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February 2017

A Love Letter to the Wise Woman Within

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I know you haven’t heard from me in quite sometime.
SO much has been happening in my world amongst the incredible curb of sleep deprivation that comes as a result of a little one that doesn’t like sleeping much, an energetic 3yo and a Sassy, pre-pubescent 9 year old.

Life is chaotic and beautiful at the same time and I am grateful and so blessed for these times- even though they leave me in desperate, exhausted tears at 1am in the morning sometimes… I know this window of time together as a family is a short one (before my babies grow up, leave the nest and have babies of their own maybe).
Which has piqued my inspiration for writing today, as I would like to share a practice of mine that I have been using for years.
It is one that allows me to continually cultivate emotional resilience in the most mentally/physically and emotionally challenging times, and it is accessed via one question…

What would my Wise Woman do?

As you may know, I am completely aligned to the archetype of the Wise Woman. She (that embodied ancestral elder that I am on course to becoming) guides me in life to make important decisions and changes.
When I feel stuck, I go walk barefoot on country and listen… Listen to the great Mother breathe in her gentle rhythm- beyond the pulse of culture and social constructs, technology and duty.
I sit in stillness (this can be done in the flux of overwhelm and chaos- there is a calm and serene place I retreat to inside myself) and call her forth… Asking for Her guidance, to help steer me on my path.
From a multidimensional perspective- ‘SHE’ is ever changing, as all of my choices weave a different path to HER, though the essence of who she is and what she stands for are the same, her expressions can change.

Donna Raymond. Wise Wombman DreamingThe Mystic in me can see all potentials ahead, multiple timelines I could traverse, and as my path twists and turns, so too does the expression of my Wise Woman as she is affected by all of my choices to date. If she is my ultimate potential and expression of Higher Self, then she KNOWS the clearest path to her, well maybe not the clearest, more like the one with the most transformational change and development to lead me to her. It’s as though when I connect with her, she is birthing me anew each time.

Humble and in service, She calls me home.

As I work with empowering women to create transformational change in their own lives, what I am really doing is facilitating the experience of remembering. Connecting with the inner wisdom- through the womb or not- we all have access to that part of ourselves that knows better.
That parental self, the intuition and inner knowing… It is all inside.
Right at our fingertips if we would, for a moment, remember that we don’t always need to reach outwards in seeking something other, rather turning inwards to receive ourselves fully in wholeness.

Sometimes that means working with a Mentor, Friendtor, Therapist, Counselor, Coach etc. Other times it is removing all distractions- and yes, this includes the next webinar, course… the latest therapy/healing modality etc… As much as these can be beneficial- they can also become a codependent crutch and a way for us to escape and hide from ourselves- under the guise of self-development. The Neo Cortex thinks we are doing the work…  cos we are sooo “BUSY” immersed in thing after thing… as being alone, with your own thoughts and feelings is confronting as fuck- just ask someone experiencing severe depression!

So my point to all of this, and one that I share with my clients, is that we are on the path of learning to trust our inner wisdom. Yes, education is critical for developing this, in these times it is imperative to question everything- even your own intention. Keep checking in, and be radically honest with yourself. Respect comes from a space of authenticity.

So I call to you, sister… in this moment, right now- what would your Wise Woman want you to know/do?
More importantly, will you listen to her, will you trust and allow her to guide you forward?
Will you answer her call?
So much love and many blessings

Donna xx


*Photography by Chanel Baran