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You say you want to change.

You’re so ready for it… you know somethings gotta give and you’re willing to do what needs to be done to succeed

You set your goals. Write in your journal.

You visualise the life you truly want and desire to experience.

You go to the healing workshops.

You sign up for the retreats.

You pay for the programs.

Adopt a new mindset

You start out enthusiastically and fully show up… life is feeling good, you feel activated and inspired to truly believe that anything is possible… you see the potential reality and align to it.

You can feel the momentum build.

But then something happens and you stall.

Somewhere deep inside you’ve chosen to put the brakes on.

You procrastinate like a motherfucker just at that pivotal moment of breakthrough.

Time and time again this happens despite your best intentions

And you can’t help but wonder why?

Well deep down you might actually be self sabotaging your success because you are afraid of what its going to cost you.

And anything worth creating… anything that is going to align you with your Souls desire and freedom will come with a high price to pay because of how valuable it is to you.

It will cost you your identity of who you think you are right now.

It will cost you your comfort zone and your focused attention.

As you shift into the true… things will naturally shift around you, sometimes in dramatic ways.

You may lose out in the process.

Your relationships will be tested.

Your career/work path will be shaken.

Your beliefs will be tested.

This can be unnerving and even painful as you watch things crumble around you.

You see when you choose to create a more authentic and truer reality aligned with your Souls purpose, anything that is not in alignment with it, will fall away.

This is the price you pay, but it does pay off in the end.

I used to be so paralysed by fear of losing my relationship to the shift.

Losing my peace and presence as a mother.

Losing my health and vitality in service to the big purpose work I am called to do.

It would be so consuming that I would question if it was even worth it?

Deep down I knew my brain was simply trying to keep me safe in the known…even if it wasn’t the best place to be, my struggles had become predictable.

How funny!

Playing small, self sabotaging and rebelling against my success became the normal way to function…even though I knew it was a futile attempt at stalling the inevitable shift that I had willed into form.

It became a comedy because I realised that by disabling the natural flow of energy, and resisting the changes out of believing the worst case scenario … it was actually costing me MORE than if I simply got out of my own way and did the thing!

Rejecting my role as a leader.

Rejecting the financial abundance that has been trying to make its way to me

Rejecting the activated state of being which feeds my creativity and vitality

Rejecting and rebelling against my success on all levels was ACTUALLY ruining my life and creating tension in my relationship.

Disrupting my sleep.

Disturbing my peace

Distracting my focus from what I WAS FUCKING BORN TO DO

So yes… transformational change will cost you, but it will cost you so much more in the long run if you resist it.

You will pay a high price for sure.

You’ll move away from toxic relationships and behaviours

You’ll lose your stories of being a victim

You’ll lose the ability to put up with and tolerate your boundaries being crossed.

You’ll let go of menial shit

You’ll let go of limiting beliefs

You’ll let the patterns of struggle and scarcity die in the ass
Because where you are destined to grow will create the environment needed for you to flourish.

Things will be easier because when you are clear on who you are, what you want and where you’re going… nothing will be able to stop you because you value it so much it becomes priceless…

Deep down you know it’s all worth it.

Deep down you know it is totally within reach.

Lean in.

Get uncomfortable

And move towards what your soul is calling you to.

Show up in the full spectrum of your being… own it unashamedly.

Those who truly see you and love you will support you and cheer you on…

Anyone else who tries to pull you off course to fulfill their own agenda are not worth your precious time anyway. If you lose them in the process… good riddance!

The highest price you will ever pay is the cost of having your dreams die inside.

It does not serve you or the world.

So get curious!

Take that first shaky step towards your dreams and desires… let the old path dissolve around you as you take a leap onto your soul aligned path.

It might feel challenging at first and I promise you that you will be held.

it will get easier

You will feel more alive and free than ever before.

Remember to Access the Wisdom Within.

<3 Donna

P.S- Tomorrow night I will be sharing a livestream about how journeying with ayahuasca helped me to let go of some pain that was holding me back because I was holding onto it.

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Art: Out Of The Ashes by JoJoesArt

The Art of Presence: A challenge for you

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So, I have a little challenge for you today, should you choose to participate…

Simple and profound truths require your presence.

Take a moment to look at your hands.

Like really LOOK AT THEM…

both sides.

Turn them slowly, witness the way the light touches your skin and highlights all the lines.

Look at your palms, tune into the pattern of lines.

Notice how your hands feel.




think of all the ways these beautiful hands have served you.

What you have touched, caressed.

the flesh those fingertips have traced around.

the way you touch yourself, wash yourself, pleasure yourself and love yourself.

The ways these hands have protected you… the fists clenched in times of conflict, injustice, rage and deep emotional pain. The injuries they havesustained.

The playful ways these hands have expressed, tapping to rhythms, playing air guitar, playing peek-a-boo.. making you go invisible when you were a child hiding behind them…

The weird and wonderful ways these hands have expressed… making faces, picking noses, toenails, squeezed pimples and splinters…

Think of the ways these hands have nurtured, your children if you have them, your family members… times they have held onto another’s to console and support during hard times of grief and loss…

The times when they’ve rescued, and given of themselves in ways to serve the community in a selfless act of service and love for the greater good.

The ways in which they’ve helped you tap into your heart script and allowed the words to spill forth. The love letters and journal entries they have penned.

Think of they ways they have loved and lost.

What they have held onto, what they have let go of.

All the substances you have placed inside your body.

All the ways in which your hands have been unkind to yourself and others.

The richness and vibrancy of stories etched into your skin.

The spots and scars from a life lived inside your beautiful body.

The art they have created and unleashed from the depth of your soul. What youhave built with your bare hands, because you can… all the innovative ways youhave tried something and failed… and tried again…

All the food you have prepared

The seeds planted in the Earth, the tending to the soils and plants… to your heart… your ancestors…to the world…

The rituals and ceremonies they have prepared and facilitated.

The tears they have wiped and the blood they have touched.

Connect with your beautiful hands and place them together in prayer.

Take a deep breath and remember that you are alive.

That you have the ability to give and receive.

feel into the blood coursing through your veins and pay respects to all those that have walked before you.

And all of the ways that their hands had offered of themselves… and so on and so forth…

Feel the energy that your hands emit, however subtle or not so subtle that is for you.

Now… place your hands on your heart.



boom boom…

boom boom…

boom boom…

the primordial beat of your ALIVENESS…


In all of your humanness…

you are here…

in this space…

in this time…

and you matter.

You are enough.

Your being make a difference.

Your hands are such noble servants.

Now look at them again…

honour them

thank them…

offer your gratitude and appreciation for all that they do for you.

and ask yourself…

what will I use them for today, which will help me feel connected and inspired by my creativity and ability to serve the greater good.

Love is…

Remember to Access the Wisdom Within.


artwork by M.C Escher


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I’m on the Gold Coast.
My first solo mama retreat.
I needed this.
I craved some solitude.
New lansdcape and fresh perspective.
The ocean purrs behind me.
I’m feeling activated and inspired.
Settling into the space of gratitude and stillness.
I can feel some heavy debris and karma clutter leave me as I bask in the sunshine.
Tuesday night I broke down.
2hrs of deep guttral crying.
I don’t know what the trigger was… I don’t really need to know anymore because I knew it was coming.
I felt like a broken woman.
Heavy and tired…
So fucking tired of the emotional labour of being a mother.
A pregnant mother.
A working mother.
A patient lover
An isolated friend.
A lost woman… finding and redefining herself.
Letting go of the lies
And piecing together the miracle of BEING.
My tears ruptured from my womb… as my baby grows… they are pushing out all of the stuff thats been residing in my womspace.
To be felt
To be seen
Accepted and healed.
I’ve been distracting myself from feeling my depths because I knew there was great discomfort in the revealing.
But you can only hide for so long before Spirit has a way… your body has a way of calling you back home
Into presence.
I knew the inwetween space of eclipse season coupled with the cancerian waters would bring the purge.
I started letting go of all the doing to prepare
But it still hit me.
That reality when you are face to face with your own bullshit and you have to swallow it…
That harsh truth that you’re a fool.
That you’ve been lying to yourself
Ingesting the bullshit.
Knowing all the while it’s making your mind and body sick.
So the purge comes in waves.
Sometimes in trickles.
Sometimes as a tsunami
Consuming you and drowning you.
For a moment you feel hopeless
Afraid of yourself and your capabilities to be your own hero.
Until you realise that there is not triumphant action needed and that you can actually be a humble gardner.
Tending to your own plot.
With presence and passion
to compost your shit…
Chop and drop.
extract the nutrients of your own wisdom…
Fertilise your own soul soil.
And then you can breathe deeply again.
Trusting the process.
Because you are growing.
Breakdown to breakthrough.
This has been my experience this last… well I could say week but its really been a lifetime to cultivate every intertwined moment to this point in time.
You know I wrote about surrendering to trust i the process as I was caught by the fact I hadn’t felt my womb fruit yet… it was odd for me.
Well it was after this catharsis… still raw and integrating that I packed my bags to fly south.
Thursday night I felt the gentle motions of my baby dancing in my womb.
Deep breaths of trust and relief.
2 days of deeply immersive activations and training followed as I journeyed deeper into my heart and service through doTERRA leadership conference.
Friday night I did something that made me steo completely out of my comfort zone.
I had all the excuses to not go.
Sore feet
Pounding, muddled head.
90% of me was being swayed by this loud voice filling me with ALL the excuses.
When I gave myself a moment to tune into my soul for the decision that was aligned with my growth…
I got dressed…
Put on my sparkly bra
Sparkly mini tutu skirt
Makeup (soooo not my style)
And teased my hair
Golden earings, rings and Ankh necklace
And joined the festivities of the 80’s event… punk madonna style.
I went because I’m an ambivert (introverted extrovert)
Socially awkward in large groups…
Hate shallow, small talk… like it drives me fucking nuts.
So my safety default is to smile…stick to the back and people watch, whilst I silently amuse myself watching the dynamics of human behaviour play out.
I dragged my pregnant ass there because I KNEW I would feel SO FUCKING UNCOMFORTABLE.
That was the WHOLE PURPOSE!
like for real… I rocked up on my own and like usual… hung around the edge texting my mum like a nigel no-friends
Except… that was a lie
Everyone there was/is super friendly.
I was blocking myself from experiencing connection.
I had to allow myself to give of myself and receive the beauty of others.
And I did.
A breakthrough
And that leads to today…
I woke up before dawn…
Snuggled in bed at my Airbnb… I listened to the birds wake and the hum of traffic begin.
I packed all my stuff and walked to the beach with absolutely no expectation or plan for the day… other to simply be
And to give myself a break.
A pause
To decompress
And expand
To remember my luminous light
And share my radiance
My heart.
And you know what happened…
After months of muddled mind and struggle to string words together to eloquently Express my intent of something that has been called of me…
Today, in the span of 1hr, I mapped out something that sets my soul alight…
The Wise Wombman Collective.
Something that is now SO CRYSTALLINE in my vision and deeply anchored in my purpose work.
It feeeeeeels so good to offer and hold such sacred space for women to journey together, to consciously weave depth and meaning into the fabric of life
I will be announcing all the details when I get home.
P.S my apprentice trainings are almost complete too!

How to initiate a challenging conversation

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You know those moments when you REALLY want to initiate a challenging conversation…

You’ve practiced what you are going to say a million times in your head, in front of the mirror, driving in the car, working on your tone and delivery. You find yourself waiting for the perfect moment to arise… waiting for a break in the conversation or some sort of mystical sign.

Well, more often than not, the right time never comes.

We’ve all been there.

Hanging on each word and breath, the stories dancing inside our mind as the other person is talking…we’ve probably lapsed in our complete presence at this point, truth is we aren’t intently listening, rather formulating our next move… the moment feels likes it coming…




Aaaaannnnnd it’s gone!

Slipping through the cracks of time.

Missed it!

Your Life is of your creation, you have to be bold and take it by the reigns to steer it where you would like to go. If cultivating transparency and intimacy is a core value of yours, then you will be faced with many opportunities to have “challenging” conversations as a way of growing, learning and speaking your truth.

These could range in a myriad of different topics but in my experience I have most often found them revolving around Relationship, Sex, Money, Emotions, Honesty, Personal Needs, Politics and Religion.

Most of the time you stay silent out of fear.

Fear of not knowing how the person will receive what you have to say, not wanting to hurt anyone or be misunderstood, especially if the nature of what you have to say is emotionally charged or if circumstances are creating tension in your relationships.

Cultivating and refining the ability to express yourself clearly and authentically can be a particularly interesting challenge in and of itself, though it is absolutely imperative if you want to live a life of integrity and deep connection to your Souls purpose

Embodying your truth with integrity, with respects to how your communication is received is even trickier… There are many dynamics involved and of course context is key!

I’ve come to realise that the hardest part about having a challenging conversation is actually initiating it in the first place!

You’ve got something really important that you need to speak.

But you don’t know what to do…

Where to start?

Once you are engaged in conversation though, it becomes easier to flow with the energy as it passes through. Even if sometimes it doesn’t always go down so well.

When you are in dialogue with someone and you feel that pull, that lump in your throat or the urge to speak and to steer the conversation to that pressing issue that has been consuming your thoughts, take the initiative to open to it, receive it and flow with it. Even if it means taking direct action by stating,

“This is hard for me, but I need to have a challenging conversation with you, are you willing to have a chat about it now? If not, when would be a better time?”

By stating your intention and asking if the other person is open to engaging in the conversation can prepare the safe psychological space for the conversation to happen, without the effect of reactive shock.

It has definitely worked for me!

This not only prepares your partner in conversation, but creates the context for what is to follow… it probably isn’t going to be easy to hear.

You have to remember that conversation is a choice, and it will always work better with willing participants.

You might find it beneficial to set the context and parameters for the conversation to take place, especially if it will lead to confrontation or expressing emotions which could trigger someone into a reactive mode. In any case, being mindful of where you, and your partner are at emotionally, as individuals, is a great way to see whether it is going to be beneficial to have the conversation now, or at a later time. Perhaps the conversation is very emotionally charged and so talking in a public place can help to diffuse the possibility of physical or verbal conflict.

Of course, there is a fine line between gauging the emotional undercurrents with compassion and bypassing the whole experience out of fear.

It is always important to engage in SAFE practice of non-violent communication. Sticking to facts so as to not enter into conflict by way of emotional projection and accusation.

What If You Just Let Go?

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What if You Just Let Go


What a ride this year has been already hey?

I’ve been witnessing lots of “story” playing out on the periphery and so many women becoming consumed in narratives outside of the moment.

Stories on repeat.

Excavated from the depth and expressed with such detailed emotion, it’s as if they happened yesterday.

And I wonder…

I wonder about how much energy it takes to animate these stories, and the character shift inside that is needed to cling to them?

Do you ever wonder about this?

You see, storytelling can be a powerful medium for transpersonal growth and healing… BUT… it can also be an addictive trap.

So how do you know the difference?

Well, it’s all about how you feel when you share the story… that’s if you even have any desire to engage with it. Most times when you are ‘in’ story, you will have several emotional attachments to it. The story has hooks in you, as much as you have in it- because you identify with it as being part of self… your journey…

Your stories can become consuming- milking you of your radiance to keep you trapped and slave to keep it alive.

but what if…


You simply let go of the story- and see it for what it is.


Our stories shape us, though they do not define us, so it is up to you to claim your power from them and extract the medicine.

You literally have the ability to liberate yourself from suffering, from the inside out.

With the many privileges you have on hand, suffering is a choice.

That can be a hard pill to swallow at times, taking full responsibility for your life now and stepping outside the confines of these narratives that seek your comfort in them, because you are what gives them life!

So I guess my point is, that if there is something playing out in your life that you KNOW is NOT healthy for you… not where you want to be, not what you want to be thinking etc,

then how can you let go of the story and make better choices, to steer your life in the direction your desire?

Would you be able to do it?

Could you?

If so when?

It doesn’t matter how much time, energy or money you’ve invested into creating them.. there comes a point where you have to realise burying yourself underneath them will not bring you the happiness you desire.

The difference between victim and victor is really a choice, because it is only YOU who gets to decide what you are and how you respond to your life’s path up until this point in time.

It’s like those choose your own adventure books…

If you’ve been feeling trapped, depressed, uninspired, overwhelmed or your heart is yearning for something more…

Perhaps it really is time to let go of those stories that have you believing that that is the way the it is and you have to settle for it?

You have to simply accept what you’ve been served, suck it up and eat it.

Over the years I have learned that you don’t need to keep punishing yourself to validate the narrative of the story, or to prove how strong you are to put up with it…

Let that one marinade for a while…

That one… phwoarrr!!!

When I realised I was choosing suffering to prove how strong I was, it was a cathartic game changer… it was a huge piece of my internal puzzle that was keeping me stuck in an old paradigm that I so desperately wanted out of.

I had to learn to draw strength from my stories, and to also know and choose to operate and create beyond them… to be bold and courageous to say enough is enough and to let go my own self perpetuated bullshit.

I had to continually QUESTION my beliefs and inner narratives… because my SOUL KNEW they were not true- even if my surrounding reality was proving them to be.

Letting go of the grip these stories had was often a painful experience, but so very necessary to trigger the expansion and growth needed to breakthrough to the otherside and to align with my true path and purpose… especially difficult when the stories lured me with romantic and intense plots by my own making of course.

So what if,

You just let go.

Let all the stuff from the past, the stuff holding you back from living your true potential, fade away.

Without the need to fix it, find a solution or resolve.

What if you let go of the noise inside your head and gave yourself the freedom to sit quietly and listen to that little whisper inside your heart that shares her story of what she truly wants to experience…

What if you invested your precious energy into encouraging her voice to be heard and acted upon?

What if you started writing a brand new story that allowed you to accept that you get to experience INCREDIBLE INSPIRING MIRACLES as part of your reality. That you CAN create a life that fills you up from the inside out, overflowing with beauty, creativity and abundance…

What if you let go of being the support act for these stories in your life and stepped into the LEAD role.

Life is meant to be lived!

Love is…

Donna  xx

Help me put an end to Child Sex Slavery

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I’ll try an make this as short and simple as possible. I was unsure whether I wanted to create a blog about this, but I KNEW I HAD TO.

Why? well, because the reality is that child sex trafficking is a vile act that perpetuates suffering on many levels, and is such a huge problem that most people either turn their cheek to the realities that many children face today, or like me, decide to contribute in whatever way possible towards a solution.

I am sharing to educate and inspire action.

I can not, and will not turn away from this. I have worked with many women to help them heal from sexual abuse and trauma, so I have witnessed first hand the ramifications of child abuse and how these imprints create damage longterm, it’s a big reason why I keep sharing my WombSong work. To help liberate women from suffering.

It breaks my heart to know that because I am privileged, my children are safe, yet so many others have children taken, sold or born into this industry, mostly due to poverty.

It is estimated that there are over 2 million children that are innocent victims to the child sex slave industry, some as young as 9, are bought and sold as a product to consume.

Its just so sad and cruel!

Years ago, when I found out about this harsh truth I became so paralysed by how mammoth the problem was and I felt so small and insignificant in comparison… as a young mother on a pension struggling to support my family, what could I possibly do? The problem just seemed so huge and scary for me at the time.

Despite the problems in the world, I do believe in the power of love, connection and healing.

And so now, I and many others are using our privilege and power of influence to educate and actually invest our money into helping tackle this worldwide problem.

I am calling upon anyone that wants to help me.

I’m here to say that I’ve found a solution that is not only easy, but it filters through to other philanthropic endeavours that helps to positively impact those in abject poverty around the globe. and it comes wrapped up with love, support and some incredibly potent, pure plant medicines.

What is it?

Well, as you know, I have been journeying with the inspiring company, doTERRA for over a year now.

It has completely transformed my life, both health wise and financially. It has filled my cup up with inspiration in many ways and I am blessed to be working with some incredibly beautiful and driven women who are not only creating abundant service based business for themselves, they are bringing HOPE to the world, one drop at a time.

You see, a big reason why I aligned my business with doTERRA is because of their integrity and heart, their Co-Impact partnerships, and philanthropy through the Healing Hands Foundation means that they are able to drive economy to ‘developing’ nations that need it the most.

They walk the walk!

And it has been so refreshing to see a company actually invest in people and actively participating in creating change to those who need it the most.

By establishing mutually beneficial partnerships with farmers, growers, harversters, distillers etc and listen deeply to the needs of those communities, to help build schools, hospitals, industry supplies, micro-loans etc.


My soul KNEW this was a game-changer on a global level.

and I was right!

It was when I found out about doTERRA’s partnership with Operation Underground Railroad Rescue (O.U.R) that my heart cracked open fully, and I began to see the bigger picture in a way that I could help to make a difference in the world… that this mammoth task could be shared by us all, in many different ways, and that it would actually take a global community to shut this industry down!

Check out the video’s below.

(If the links don’t open in your browser,  click to watch
video 1 and video 2 )

You’re probably thinking… yeah yeah yeah… sounds like just another sales pitch… and I want to assure you that it’s NOT like that at all!

You see, doTERRA created a special oil blend where ALL PROCEEDS go towards helping to fund O.U.R. Not just a percentage of the profits, like most companies would do, no, doTERRA is different and for a $26 AUD product EVERY SINGLE CENT goes towards helping to not only rescue, but actually rehabilitate these children into safe house and give them access to the therapy and healing they will need to recover from the various trauma and abuse they have faced.

It is estimates that it costs aprox $2,000 USD to rescue and rehabilitate ONE child.

That’s 100 bottles of Hope oil.

100 bottles of a beautiful sweet oil blend and ONE child will know FREEDOM!!!

All of a sudden, the capacity to help and influence positive change in the world became more possible for everyday people.

Primary Benefits of Hope Oil

  • Uplifts mood with a bright, fresh, scent
  • Provides a unique aroma profile for a personalised fragrance


Fractionated Coconut Oil, Bergamot Fruit*, Ylang Ylang Flower, Frankincense Oil, Vanilla Bean Absolute
*FCF Bergamot does not cause sun sensitivity.


So how can YOU help?

Well there are 3 main ways you purchase Hope oil and support this worthy cause. As you read through the different options below, I humbly ask that you feel into what is right for you.

We need all hands on deck!

As a Wellness Advocate, my job is to educate, inspire and to help offer solutions.


doterra hope oil

Option 1.

Purchase a bottle of hope oil for yourself or for gifts to friends and family. It costs $26 AUD.

No one makes any commission off this, EVERY SINGLE DOLLAR is donated towards O.U.R and you get a beautiful oil blend in return. 

To purchase HOPE oil, head over here,  click “shop”   follow the prompts for your local market, then click on essential oil blends and add HOPE into your cart and proceed to checkout.


Option 2.

Access even more goodness and journey with me.

If you have been interested in essential oils and wanting to get your oils at wholesale, join my doTERRA team and add a bottle of HOPE oil to any of your orders at any time.

I have taken the HOPE Pledge and add atleast one bottle to my monthly order. 

Share the good word and inspire others to also purchase Hope oil. Anyone who joins my team, will get access to our free facebook support groups, as well as a personal wellness consult with me, my Emotional Alchemy and Essential Oils e-course as a thank you which will allow you to journey deeper with your oils in a spiritual way and of course ongoing education and support on your oily adventure.

Here’s how you do it:

1. click here
2. Click Join and Save.
3. Select your market (and OTG which means local shipping)
4. Select wholesale customer
5. Fill in your details.
6. Make sure the box that says “Enroller ID has 4001394- thats to make sure you are on my team and don’t end up somewhere else in doTERRAland!
7. Select your enrolment kit- I recommend the Natural Solutions or Home Essentials because they are the best all rounder starter kits, but you can choose whatever you like. You can also choose the enrolment pack which is the base membership fee and then choose whatever oils you like.

AU/NZ kits
US kits
European Kits

8. excitedly wait for your oils and enjoy all future orders at 25% discount, plus have the option to get free oils!!


Option 3:

If you are wanting to start an inspiring service based business, or perhaps blend doTERRA into your existing business and work towards creating residual income and financial freedom like I have been, and want to contribute to making a big impact in the world sharing from your heart and inspiring others to do the same, consider becoming a Wellness Advocate. Enrol with any of the kits, get all of the above support plus 1on1 mentoring with me and access to all the biz resources from the worlds fastest Presidential Diamond team to get you started as efficiently as possible.

I’m really serious about sharing HOPE far and wide, and I want to work with incredible women who have the courage to do the same

I’m serious about calling in my Dream Team and I know that I need to take bold action in sharing my passion for this cause.


If you’re committed, an action taker, a person who has a no-bullshit approach to life, biz, energy and spirituality, grounded in Self with a clear desire to create EPIC transformational change in peoples lives because you GENUINELY CARE.

You and WILLING to do what it takes with courage, resilience and grit… are optimistic and seek out opportunities and creative solutions over perceived limitations.

You are open to learn new ways of doing things and not afraid to ‘fail’, are a natural team player with strong integrity and moral compass, that can celebrate the success of others around you, is not an energy vampire and has no interest in emotional drama or playing the victim.

Then, I want to hear from you.

Schedule a 30min call here and we can see if it’s a fit for an inspiring co-creative working relationship.

This is not for you if you just want to dabble, you can not celebrate the success of yourself or others and you do not take responsibility for your life, or if you just want to get 1on1 mentoring with me

I have other programs available that can provide support for you on your journey.

I want to work with and celebrate incredibly kind and wise women.

So, if you’ve read this far, thank you.

I do hope that you consider sharing HOPE, and investing in a world where ALL CHILDREN ARE SAFE!

The problem may seem overwhelmingly huge, but when we all come together to focus on, invest in and create the change we want to see… miracles truly do happen!

The power is with and has always been with the people.

Together we can change the stories of these children, invest in their freedom and give them a chance to heal, and become liberated from the confines of their past.

So much love and many blessings,

Love is…

Donna Raymond dōTERRA

** If you’re already connected with another doTERRA wellness advocate, consider reaching out to them to support you, unless you’re totally adamant you want to journey with me**

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