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Reflections on a Mammoth Year

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2013 you were an epic year! You were challenging, wild and you stirred me in ways that I could not have imagined. I knew you were going to reveal a side of me I’m not sure I was entirely ready to embrace, but as a willing participant in the unfurling of the greater dreaming I stepped up to the plate… that felt like it was jam-packed with all the trimmings of a 5-course meal and I know I’ll look back in years to come and see that it was all a just a finely crafted Amuse-bouche!

So with that interesting food analogy (must have triggered from the Earth Oven smoking away in preparation for our New Years Pizza Party/ Sacred ceremony) I’d like to close 2013 with a list of my achievements, recapping on such a mythic year!

January– After the news of being pregnant, I flew with Auraura over to Pennsylvania to visit with Adam’s relatives and see the snow. Being pregnant and travelling with a 5 year old is an interesting experience! Thank goodness for the new suitcase Auraura got for Christmas off her NannaH. On her first day she experienced snow for the first time and built up the courage to toboggan down the slope in the backyard.

February– Adam and I were guests artists at Earth Frequency Festival. Went to see Puscifier in concert and had an early honeymoon in Mount Tambourine and inner city Brisbane. It was beautiful to catch up with some lovely friends  in Northern New South Wales and we were fortunate enough to stay at the beautiful  Living Arts Sanctuary- home to the Izwoz and Myco-Halo crew.

March Attended a 4day Birth into Being Workshop facilitated by Melissa Aardema. Held a few Sacred Cacao ceremonies.

April- Continued Wedding preparations whilst Adam was in the USA for his feature artist presentation at CoSM– Alex and Allyson Grey’s Chapel of Sacred Mirror’s

May– Adam and I were married at Paronella Park- in the pouring rain! The area had record un-seasonal rainfall for that month! We chose the date based around the fibonacci sequence 5.8.13 the second wedding was set for the 5th of August but had to be rescheduled as our baby was due in July! I held my first ever Womens healing intensive- Seeding the Circle of the Sisterhood- followed by a few other women’s Moon Temple (Red Tent) circles and a shared circle at the PachaMama House.

June Had the most beautiful blessingway with some close sisters and experienced the communal turquoise birth pool for the first time. Started working with Chanel Baran on a conceptual film project celebrating wombman.

July – I free-birthed Maia Lily at home in the room where she was conceived. It was the most empowering experience of my life, breathing her out and tuning into the deep shamanic realms of the birthing field/portal… bringing back new maps for a conscious bEARTH evolution movement! EPIC Experience!!!!

September My mother, Auraura, Maia and I flew to Pennsylvania to meet Adam’s family.

October -Married again at Moonstone Manor – a beautiful old property established in 1739 in Elizabethtown- PA. Started developing my website and Wise Wombman Dreaming blog. Travelled though Norther California to see the Gentle Giants Recorded my first video blog called Perspective at the base of Mt.Shasta

November – Celebrated the arrival of my Saturn Return with the Mama Womb Atonement workshop

DecemberEvoking the WombSong Workshop

which leads us to tonight- on the eve of a new year I will be holding a sacred circle and transitioning into 2014 in a quiet meditation ceremony… I will be focusing on my dreams and goals for the new year and beyond. Releasing old patterns and mind-sets that no longer serve!


Blessings to you and yours!


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