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Cultivate Love

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Cultivate love…

In every whisper of every moment.

See yourself as the beautiful heart song weaving poetic resonance in form… activating the nectar of your highest truth and cultivate Love!

Feel your dance stir in the dormancy of your heart, coiling its rhythmic tongue through your shadow as you purge the stained silence of broken promises and teary goodbyes.

Let Spirit sing you into presence and birth new murmurs of hope through your acts of kindness as your hands caress the Divine in service

Allow the wind to tell you secrets of the ancient ones, activating the breath of your ancestors through your blood as you remember that you are the result of their longing and prayers for innocence…

so dearest child, cultivate love.

Feel your soul’s soil bloom into a mycorrhizal web of dreaming, inoculating your potential with meaning and wonder as you invest your time and energy into your becoming.

Let your words spill from your mouth as tenderly as you kiss the lips of the unspoken.

Let your deeds become precious gifts, inherited by the generations of children who will walk long after your memory has dissolved into the aether.

Feel your internal essence radiate with compassion, guiding that peaceful warrior dedicated to walking the path with heart.

Walk towards your dreams with fierce integrity in each of your steps which gently caress the Mother, the giver of all life as you cultivate love.

Cultivate Love for Love’s sake.

Let it’s

… magic move you to create beauty in all that you do.

… power guide you to walk with an open heart into the depths of intimacy.

… wisdom show you where you must flow in order to give and open in order to receive.

… mystery move you with inspiration

… grace shower you in gratitude for a single breath of being

Let love show you the way home…

to you

Wise Wombman Logo Donna Raymond

Birthing the Wise Wombman Wisdom School

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Birthing the Wise Wombman Wisdom School.

Have you ever had a dream so big it’s scared the crap out of you?

Donna Raymond. Wise Wombman DreamingThe Wise Wombman dreaming that I received over 3 years ago is that big bold, dare I say CRAZY dream that came through, called me to dance with the possibility of being the mother to birth it…the gatekeeper and custodian to dream it into being.

In the early days, I was very discerning with whom I shared my vision with, as I did not want to taint the essence of creation that was singing through me. It’s always been there, mammoth… epic… and sacred.

Slowly but surely I have been developing the skills necessary through various initiations to do justice to what has been asked of me in birthing the Wise Wombman Wisdom School. It is only in the last couple days that I fully realise the scope of ripples that are yet to permeate the collective field from what I have created and will continue to put my creative energy into.

It is still a work in progress.. and will be as I continually evolve and call in what is necessary to fulfil the vision of it’s completion.

Wise Wombman Logo Donna RaymondI believe that our sacred ‘businesses’ are an extension of ourselves and also that they have souls that resides on their own- inside the infinite potential of All That Is.

I feel that we are called to serve our business as much as it serves us, and this knowing has allowed me to surrender to mystery of this dreaming as I am guided to initiate her arrival, knowing that ‘she’, my business, has her own rhythms, seasons and cycles.

Wise Wombman in essence embodies the man within woman and the woman within man. Serving the whole sovereign self that embodies both masculine and feminine qualities. My focus at the moment is being called to serve women, though this will shift in time.

As a deep listener, I go where Spirit calls me.

This hasn’t been without deep soul excavation and catharsis. Holy shit! I have died so many times in the last 3 years. I have had to navigate through intense doubts and negative self talk that has immobilised me in procrastination, anxiety and binge eating chocolate. Hashtag Real Talk!

I have had to overcome that intense and often brutal inner critical voice that shreds me with,

quotefancy-7772-3840x2160“Who the fuck do you think YOU are you to create a school?”

“Where’s your PHD or masters degree Donna?”

“No one will take you seriously!”

“Give up- You’re not good enough!”

“Other people are doing this gig better than you”

“No one cares, No one will support this, your vision is stupid and unrealistic”

As I allow this purge to wash over me, I started to question the lineage of education systems and wondered… How were schools created back in the day… before this institutionalisation of information?

We had Guilds.

We had Mystery Schools

Temples and Monasteries

We shared space with elders who passed on sacred knowledge, culture and tradition. Indeed the archetypal student and teacher relationship goes way beyond our egoic titles and modern acronyms.

This realisation gave me comfort as I am a firm subscriber to the belief that we are all encoded with ancient wisdom passed through from our ancestors.

It’s in our blood and in our bones.

We are in a time of awakening and remembering who we are at a Soul level. And my soul is ancient. It’s been around the block a few times or more. It knows some shit and has been called in this lifetime to share, and I’m bold enough to give it all I have.

Donna Raymond Wise Wombman PriestessEver since I was a small child I would have these vivid dreams about being (what I now know to be) a High Priestess… a wisdom keeper of Sacred knowledge that had an order of ‘monks’ working for me as scribes for the Oracle that I would embody.

I could walk between worlds and navigate the Spiritual Ethers to bring back maps and keys that would help guide others.

If I close my eyes now, I can still see those visions so lucid and clear.

Since the age of 6, I remember having vivid dreams about creating a village, as I journeyed throughout my late teens and early twenties- growing spiritually and developing emotional maturity and resilience, I thought that I would be helping to co-create a “conscious community” like a permaculture village. Indeed I still have dreams of creating that, but for now my village, my tribe presents itself in the way of an online Wisdom School.

I feel like the last decade or more have been an intense initiation in remembering that on a Soul level I am a wisdom keeper, and it is my responsibility in this time and space to share that with the world in my own way. As a highly sensitive, empathic ambivert, this has created quite a stir… with my resistance to truly ‘being seen’.

A HUGE part of that was the fear of being misunderstood and thus creating pain for others whilst isolating myself, when I so dearly wish to connect and inspire.

Consequently, I have learned that my biggest desire is on the flipside of my biggest fear, they co-exist and dance together in a symbiotic union within my heart. You might see it sometimes in my awkward realness and raw expressions. I can’t fake being me.

Truth is, no matter how much I try and hide… SHE calls me forth… my Wise Woman- Ancestral Self. It’s almost as if I don’t have a choice in the matter. I was born to serve in this way and she laughs at my selfish insecurities! oh how I make fun of myself when I am shedding skins.

aussie-tall-poppyFor a long time I resisted calling myself a leader, although I knew I possessed natural leadership qualities which were prevalent in my early childhood.

Cos you know… Tall Poppy. (It’s an Australian thing!)

As a young girl, I would create games and teach people how to play them and suggest specific characters to match different personalities. Perhaps I had an ability to ‘see’ people early on, or maybe it was just an intuitive knowing. In year two at 7 years old, there were always people waiting for me to come up with a new game and to appoint new roles and characters.  Most of these games that I made up, revolved around elaborate problem solving mysteries. Thinking back now- those kids trusted that my imagination would take them on an adventure… and I so dearly loved to create memories and involve anyone who was interested in playing. I had an ability to create something out of nothing but the resources of what was available to me in my immediate environment.

Nothing much has changed!

I still ‘make things up’ I suppose. My receptivity to the visionary realms of the collective allows me to become a conduit for Spirit to explore and create through me, and rather than take people on random mystery tours, these days I help them transform their lives and shift perspectives into being the best versions of themselves. I do believe that this is part of our spiritual odyssey in life, to be the best version of ourselves for not only our families and communities, but for the generations of children that will inherit the Earth long after we have returned to the soil.

Donna RaymondHaving said all of this it is with great pleasure, blood, sweat and many, many tears that I can announce the birth of the Wise Wombman Wisdom School. A platform to share wisdom as a catalyst for Self-Actualisation through education and inspiration. I am passionate about sharing what I know about healing, emotional resilience and alchemy, womb wisdom and sacred feminine/women’s mystery teachings, leadership, conscious entrepreneurship, sacred and conscious birthing, grounded spirituality, majick and ritual, art, psychology etc.

It’s like a mixed bag of awesomesauce and I am the Sorceress that whips it real good!

As you can see, I am also a bit of a dork!

I am the type of person who has always been multi-faceted in my abilities and what inspires me. Throughout my years, I have created a large network of inspiring visionaries that I call my friends. I hope to provide a platform to share their wisdom also, and that Wise Wombman will act as a portal of deep connection and inspiration.

scs_header_webThe first potent offering is my Sacred Circle Secrets program which helps conscious and spirited women create and facilitate womens circles and red tents with confidence. I hold a clear vision that many different women have access to safe and sacred places to gather in solidarity of a supportive sisterhood. To do this, more women are needed to step up in the role as facilitator to create sacred space and to also become a woman that other women can trust. I feel the rise of the feminine energy emerging to help us shift the current paradigm of disconnect we find ourselves in. I created this course to share what I have learned over the years as a facilitator and event co-ordinator, to inspire many different types of women to step into this work. I am trusting that those that hear the call will rise to the occasion and take part in this movement of awakening feminine energy that is happening globally.

dreamsAs I navigate this journey sharing courses, intimate journey work, writing, personal and group mentoring and now as a speaker, I feel wholeheartedly what it is to be a pioneer. A wayshower. A symbol of what is possible if we dare to dream, and dare to bold enough to go for it!

As I stoke the sacred fire that burns within. Scared as I might be sometimes, I do what is necessary to embody the courage to step up, to shine my unique light and be visible in the world that for so long has shunned women in positions of power and leadership.

I am no longer under threat of being persecuted or burnt at the stake. I am in a place of great privilege and so I must do what I can do to serve the greater good. This is my way. This makes sense to me.

The power that I wield as a leader is reflected to me in the beauty of relationships that I have with others and the transformational change that results from co-creating with them through connected and inspiring hearts.

We are all in this together finding common unity in community, we will guide each other home.

Thank you for being here and for your continued support as I walk this path with an open heart and mind.

If you feel called to share in the evolution of the Wise Wombman Wisdom School, if you’re interested in what I have to share and offer, then please make sure you subscribe. As with this website I do not feel I should have to ‘bribe’ people with an ‘opt-in’ gift to gain your email address to “sell” you stuff. HA! I’m a bit of a rebel in that sense and break with the protocol of most online entrepreneurs.

If my work resonates then join me on the journey. If not, blessings to you on yours!

Love is…

Donna x