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Anchor Your Dreaming!

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This weeks video blog is inspired by the past week… as I have been having more mammoth downloads and waves of inspiring ideas in ways that I can shape my business as a conscious entrepreneur. It’s been fun challenge and one tool that has really helped me over the years is actually writing these ideas down as they come through. The action of pen to paper helps to anchor your dreaming in this physical world and provides soil for potential growth. Sometimes these dream-seeds we have can lay dormant until we have cultivated the fertile soil to propagate… other times we realise they weren’t meant for our garden! If you are anything like me, you’ll know you’re the type of person that has continual amazing ideas on how to grow and help change the world, and they can end up being a burden when you have not achieved them. You can feel as though you’ve let everyone down in some strange way!

As I have journeyed in understanding my niche- I no longer hold on to every amazing idea that comes my way.

I don’t have enough time or energy to do EVERYTHING… So I plant seed’s in other peoples gardens- either subtly or directly gifting a person with an incredible idea, knowing that they would be the best person to see it come to fruition. Ultimately, this stems from knowing that this dreaming is bigger that us all… it’s up to us to find the most efficient way to dream a new world into being… Come up with new maps and models to steer our current circumstances into a more harmonic and regenerative practice. To do that we must first anchor our ideas, so that we  have leverage to look for new pathways of possibility and creative solutions!

Donna Raymond and Adam Scott Miller


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(for my beloved)

My body aches,
Longing for your embrace
And spiralling fingertips upon my breast.
My eyes sparkle with the thought of kissing your lips.
Oh my love, a thousand days pass with each second.

Pull me closer to you
I want to feel your everything.
Whisper sweet somethings into my ear,
I melt into the softness of every word that escapes your breath.
Oh my love, I bathe in the beauty of your heart script.

My heart’s ablaze in a passionate inferno,
You are the spark that ignited me so…
In the haze of your enigma,
I drink from the elixir pooling from your eyes.
Oh my love, Intoxicate me with your essence.

Like dew drops on a spring flower,
My heart glistens in the light of our love.
Casting away shadows hiding a Souls yearning,
To be rejoined with its counterpart.
Oh my love, Illuminate my sense of remembering.

Hold me so that I may be free to surrender.
Enchant me with your smile.
Open me up, so you may plunge into my deepest longing for you.
Fill me with your desire,
Oh my love, I am yours.

Let us paint our future together with star dusted silken threads.
Weaving majick of waking dreams.
On heart wings we set sail into the sunset
Dawning the Ecstasy of true loves bliss,
Oh my love, it has always been you!

In Service

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Donna Raymond- Contemplation    And so I find myself sitting in wonder- I feel this MASSIVE container of dreaming floating right above my head- in the realms of spirit- not yet ready to spill forward into physical creations. The ideas are still seeding and laying dormant, patiently waiting for the perfect conditions… of fertile soul soil to anchor into. The dreaming is so strong and profound that I know this is why I have been cultivating myself- from deep soul excavations to gently tilling the stubborn ways of programmed thinking. I am a conduit of spirit- a vessel for consciousness to flow through- When I am grounded and open, My womb speaks to me of medicine so forgotten,  almost lost in the ebb and flow of the passing tides of Herstory. I am humbled by these experiences and will continually offer myself in service for the greater good of all and trust that I will be received in all facets.   with an abundance of Love and Blessings, D xx


Gentle Giants

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Tonight I was sifting through photographs of our family honeymoon, particularly our visit to see the Avenue of the Giants (Redwoods) in Northern California. As I re-lived the feelings of finally being able to experience their grandeur, I began to sit in wonder and send gratitude to the  lungs of the Earth- Trees. May they continue to grow and thrive. May their roots be strong and deep and their seeds fertile. May we remember how intrinsically connected to them we are, sharing an ancient symbiosis. I send blessings to all who have learnt to listen to these gentle giants, to those who can feel their presence and ancient wisdom rustle through leaves and permeate through blossoms. To all who stop to take a moment and witness the majick and cycles of these beautiful beings with their kaleidoscopes of entrancing colour that have inspired the tongues of poets and pallets of many artists over time. Indeed- nature is the most amazing artist!

Fall Colour in California

Fall Colour in California

When I enter a forest I am always taken away with the beauty that each individual tree exudes. From a small seed or sapling I can see potential and am reminded to be gentle with myself as I grow and unfurl. Go slow. I am reminded to nurture my own souls soil, that will support the seeds I sow for my greater dreaming. I often wonder what secrets the trees have been privy to. When I sit with the old ones, I wonder  how many before me have done the same, in the same spot, in silent contemplation?

When I was a child I found solace in the branches. All too often I would escape and read books, nestled somewhere high above, supported by the thick strong arms I trusted so much. One of my favourite trees to climb is in St.Kilda Botanical Gardens in Melbourne. I named him Otis and he, yes he, is very majickal! I have met many beautiful people in the twisting branches and shade that Otis provides.

For some unknown reason, Paperbarks have always stirred something deep within my heart. One particular Paperbark tree will always have a special place in my heart . It  grows out of the bank of the Ross River in Townsville, and offers deep, deep medicine if you are willing to listen!

My favourite book is The Folk and the Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton- when I first read it I created a hideaway in the backyard under a thick shrub that grew near the back fence. I often wished I would find a majickal tree like that- full of wonderfully unique characters and far off places. I used to dream about dodging Mrs.Washalots laundry water as it cascaded down the branches, creating a slippery obstacle course! I am often reminded of how enigmatic trees are when I witness Auraura’s interaction with them. Even though they can sometimes tower over her, their presence is humble and they often feel like her Gentle Giant Guardians.

Auraura greets a Sequoia

Auraura greets a Sequoia

One of my dreams is to plant a seed (someday soon) that will grow into a beautiful large tree. I will intone the seed with all my stories, songs and blessings. I will nurture it until I pass form this world where my remains will be returned to the Earth. I hope that my Great, Great, Great, Great Grandchildren will have access to this tree and sit under its protective branches, enjoy an abundance of fruit and read books, nestled high above. I hope those children learn to listen deeply and hear my stories from long ago, and know that I was thinking of them when this tree was only a seed, and that my bare hands tended the Earth with Love so that the seed could grow and blossom into another gentle giant.




“What we are doing to the forests of the world is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

So tonight I send blessings to the Trees and everything they provide us. I hold the vision that we can all learn to respect and protect them, preserving the majick for future generations!

Love is…

D xx