Cultivate Love

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Cultivate love…

In every whisper of every moment.

See yourself as the beautiful heart song weaving poetic resonance in form… activating the nectar of your highest truth and cultivate Love!

Feel your dance stir in the dormancy of your heart, coiling its rhythmic tongue through your shadow as you purge the stained silence of broken promises and teary goodbyes.

Let Spirit sing you into presence and birth new murmurs of hope through your acts of kindness as your hands caress the Divine in service

Allow the wind to tell you secrets of the ancient ones, activating the breath of your ancestors through your blood as you remember that you are the result of their longing and prayers for innocence…

so dearest child, cultivate love.

Feel your soul’s soil bloom into a mycorrhizal web of dreaming, inoculating your potential with meaning and wonder as you invest your time and energy into your becoming.

Let your words spill from your mouth as tenderly as you kiss the lips of the unspoken.

Let your deeds become precious gifts, inherited by the generations of children who will walk long after your memory has dissolved into the aether.

Feel your internal essence radiate with compassion, guiding that peaceful warrior dedicated to walking the path with heart.

Walk towards your dreams with fierce integrity in each of your steps which gently caress the Mother, the giver of all life as you cultivate love.

Cultivate Love for Love’s sake.

Let it’s

… magic move you to create beauty in all that you do.

… power guide you to walk with an open heart into the depths of intimacy.

… wisdom show you where you must flow in order to give and open in order to receive.

… mystery move you with inspiration

… grace shower you in gratitude for a single breath of being

Let love show you the way home…

to you

Hold Your Ground

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Hold your ground…

When Current affairs throw spears at your heart and blind you in despair,

Hold your ground.

And breathe through the feelings that arise

When visions of drowned babies surface awakening a deep collective grief

Hold your ground.

And breathe through the pain you feel inside

When Genocide is overlooked, over-commentated and amplified

Hold your ground.

And breathe through all the injustice and lies

When the forests burn and the trenches fill with flesh

Hold Your Ground

And breathe through the insanity of reason.

When the bombs explode in echoes of lives taken too soon

Hold your ground.

And breathe through the rubble of suffering

Be steady in your stride, shaky hands do no good to lift the shackles

The Mainstream Media surge will wash you away in emotion if you let it

But it’s really not your tide

Be Here, NOW!

Look around but don’t look away.

You are no fool.

Let it all be fuel to command you into empowered action.

The world needs your greatness, your wisdom and maturity.

Remain in the stillness within…

Your empathic heart is far too precious to create a battlefield inside

Hold your ground.

And your head above the waters…

Hold strong.

We’re all in this together…

No one gets out alive.

<3 Donna


Donna Raymond WombSong

I Let Go of HerStory

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A poem in acknowledgement of healing the wounds of HerStory. These words came through thick and fast last night. Some of them come from my story, some are gathered from the collective feminine experience. I wrote them down as they came through and will record this Poem as a Spoken Word and share at a later date.


I bled on the Earth

Feet firmly planted

Into the depth of my womb I cried

Salty despair I wept into the wind

With ancestral ties

I died

Unto myself again and again and again

I let go

resurrecting the story with each quiver from my lips softly parted

I moaned with a gentle fierceness that only a Priestess remembers.

My blood pooled on the rocks as an offering

My DNA intoning the granite

Grounding the sacred YONIverse between my thighs

Dripping sacred ambrosia

Breathing with fertility

Connected with the Natural cycles… in Natural Lore

I let go

I cut my ties…cut those chords…

Called it all in with a powerful intent

Piercing the dreaming of generations.


In that moment I knew that the union was no longer to be

The mask fell, the veil dropped, Illusions dissolved

and I saw clearly…

Out of the fog…

It is done!

I shook my head in disgrace

For I had let myself go…

I shed tears and I shed skins

I raged and roared into the abyss of an internal battle that silenced my screams with a cacophony of echo’s

Of ghosts that walked before me

And I walked those fires and burnt like my ancestors did

The wild woman who spat in the face of your violence

And cussed at the sound of your empty song

Weaving its web of deception

My hands threw seeds at your feet, as you dragged my name through the mud

My anger bubbled and boiled as the internal waters became a liquid inferno

Spilling the remnants of the submerged

I purged

My mind no longer consumed



Donna Raymond and Adam Scott Miller


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(for my beloved)

My body aches,
Longing for your embrace
And spiralling fingertips upon my breast.
My eyes sparkle with the thought of kissing your lips.
Oh my love, a thousand days pass with each second.

Pull me closer to you
I want to feel your everything.
Whisper sweet somethings into my ear,
I melt into the softness of every word that escapes your breath.
Oh my love, I bathe in the beauty of your heart script.

My heart’s ablaze in a passionate inferno,
You are the spark that ignited me so…
In the haze of your enigma,
I drink from the elixir pooling from your eyes.
Oh my love, Intoxicate me with your essence.

Like dew drops on a spring flower,
My heart glistens in the light of our love.
Casting away shadows hiding a Souls yearning,
To be rejoined with its counterpart.
Oh my love, Illuminate my sense of remembering.

Hold me so that I may be free to surrender.
Enchant me with your smile.
Open me up, so you may plunge into my deepest longing for you.
Fill me with your desire,
Oh my love, I am yours.

Let us paint our future together with star dusted silken threads.
Weaving majick of waking dreams.
On heart wings we set sail into the sunset
Dawning the Ecstasy of true loves bliss,
Oh my love, it has always been you!