Paintings by Donna Raymond

Creating your hearts Art with Integrity.

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I had a lovely opportunity to paint this week as you can see the work in progress in the video below. It felt amazing to re-kindle my inspiration to work on this wonderful commission I have had since 2011. Throughout my journey as a visual artist, and alongside my husband Adam, (who is one of the most profound painters I have ever met) I have made a conscious effort to be respectful of the energy that I weave whilst painting and being discerning as to which symbols I choose to paint onto canvas. For me personally, I find the role of the artist is to help shape and form discourse around culture- dialoguing with the unseen worlds, bringing back new maps and beacons to alter perceptions and steer society in a particular direction.

Visual Art is a powerful medium and a form of communication which is to be crafted and used with respect and integrity.

Art lives beyond the artist. As an artist, you are in service to being the conduit for consciousness to flow through, it comes through you and from within you… and once birthed, ripples out into the world with it’s own language and meaning which is interpreted in a myriad of different ways depending on the audience. Symbols are an easy way to add more depth to what you are trying to say but I feel there is a responsibility to uphold when working with Symbols or Sigils etc. When I gravitate towards a particular symbol, I will research to find the history of use, meanings throughout different cultures and ways in which it has been used and/or misused. When I paint, I am always in an inspired state where I feel love coursing through me…I tend not to paint if I am not feeling this energy flow through me as I do not want to imprint my artwork with any discordant energy… Probably the biggest reason why I have not chosen to establish my career as a professional artist… It’s not where my energy is best served for the purpose of what we call work.

Ultimately I like to make an informed decision as to which symbols I use. Sacred Geometry is used quite alot in my work, though I find myself more drawn to the circular forms as I find them “safe” to work with. As with any creation that you dream into being, I find it is important to be really mindful of what you choose to bring through. This of course is not just to say we should only create and produce all things perceived as positive, as it is important to create dialogue around pressings issues that humanity faces, which obviously will not allow for painting a pretty picture… Such is the nature of communication, taking the good with the bad is all in the way of delivery!