself from suffering and to be the guiding light and hope for those shackled to the stories that bind.

Sometimes it’s being so fine tuned to the Cosmic that you know you have to prepare to bunker down for the oncoming subconscious purge and shit storm that the collective is brewing… sometimes you have to process this before others so that you can help them through when they’re in the thick of it… and when you’re in it… no one knows the scope of what you are feeling and processing. Their time is yet to come. But there you are, map maker… cultivating the language of the emotional realms.

Sometimes it’s head buried in books absorbing teachings from ancient lineages, or countless hours in dedicated service to looking after elders, honouring the wisdom keepers that walked before you.

So I want to shout out to you if you feel this deep connection to the Priestess, yet feel like you don’t fit the depicted mould… it’s because you’re not meant to!

Perhaps you’re an “Everyday Priestess” like me… More time in the thick of real life than the altered ceremonial states, sometimes my sacred tools can stay untouched for months, though I can show up in my full power and medicine at any time of any day because this energy moves through me. Just like it does with many other women… and i want to normalise the incredible potent beauty of the day to day life… the mundane.

I guess thats why I am in awe of this busy season of Mother… because most women in this season don’t have the time and energy to realise how phenomenally beautiful, sexy and powerful they look in the thick of it… full power warrior mama’s and nurturers getting shit done… sometimes it seems by sheer majick!

Don’t get me wrong, I am in no way knocking the expressions of alluring beauty… I’m speaking to the fact that it’s NOT ALWAYS THE REALITY, DAY IN DAY OUT!

Let’s be real!

So, I guess what I’m trying to say is this…

Images are fucking powerful, so be mindful not to take things at face value. Look for depth, meaning and of course resonance.

You’re meant to be YOU in all your beautiful messy expressions of the raw feminine- in all your over the top flamboyant or completely unassuming ways.

Embodying the Priestess does not mean that you have to be in a state of orgasmic bliss 24/7, in deep ceremonial presence all the time, adorned and be-jewelled with the fancy sacred geometric and symbolic bling and free flowing mermaid locks…

because you are marinated in stardust and it is etched into each crevice of flesh that covers your gorgeous being.

You can be super cosmic (or not) and covert and carve your own truth of expressions.

When we let go of who we think we should be- or how we think these energies SHOULD be expressed… we open up the space to listen to the wisdom within, that guides us and moves our body in a way that is relevant and organic in our authentic expressions.

So big love to you if you are feeling ‘unseen’ because of these stereotypes.

I see them and I am sure others do also.

So here’s to the Everyday Priestess, may she be honoured in all facets of her embodied presence.


Remember to access the Wisdom Within.

Love is…


Donna Raymond dōTERRA




Freebirth is not a dirty word

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**All images have been used with permission and copyright is retained to the photographers. I do not own this image content so please, out of respect… do not save and share images without expressed permission from the mother or photographer.**

Featured image: Copyright Captivated Photography


It seems that there is a view around Freebirthing that deems it unsafe and irresponsible, where women are deliberately putting themselves and their babies in danger.

Freebirth is not a dirty word!


After 2 c-sections, Caitlin Freebirthed Lola safely at home.

I want to take this time to openly state that, of course it is not for everyone, and that…

Freebirther’s are not extremist birth vigilantes or crazy, trippy hippies who scream, “Fuck the System”

Most women I know that have claimed the role as “freebirther’s” are well researched. Yes, we are birth activists, openly encouraging women to listen to their intuition and strongly advocate a woman’s right to chose how she gives births and where.

The choice to freebirth is an informed one. The experience is completely liberating.

We enter into the birthing realm with full responsibility and understanding about the language of birth. We are educated in birth practices and Sacred ways. Some of us have had traumatic births in the past, Some of us are transitioning from Maiden to Mother for the first time and some of us are seasoned mamas. Point being… you can’t pigeonhole us into a box that makes it easier to disassociate with.

Baby girl Adelaide, born free at home.

Baby girl Adelaide, born free at home.

We branch across all demographics, ethnicities and socio-economic statuses. We are women, who have made a choice to birth on our own terms, without the aid of any medical professionals present. For some of us this decision is made without hesitation, for others it is a journey to feel comfortable with this option.

Yes, it is an option!

We journey in many ways to overcome our fears, social fears and the stigmatisation that can surround birth. Due to the current political atmospheres and discussions around birth, Sometimes this means keeping our plans to ourselves to avoid criticism and judgment from others- or pending on where you live, being reported!

Birth is a natural process, not a medical one.

Part of the reason I felt so called to freebirth my daughters was that I knew I could as a Sovereign Being and to lead by example, claiming birth as a natural process and rite of passage… and to say,

“Hey… there is another way! Birth is not scary like you see depicted in the media and movies… it is beautiful and Sacred and can be so completely drama free and empowering… it can be a complete Spiritual and Shamanic experience… and you CAN do it at home, safely and naturally!”

"Eden" Copyright Incandescent Photography Read Birth Story

“Eden” Copyright Incandescent Photography
Read Birth Story Here

Although birthing unassisted is not for everyone, it is such an empowering way to connect to the ancient Primal Mother archetype, to our great, great grandmothers, the tribal ways of women’s mysteries, held and guarded fiercely with grace by the wise women of the community, midwives.

Women have been “freebirthing” since the dawn of humanity.

Of course, as with anything, it is not the only way, and any woman can feel empowered through birth, no matter where she chooses. Empowerment comes through choice, and owning those choices fully and the consequences, good or bad, derived from our actions.

In contemporary culture, Freebirthing is deemed radical and unsafe.



I don’t know about being brave… to some extent yes, Freebirthing is a courageous act, but for me it just felt completely natural… like no big deal!

And yes, my baby could die… my baby could die in utero, my baby could die in the hospital with several medical professionals on guard. My dignity could also die at the hands of professionals who apparently know my body better than I do and override my right to choose.

Yes, I could die… but you know I researched the risks and prepared myself. The biggest risk for me was hemorrhaging, by full term I had become anemic. So, like any responsible adult would, I took measures to address that risk- like eating iron rich foods with vitamin C, minimising dairy intake and supplementing with 3-4 sachets of Spatone to boost my levels. I also knew that after birthing in the water, to get out as soon as possible… The sole reason for this is to monitor blood loss, as it is hard to measure once it is diluted. I also knew that if I started to feel faint or dizzy- if consciousness was fading, to call for help without a second thought.

Death, Birth… they’re two sides of the same coin really. In a completely sacred and delicate balance.


Natural Labour in the Billabong. Copyright Billa kgari @

When I made the decision to freebirth Maia, it was due to the fact that I had absolutely no fear to do so. I had a wonderful midwife for all my check ups though she did not attend homebirths, and connected with a local independent midwife at 38weeks incase I wanted to hire her. The only reason in my mind to hire her, was if Maia’s father was too anxious, then she would be there more in service to him, than to me. We spoke for a while and she agreed that I didn’t really need her. She was confident that everything would be fine as much as I was. I trusted my body and the process completely. Everything felt clear, as it did with my second freebirth of Lucah 7 weeks ago and I was not ignorant to the risks involved.

Our fears about the “what if’s” can actually create the outcome we are hoping to avoid… that is not to say with respects to birth that we should become complacent… on the contrary, we should be totally prepared in all ways.  As sovereign beings, claiming the full role and responsibility of Mother.

"Piper, born on my shower floor"

“Piper, born on the shower floor”

As a Freebirthing mama, you have to be very confident in your body and ability to birth. Any unresolved emotional issues will usually present themselves in the days leading up to birth, or during labour.

You prepare to have all the support you need leading up to, during and after birth. You speak with other women and gain wisdom from midwives. You have a backup plan in place for the what-if’s, if they should occur and consider notifying local hospital and ambulance of your plans. You would also take into consideration your own physiology and any health risk factors that could impede your ability to birth safely. Essentially you know your body better than anyone else…

This isn’ a game, and the decision is not made lightly or with naivety.

Birth is a Natural process

Atticus – free-birthed at home into a house full of love.

As strange as some find the concept, Women freebirth all the time… sometimes they’re completely unplanned… in the shower, in the car, in the back yard. It happens.

You know… if un-interrupted, babies will come when they are ready and sometimes it’s a surprise or at an ‘inconvenient’ time.

Birth can be unpredictable no matter where a mother chooses to labour and birth. The most important factor is that mother feels safe, secure and that she is in safe hands, whether they are her own, her partners, doula, a midwife or an OBGYN.

Different strokes for different folks!


Another safe freebirth at home, surrounded by family. Mother expressed that she wasn’t worried at all.

Just because one mama chooses to birth herself does not make her irresponsible, irrational or an extremist.

Unfortunately in Australia our birthing practices do not support all choices of the mother, and our freedom to choose is under threat. Although I am a free birthing mother, I am also an advocate and strong supporter for Independent Midwives and firmly believe that women should be able to have access to midwifery and continuity of care through the public health system which could see more women birthing safely at home. As it stands now, it can be expensive to hire an independent midwife (if you can find one in your area) and that’s if they are lucky enough to be insured.

My perception is that if we support a woman’s’ right to choose where and with whom she births, then it will free up “patient” loads in hospitals. Pregnant women are not sick. Continuity of care will also aid mother to make empowered decisions, and connect with her pregnancy and newborn. Developing relationships with the birthing mother and baby means that it will help to curb the growing rate of birth trauma, postnatal depression and PTSD which more and more women are speaking about their experiences within the medical establishment. This can weigh heavily on the medical system later and it is totally preventable!

This freebirth was with an experienced birth attendant. Copyright Lifespiral Photography

The way I see it, is that if independent midwives are not supported, we will see an increase in women deciding to freebirth, sheerly out of wanting to avoid a medical birth with interventions. We will see more women putting themselves at risk out of fear, rather than from an informed and empowered state… And that is what will cause an increase in unsafe birthing.

If you are considering Unassisted Childbirth- aka Freebirth, please do your best to research birth processes as much as possible, and find ways to prepare yourself physically and emotionally to be confident you will safely birth with ease. Talk to a local midwife and look online. There is a wealth of information from optimal positioning to what to do if you have a shoulder presentation, cord around the neck, vaginal tearing, hemorrhaging etc. Perhaps one of our most valuable resources is women’s birth stories. Seek those that are inspiring and drama free. This will help to keep you focused and in a empowered state, especially during the such a profoundly sensitive time during Pregnancy.

Mind over matter, and birth matters!

If we support women in their birth choices, we are not only supporting the birth of her child, we are also supporting the healthy birth of a Mother. Mental health and particularly Post Partum Recovery affects more than the nuclear family.

If like me, you care about women having the right to choose than please consider signing the petition below

sign here–> petition-to-allow-private-midwives-insurance

Valuable links

Freebirth Australia

Homebirth Australia

Find a Midwife Australia



Just One Of Those Strong Woman Days

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Strong Woman Days,
When you’ve been walking the floor for hours, your shoulders aching with tension… feeling your body begin to shut down… and still you walk on.

stronghead stuffy and pounding from a cold, muscles aching and you still manage to entertain the children, fold 3 loads of washing, mediate childish conflict and tantrums, navigate the supermarket diffusing the “I want’s and can we have’s?”

Unpack the car with screaming babe in arms carrying as much as you can in one go… at least the cold items.

You put the groceries down on the kitchen floor and are immediately met with a chorus of, “We’re hungry!”

oh yea, Baby is still screaming…

Pick up baby, attempt to make lunches one handed. Mother

You laugh at yourself at how ridiculously ‘unco’ this whole situation is.

Palm baby off to big sister so you can finish preparing the lunches, after 5 min of baby crying loudly, big sister freaks out and say’s she can’t handle it anymore.

You smile, take bub from her arms and say thank you.

5:30pm- witching hour!


Prepare a last minute dinner whilst caring for a newborn who is exceptionally grizzly, hasn’t slept much today and only wants to be held and boob most of the time.

After 3hrs you finally settle baby, put her down, manage to go to the toilet before you hear her cries again, you sit on the loo… tears are now flooding your eyes and cascading down your face… you just want a moment reprieve, so you stay there.
The only place you can find solace away from everyone when it all feels shit… is on the shitter…
unless of course there’s a toddler around… because nowhere is sacred
Baby still crying.. you hope her father will get up to soother her…
so you wait for a moment… crying your exhausted heart out… Baby’s cries get louder and louder… and are more important than yours.
Get yourself together woman…
You realise it’s all on your shoulders again… you pick her up and start walking… trying different positions to settle her. Your nose is dripping by this stage, and just as you feel her body relax you sneeze, or have to blow your nose and she startles and wakes again…
wash, rinse, repeat
You are both so exhausted.
Sophia-Loren-MotherYou feel like your reserve tank is nearing empty and it leaves you wondering how the fuck we manage to get the short end of the stick?
Through pregnancy, birth, post-partum. as a cocktail of hormones courses through your body… picking up the bulk of domestic and emotional labour, all the managing of who’s got what on when and how etc.
Everyone in the house is asleep except you, cos you’re totally wired now… that trusty second, third, fourth wind has kicked in…
Thanks Prolactin
It takes a village to support a mother
I’m not complaining at all…  just offering a glimpse into my world. Beyond what anyone perceives my life to be like. Yes I’m a powerhouse of a woman, but somedays hit me for a six.
Today is one of them…
Just having one of those days, they happen… and as fucked as they are, I am so grateful for them. I am grateful for being pushed to my limits and appreciating how strong I am to keep carrying on… despite illness, pain, fatigue, or emotions… I’m showing up as best I can.
I am grateful for the respect I have gained for my mother who did all of this, working 2 jobs with 4 kids in tow…
For all the mama’s out there, Stay at home, full time employed, solo, studying mamas.
We all know this is a full time gig!
I am grateful to see the areas in my life which are needing attention. By way of boundaries being set and where communication is needing to become clearer.
I’m sensitive sometimes.
And in these moments I just let my tears flow, and pop a few drops of Motherwort under my tongue…
Sometimes I feel like a seed, cracking my outer shell.
Ahh… Growth!
Sometimes painful and messy, but all necessary for learning and changing.
Tomorrow is another day. It may be a repeat, it may not be. One thing I have learnt over my almost 9 years of mothering is you never really get to “clock off’
This too shall pass…
It’s just one of those Strong Woman days
evoking the wombsong

Sacred Women’s Circles (and why we need them)

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The Power of Sacred Women’s Circles.

and why we need them… 

I’ve been facilitating Sacred Women’s Circles for around 5 years now. I have experienced so much from holding space for other women that it’s hard to articulate the scope of what this work provides and why I feel it is crucial and beneficial for women to have access to these sacred spaces. So, I decided to make a brief list at all the benefits being involved in a Sacred Women’s Circle has to offer. I could explore this topic in depth, but felt to keep it simple for now. Sacred Women's Circle

  • Women have a safe space to be vulnerable, sharing their tears and laughter.
  • Sitting in Circle with women, hearing others stories helps us to connect with each other and realise that we are not alone. Sometimes the biggest insightful moments that arise in circle come from the, ”me too!” vibe.
  • Giving ourselves permission to attend a women’s circle can be a step out of our comfort zone… a step out of the ordinary that some women need to have something that is deeply meaningful in their lives. Something to look forward to. Something Sacred.
  • Sacred Women’s Circles allow us to see beyond story, without judgement… to see each other on a human level and that is a fundamental role in developing a healthy community.
  • Sharing emotional bonds, allows us to not only hold space for one another in respect, but also the feeling that a group of women have ‘got your back’ looking out for your health and wellbeing. And that is such a lovely feeling to have. Women genuinely interested in who you are and what you offer. Indeed YOU provide value simply by being present.
  • Whether physical or virtual, Women’s Circles can help to curb loneliness and isolation.
  • Friendships can be established or deepened within circle, with women you would never cross paths with, or think that you would have anything in common. This is special.
  • Sharing from our hearts, we get to share in the celebration of our successes and honour each other’s challenges and struggles.
  • Women’s Circles can provide a Sacred container for your most intimate thoughts… that will be held without judgement… relating to sexual health, relationships, parenting, the stress of being a woman in the modern world etc. Being Witnessed is truly powerful.
  • Deep listening and being held by the feminine during a process can be cathartic and liberating for some… having the opportunity to express desires or fears simply for what they are… being seen and heard in your truth in a nurturing environment is deeply healing.., and often a rare opportunity.
  • Women’s circles provide deep healing on many subtle and profound levels. Sometimes we don’t know what we’ve been holding onto, until a sister let’s go in front of us… inviting us to do the same… giving us permission to become more self aware and present in our bodies and hearts.
  •  Sacred Circles will open you up to new experiences and fresh perspectives of the world.
  • Staying committed to a circle is a surefire way to see amazing transformation in your own life, by making a declaration that this time is sacred for you and that YOU are worthy of that which fills your cup. It becomes a space to invest in your Self… and others.
  • Circles can invoke and explore the elements of Play through Creative expressions. Singing, Dancing making art and wildcrafting… learning traditional skills and life hacks.
  • They help provide accountability. A good circle will have women checking in on you to see how you are… even if you haven’t been able to attend a gathering for personal reasons.
  • Sacred Circles honour the seasons of each women. From Menarche to Menopause. Maiden, Mother, Queen and Crone are held with equal respect and reverence. Each woman brings something of value, a gift of self to the whole.

On a more serious note and often not acknowledged or talked about:

  1. A woman dies at the hands of a current or former partner almost every week in Australia
  2. One woman in three has experienced physical violence, since the age of 15
  3. One woman in five has experienced sexual violence
  4. One woman in four had experienced emotional abuse by a current or former partner.4
  5. There is growing evidence that women with a disability are more likely to experience violence. For example, 90% of Australian women with an intellectual disability have been subjected to sexual abuse.
  6. Intimate partner violence  is the leading contributor to ill-health and premature death in women under 45, more than any other well-known risks including high blood pressure, obesity and smoking.
  7. The cost of violence against women and their children to the Australian economy in 2009 was $13.6 billion. It’s calculated to rise to $15.6 billion by 2012-22 without the right preventive action

Statistics sourced from”

Sacred Women's CircleWith the added pressures of modern society… the overwhelm of being a woman can lead to many living a life of disconnect and stress.

Joining or creating Sacred Women’s Circles or Red Tents can be very beneficial to not only your own health and wellbeing, but the effects ripple out into the family and community at large. You will be encouraged and supported on your journey for personal empowerment. You will learn new ways to communicate with others and have a deeper respect for the Sacred.

***I am about to launch my new Online Training program to help women step up into the role as Facilitator of Sacred Women’s Circles with confidence. If you have felt the calling to serve on this level, then please check out Sacred Circle Secrets.

Love is..

Donna xx

The Sacred F*ck It Point

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The Sacred Fuck It Point… I’m becoming familiar with this space

So it’s 12:45am as I begin to write this. I’m laying in bed, mattress on the floor listening to the rain fill all the outside spaces with its loud roar. I feel strange, I am not sure if its because I received the news that my cousin is in intensive care with a head injury, or the fact that I have just read through countless stories of abuse which women have so openly shared with me after I released a survey yesterday…

And here I am nonchalantly watching the clock tick back…. Feeling something stir… knowing I “should” have been in bed hours ago…

But I’m here… awake…

In between states of doing and being… listening…

And so I pick up my laptop and go to my room… something that I don’t really do unless I want background music playing…

Deep breaths… here it comes. oh, it’s coming…

I am fucking scared… and I have been for a long time… to share my journey over the last 2 years ‘publically’ to share MY story… the side that I have kept fiercely private, suffering in silence… and so I boldly step forward… I’ve reached the point of no return… I call this…

fuck itThe Sacred Fuck It Point…

Fuck all my fears and insecurities, of holding my tongue out of ‘respect’… where the shortcomings of which show me where I am actually disrespecting myself… disrespecting the platform that I have to speak… Disrespecting the privileges that I have to be able to do this… as a soon to be 30year old ‘white’, heterosexual woman living in a safe country…with a roof over my head, food in my belly and access to the internet through various devices and various technology and tools to express my passions and creativity… I am able to share in the joy of watching happy and content children free to wander and explore their world with curiosity. I have no stress to pay rent or ward off sickness or predators. I  must honour this privilege and use it for growth and change in service to the greater good of humanity….

OH. HUMANITY… where for art thou?

Truth is I’m fucking blessed…

and I acknowledge that privilege for being born into a middle class Australian family. I’m the first to admit the idiocy of my “first world problems” keeping my feet firmly grounded as I walk my path.

My Facebook feed is a cacophony of dichotomies… and I’m absorbing all of this sensory information through my eyeballs that sometimes want to shut off to all the bullshit and violence that I see… I want to disconnect and disengage…but I know this is lighting an internal fire in me.

artist unknown.

artist unknown.

At my last Womb Temple in Townsville I shared the medicine of Lilith and Kali… and feel these archetypes stir in me now… calling me to use my voice, to craft my written words like daggers and spears to pierce through the veils of my own comfort and illusion…

Shake up to Wake up

And I sit and I think about this wave of feminine energy rising… More and more women are being called back to remember the ways of the Goddess and well, some are not… and that is cool too!

Through the pathways of the Priestess, my remembering has shifted old beliefs deep in my psyche… Holy moly my journey has taken me to some wild places within. Fierce, Raw and Wild… the primordial mother tongue speaks… and I listen intently.

Externally, what I am seeing is this shyness to embodying the DARK FEMININE… Archetypally represented in many different facets, which all share the same threads and are often depicted or represented symbolically in a negative light, such as Lilith and Kali.


Because THAT side of the feminine is fucking powerful…. Untamable!

She is Nature and Nurture… Death and Birth, Creation and Destruction coexisting in the same space, walking a sacred balance of creation…

And a huge threat to the patriarchal construct.

Boom… HERstory must be acknowledged!

The dark feminine is rising, and she is fucking full force power…. The primordial mother is pissed off. and rightfully so… look at the state of the world right now… what will the future generations of children experience as custodians of the land and dreaming?

I am 20 weeks pregnant and with my womb nurturing another little Goddess, I am feeling this potent mama energy more fiercely than ever before. Being pregnant makes me EXTRA sensitive to the complexities of the world as I am receiving sensory information that is imprinting my unborn baby, I have to be mindful of what I am absorbing… but also, not walking in naivety.

Lets acknowledge a few things here:

Land of the Free- Mark Henson

Land of the Free- Mark Henson

Let’s face it… There is mass cultural genocide happening in Australia, PNG, Palestine (Gaza) ,Syria, Africa, Pakistan, USA and other places in the the world

Our indigenous wisdom keepers are being forced off their homelands…

Our water is being tainted, bottled and sold

Our Food Security is being hijacked

Our natural Temples and libraries are being burnt or turned to pulp.

Suicide and Depression is on the rise…

Domestic Violence is destroying the healthy constructs of family and relating.

Drug Abuse/Addiction is on the rise, and newsflash the biggest drug dealers in the world wear suits!

Our sacred rites of passage and initiation have been commodified and systemized which disempowers us.

Mass shootings are becoming ‘normalised’

Governments invest more money into the military industrial complex and war machine then they do in public health and education… into looking after our elders.

Innocent people seeking refuge and asylum are being locked away as prisoners of a war they are victims of.

Symptoms of a world gone mad…oh, you’re not coping… here’s a fucking pill… get back to work…


I’m not writing this to be pessimistic… perhaps a little ranty… it’s just that my tolerance level for this is seriously waning..

I’M MAD AS HELL… And Hell Hath no fury like a woman scorned…

This is the threshold of crossing the Sacred Fuck it Point… where niceties are pushed aside for standing Moral ground…Standing for Meaning… Standing for Truth…Standing for Freedom and Beauty… for Kindness… because if not YOU then Who? We are all a ‘somebody’ and when we all join together we create waves of transformation!

Yea, sure we can all turn the other cheek and throw ourselves to the wolves but that’s not solving anything.

Ignorance is not Bliss… Ignorance is, Ignorance.

What’s the cure of this social dis-ease


And how do we build that?


How is that created?

Through TRUST, vulnerability, accountability and authenticity

A-life-unlived-quote-1024x681In my opinion it’s becoming FULLY SOVEREIGN and responsible for Self, particularly our emotional and mental health. This means owning your story unashamedly. Being bold and curious to express yourself respectfully. Being empathic towards others and helping where/when you can.

Being really really YOU.

Beyond what people want you to be, think, feel..

being autonomous and open to express yourself open heartedly with passion and creativity.

Share your story.. not out of wounding… but from a place of empowerment…

because you now what…

You have to own it so it doesn’t own you!

And so I’ve started writing a memoir. A deep soul excavation… from all of my Sacred Woundings and Imprints.. all the lessons I have learnt and wisdom I have acquired along the way…

What of wisdom if it is not shared?

Reading through these heartbreaking stories in these surveys and feeling into other women’s stories and pain, I began to be able to articulate something that I have felt for a while now…

You liberate yourself from suffering the moment you see the value of your pain. The gift and beauty within the chaos

Your Pain becomes an Asset, it becomes of value…

Part of the Journey out of victim into survivor is owning and claiming our stories, no matter how hard or long that journey in suffering and pain was for.

Everyone processes abuse and trauma in different ways. It depends on our beliefs and attachment mechanisms and trauma bonding.

Trauma bonding infuses the abuse cycle, so what if we were to REFRAME the context as a healthy anchor… the next time a trigger comes up, we have certain tools at hand to RESCUE OURSELVES…. Wiring ourselves as the victors, and we enter in to the realms of self championing and mastery.

cos you know what…

Silence is the best friend of Abuse.

And Radical Self Love is the cure.

This I know, I have been journeying with it since I was small… There are certain people that know different parts of my story, but this evening I had this insight… that If I am to keep this all inside and not DO something with this than my experience becomes meaningless…

All those nights of intense catharsis, feeling completely broken and alone become wasted… all for what?!?

I may not have had any choice is some experiences, some I played a role in, but the reality is…if I just sit and dwell in story and worry then I am actually disrespecting myself…

And I become my abuser.

Healing becomes a committed journey once you reach the Fuck it Point…

the, Enough is Enough…

If I look back and think, Why did that have to happen to me?

Then there is someone else out there that can be spared the similar thread of story

If we can honestly sit with an empathic heart, feeling a deep connection to everyone… then how could we let this happen to others? How could we turn the other cheek… and a blind eye?

This is when I realised that my pain and suffering had value… it’s not a burden but a blessing… now I have a language to connect with others.

my invisible scars become whispers of strength and courage

All of a sudden the experiences have a deeper and more profound meaning, which ignites a fire inside that only those that have experienced being completely powerless will understand.

We are our biggest problem but we are also our Solution.

a331b18c0d70f7780740e63446e5ee85By speaking up and out I claim my story…. my pain body and my suffering. It no longer has a hold on me.

I no longer hide in shame or suffer in silence. I liberate myself from my own shackles.

I acknowledge where my weaknesses have been, I’ve mapped my underworld… my shadow plane…. We’re now pretty good “friends” cos I’ve had frequent visits, behind closed doors… inside the stillness of the night through internal screams and echoes of voices all conspiring against my beauty of being. I dragged myself there out of Guilt, Shame and Self pity.

Truth is I am fucking strong! I’m still here… showing up… and that means something!

The thing about abuse is that it lives on way longer than any act in the moment.

I can’t shake my head at the current statistics of Domestic Violence in this country and not do something…

To stay silent is to enable this unhealthy behaviour to continue.

To speak from a place of empowered reason provides the platform for growth and change. You elevate yourself archetypally from Victim, to Survivor to Prophet.

Just as Nelson Mandella said,

“As I walked out the door toward the gate that would lead to my freedom, I knew if I didn’t leave my bitterness and hatred behind, I’d still be in prison.”

So Fuck it… let the shackles go…

horse tied to chair

You have full permission to be the best version of yourself RIGHT NOW! Dare to be bold and different. Speak up for those who have lost their voice.

Be kind and generous EVERYDAY… The world needs your special spark, your smile and your laughter.

You are here to be beautiful, to know love and to be love. Don’t let ANYONE or any story keep you from realising that.

May you find peace in your body… Your only real home on this adventure. May your home be kept de-clutterd and healthy. May it inspire you dance your dance and sing your song, showing you how magnificent you truly are. I hope you claim that. I hope you see it. Be kind to yourself during these wild times. For this will be a legacy we pass on to the children of the world.

Love is…

Donna xx






Wise Wombman Weekend in Melbourne

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Hello beauties!

Due to many requests, I am excited to announce that I will finally make my way down south to Melbourne in early December to facilitate a potent Wise Wombman Weekend in Emerald, amongst the stunning Dandenong Ranges.

Boomshakalaka!!! Excited much… I LOVE MELBOURNE!!!

As with all of my journey work, I only offer the opportunity to a small number of women as I like to create intimate safe space, which not only contains the potency of the journey work, but also allows me to connect deeply with sisters who choose to participate.

Unfortunately, with growing family commitments, I will not be able to hold this type of event or sacred space interstate for a couple of years to come, as much as I would like to… it is not on the cards.

With this in mind, I am offering a combination of my workshops… including a beautiful Cacao Ceremony, A Sisterhood intensive which workS with the potent energy of the womb, Expression Sessions and my very popular Sacred YOUnion (inner marriage ceremony). This is the first and perhaps last time I will offer them like this. So if you are in the area, or feel inclined to fly into Melbourne, I would love to journey with you.

The Weekend is set on a private residence with the option for you to camp on the property or book near by accomodation.


I know there are many mama’s with young children in my inner circle, so I have decided to offer different levels of experiences.

Check the retreat page for more information on what to expect, and if you know any sisters who would benefit from working with me, then please share with them.

I will also be available for 1 on 1 sessions by request.

If you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up to, check back in the next day or so as I will be creating another blog post with some BIG NEWS and what’s on the cards for Wise Wombman in the future.

Love is…




weaving wise wombman medicine drum

Deep Remembering: Birthing My Medicine Drum.

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I’ve been calling in my Medicine Drum to use in ritual and ceremony for almost 2 years. I am a firm believer in the Lore’s of the unspoken… of Spirit, that when you send a request, it will be answered when you are truly ready to receive and embody the gifts and medicine of that which you seek. Not when you “think” you are… there is a stark difference and when you come full cycle, you can look back and laugh at your naivety. That has been my experience.

And so, I have patiently known that my drum and I were seeking each other. I looked on etsy and found a gorgeous Teardrop frame shamanic drum… tempting, as it was to purchase, from a master craftsman too… I was told a firm no.

An initiation awaits… I must be patient…

As with most of my initiations from Spirit… I can feel when I am entering into the dance… there is a type of stirring that surrounds me in the ethers… and I become still… listening for my calling… for the directions…

I have no idea how or when I found and started following Gypsy aka “Sacred Hunger” on Instagram. I felt an instant sister connection, must have been the Wedge tail wings she was preserving at the time, or some other animal medicine… but I felt drawn to her for reasons beyond my knowing. Not only is Gypsy a Shamanic Midwife, trained by Jane Hardwicke Collings (a woman I respect deeply for her gift of service to the world) but also a Death Doula. Something I had been tuning into for a while and felt called to look into further. Knowing that I would most likely fulfill this role in my community (wherever that may be) after I reared my children.

One day I saw that Gypsy was facilitating a Medicine Drum Workshop down on the Central Coast of NSW.

It was like a BAM confirmation…

Sacred Hunger

I asked if she would come north to facilitate a Medicine Drum Workshop. Gypsy agreed, as she would be in the area mid August. I put my feelers out to see if there were enough numbers to make it worth her while.

The day after I posted online I received a few emails from women in my community letting me know there was a local practitioner who was facilitating a Medicine Drum Workshop in the same month and that there was another woman, initiated into Native American healing that also created drums….

How did I not know about this… In the whole 2 years of calling it in… Then organise someone to come and find out there are locals doing it… Oh so funny!!!!

I felt strongly about getting Gypsy to come up but out of respect, contacted one of the local women as felt right to support someone close to home, though she was not interested in facilitating something in Kuranda.

So we locked in a date. All the while Gypsy and her family were journeying through the NT. With little communication, things just seemed to flow… not smoothly… but flow nonetheless.

Unfortunately for me the weekend that the workshop was to take place had everything that could go pear shaped did kind of vibe- consequently I was unable to journey with the others who had booked in.

The Journey: Labour

My active journey started late on Sunday evening, reflecting on my birth and birthing Auruara and Maia with both Gypsy and her partner Karl. I have processed my birthing imprints many, many times before, so it was quite easy for me to access the wisdom and answer a particular set of guiding questions. One particular prompt, gave me a slight “aha” moment with regards to my birth and how that relates to my creative projects.

Afterwards I lay in the Womb Temple, making myself comfortable with the lights dim, deer hide beside me so I could feel the dried skin underneath the palm of my hand. Karl initiated the shamanic journey for me to meet the spirit of my deer. Gypsy explained some of the processes a little more in depth.

Then they both began to drum over my relaxed body.

6/4 rhythms perhaps, the tones of their drums began to quiet my mind.

I set my intention to journey inwards to connect with the Spirit of this Deer, to anchor the medicine that it carries and to embody that with full reverence for its life as a sacrifice in service to the whole.

I felt myself dissolve into myself… collapsing like the birth of a star; I disintegrated into the soil beneath the foundations of the Temple. My heart mind scattered into a mycelia network… a super highway of microbiology penetrating the subterranean layers of the Earth… Until I was inside a cool dark chasm…. Everything was suddenly still… and so quiet… as if I was inside a deep vacuum of space and time… into the eternal void of nothingness…Darkness… the womb of creation… I waited… patiently I became silent, my breath long and drawn deeply.

“Where are you?” I called.


I waited… for what seemed like an eternity within a minute or two.

image sourced from

image sourced from

And then a meek figure appeared.

There she was, coy and timid, poking her head around what seemed to me the side of an old tree. She was so sweet and beautiful, a very dainty Doe, small and slender. She oozed a gentle beauty and grace. I was taken a little as I had imagined a very powerful spirit to emerge, as I wanted to feel a ‘powerful’ energy.

We connected and she spoke to me saying that the power and strength comes through me, and through her softness of grace and beauty, together radiates from her skin into the world. I will hold her as she holds me.

Then my vision shifted and I saw an almighty stag… like holy fricken wow…. He was so impressive to look at and he just stood there, with these massive antlers, like a guardian of some sort. It was her ancestor and I then travelled through her bloodlines, and saw that the masculine energy was very strong and grounded, which

allowed the feminine essence to be soft and gentle.

native american fire dance

Everything made sense to me. This was the medicine intoned in my drum. This is what I have permission to work with.

Then I heard singing in the distance. Native American with hints of Indigenous Australian. The singing became louder until I found myself invited to a campfire with people dancing all around me… chanting… singing… swirling energy, welcoming me home, here, by the fires of grandfather spirit under the light of grandmother moon. I took my place with grace and a smile. I was initiated and gifted songs and rhythms, then everyone celebrated and I started to come back into my body.



The Process: Birth

Using a template I then cut the rawhide for the face of the drum and the lacing I would need to weave and stretch onto the hoop/frame. This was then suspended in water to soak over night. I placed one of my large crystals on top of the hide to hold in place. Then went to sleep.

Intense travelling on the astral planes that night!

The next day the process was a self initiated journey making my medicine drum. We were going to go out to Davies Creek to sit in a very special and sacred spot to me, but because it was raining, I decided to stay home (with all my creature comforts) and weave my drum from the Womb Temple.

There were some funny moments where the lacing became knotted and tangled and I would pause to ask,

“What does this mean?”

As much as there is deep medicine in this process, I found it also humourous in how I work very quickly and sometimes in very unorthodox ways… Having a light heart made the process very enjoyable. I would stop a few times to brew a cup of tea and stretch my body.

Overall I completed my drum in approx. 4hrs.

In a nostalgic kind of way, it felt like I had done this many, many times before. A deep remembering took place, weaving and stretching the skin. Working with and honouring life in a ceremonious way. There is something deeply humbling and revealing about working with skin…with the sacred balance of life and death… connecting with the Spirit of the animal, listening deeply to receive the wisdom and medicine from it’s life force that will take on another form in the use of a Sacred object or talisman.

Nothing is forgotten or lost…

Completion: Nurturing my Newborn

After around 2 weeks she is dry enough to play and I have noticed some interesting tones… ranging from a deep primal resonance, to an uplifting high note… and a few smooth mid-tones… so cool!

Now, another journey awaits, to source a branch to craft into a beater. Davies Creek is calling me, though I went to my favourite creek a short drive away and managed to source a perfect back up or perhaps one to practice carving.

Since the bEarth of my new baby, I have received, or rather remembered, some ‘new’ songs and I look forward to sharing in the future.

As I continue to form an intimate relationship and journey with my drum, I am feeling called to intone the skin with the blood from my womb, such an act will be another rite of passage, all in time, which will aid in taking women on deep Shamanic Journeys into the womb, via the primordial heartbeat… the drum.