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January 2018

Gratitude- Donna Raymond

The Everyday Priestess

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As I sit down to write this to you, the heavy rains roar outside as the frogs echo a chorus of celebration- the monsoon has arrived! I have no idea what is about to come through my fingertips, but hey, let’s see what flows shall we?

Today I was ruminating on my life, and the perspectives of social media. You know that I share quite openly and honestly as I value real and raw expressions of genuine sharing. Anyways, I was thinking about the ways that people might perceive me based on my (limited) sharing online over the last 2 years…

I wonder how the images that I share, the photoshoots that I co create to bring to life my symbolic visions of deep meaning and feminine majick and wisdom… I wonder how they are received and interpreted!?

As an Artist I know the power of the image and how to construct visual language to communicate ideas.

Images are powerful tools that work beyond our conscious interpretations.

Art lives beyond the Artist.

So, I was having a look through these images, the intentional branding of Wise Wombman and the countless hours I have invested in personally designing all my graphics, logo, colours, layouts, website… you know all that jazz..

And It had me wondering about the archetypal language that some are aware of, and some are not. These archetypes speak to a primal layer in our psyche. They transcend time, language and culture because they speak to our Soul.

So I want to speak to this… specifically the archetypal energy of the Priestess… because I have been witnessing something in the ‘women’s empowerment’ arena that well, to be honest has made me retreat back into my mystical cave… HA!

I do not jump on band wagons, I am a rebel at heart and will usually bail when things all of a sudden  “become hip and cool”. I dance to the rhythm of my own song!

I see these beautiful brands being constructed, dominated by mainly beautiful white women (not a bad thing- it is what it is, so very beautiful too, I’m simply noticing it becoming a saturated style) and painting an image of the Priestess as young, alluring, mystical, sexy and of course, fuckable.

Whilst some of these qualities exist, Wombman is so multi-faceted that only focussing on and celebrating one part, discounts the value of the whole range of expressions.

These images do not represent the DEPTH of what the Priestess archetype holds within her medicine.

I see so many women look at these images and their hearts shrink because they feel they can never live up to this ideal, the status quo of “womens empowerment”- they can’t find an entry point to relate to having THE SAME ACCESS to these archetypal energies- because they don’t self-identify with the marketed image or the spiritual narratives.


The semiotics I see are all similar- its like a cookie cutter recipe of “HOW TO PRIESTESS ONLINE” and it makes me fucking gag sometimes!

You want to know why?

It’s because the work of a Priestess is oftentimes ANYTHING BUT beautiful or sexy.

Seriously. Sometimes it’s U.G.L.Y

It ebbs and flows in the rituals of the mundane.

It’s deep shadow work, healing collective wounds beyond the etheric scope and parameters of where most would dare to tread.

It’s on the fringe and is often incredibly isolating and lonely.


Sometimes the emotional labour is so intense there is no reprieve from catharsis after catharsis that transforms your very cells and perception of reality.

You die a thousand deaths whilst shedding skins and stories along with the salt and mucous that pours from your face in the process of your ego being obliterated as timelines crumble around you!

You are tested and humbled by the Great Mother/Spirit/Goddess in more ways than you can imagine because you have surrendered to the knowing that this is to create resilience and grit… you are being shaped to strengthen the psychic muscles to carry forth your purpose work- whatever you are destined to do, in service to the greater good of all.


You are initiated by Spirit before you even knew you could have a choice to feel ready.

There you are.


The work happens in Spirit, Mind, Body and with the Earth. It can be sweaty, messy, dirty, challenging and days where the “holding” is so mammoth that your bones become so tired, only an ancient heart would know the aching to rest yet stay true to fullfill the prophecies encoded inside.

Priestessing is doing what you need to do, to survive in this modern world AND STILL create space for your deep connection to Nature and your majick… and when you can’t do that, you realise that your whole life MUST become a living ceremony, an integrated sacrament to the Divine.

Sometimes this means being covered in blood, sweat, tears, vomit, mud and shit- and still walking forward with a twinkle in your eye, holding the vision of love and beauty in your heart… forging a path forward through the thicket- to be the visionary guide and wisdom keeper of the mysteries.

Sometimes Priestessing is making it through another day alive! Taking on the mammoth task of conquering the beast within, to claim sovereignty over your internal spaces. To show others it’s possible to liberate yourself from suffering and to be the guiding light and hope for those shackled to the stories that bind.

Sometimes it’s being so fine tuned to the Cosmic that you know you have to prepare to bunker down for the oncoming subconscious purge and shit storm that the collective is brewing… sometimes you have to process this before others so that you can help them through when they’re in the thick of it… and when you’re in it… no one knows the scope of what you are feeling and processing. Their time is yet to come. But there you are, map maker… cultivating the language of the emotional realms.

Sometimes it’s head buried in books absorbing teachings from ancient lineages, or countless hours in dedicated service to looking after elders, honouring the wisdom keepers that walked before you.

So I want to shout out to you if you feel this deep connection to the Priestess, yet feel like you don’t fit the depicted mould… it’s because you’re not meant to!

Perhaps you’re an “Everyday Priestess” like me… More time in the thick of real life than the altered ceremonial states, sometimes my sacred tools can stay untouched for months, though I can show up in my full power and medicine at any time of any day because this energy moves through me. Just like it does with many other women… and i want to normalise the incredible potent beauty of the day to day life… the mundane.

I guess thats why I am in awe of this busy season of Mother… because most women in this season don’t have the time and energy to realise how phenomenally beautiful, sexy and powerful they look in the thick of it… full power warrior mama’s and nurturers getting shit done… sometimes it seems by sheer majick!

Don’t get me wrong, I am in no way knocking the expressions of alluring beauty… I’m speaking to the fact that it’s NOT ALWAYS THE REALITY, DAY IN DAY OUT!

Let’s be real!

So, I guess what I’m trying to say is this…

Images are fucking powerful, so be mindful not to take things at face value. Look for depth, meaning and of course resonance.

You’re meant to be YOU in all your beautiful messy expressions of the raw feminine- in all your over the top flamboyant or completely unassuming ways.

Embodying the Priestess does not mean that you have to be in a state of orgasmic bliss 24/7, in deep ceremonial presence all the time, adorned and be-jewelled with the fancy sacred geometric and symbolic bling and free flowing mermaid locks…

because you are marinated in stardust and it is etched into each crevice of flesh that covers your gorgeous being.

You can be super cosmic (or not) and covert and carve your own truth of expressions.

When we let go of who we think we should be- or how we think these energies SHOULD be expressed… we open up the space to listen to the wisdom within, that guides us and moves our body in a way that is relevant and organic in our authentic expressions.

So big love to you if you are feeling ‘unseen’ because of these stereotypes.

I see them and I am sure others do also.

So here’s to the Everyday Priestess, may she be honoured in all facets of her embodied presence.


Remember to access the Wisdom Within.

Love is…


Donna Raymond dōTERRA