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November 2015

Hold Your Ground

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Hold your ground…

When Current affairs throw spears at your heart and blind you in despair,

Hold your ground.

And breathe through the feelings that arise

When visions of drowned babies surface awakening a deep collective grief

Hold your ground.

And breathe through the pain you feel inside

When Genocide is overlooked, over-commentated and amplified

Hold your ground.

And breathe through all the injustice and lies

When the forests burn and the trenches fill with flesh

Hold Your Ground

And breathe through the insanity of reason.

When the bombs explode in echoes of lives taken too soon

Hold your ground.

And breathe through the rubble of suffering

Be steady in your stride, shaky hands do no good to lift the shackles

The Mainstream Media surge will wash you away in emotion if you let it

But it’s really not your tide

Be Here, NOW!

Look around but don’t look away.

You are no fool.

Let it all be fuel to command you into empowered action.

The world needs your greatness, your wisdom and maturity.

Remain in the stillness within…

Your empathic heart is far too precious to create a battlefield inside

Hold your ground.

And your head above the waters…

Hold strong.

We’re all in this together…

No one gets out alive.

<3 Donna


evoking the wombsong

Sacred Women’s Circles (and why we need them)

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The Power of Sacred Women’s Circles.

and why we need them… 

I’ve been facilitating Sacred Women’s Circles for around 5 years now. I have experienced so much from holding space for other women that it’s hard to articulate the scope of what this work provides and why I feel it is crucial and beneficial for women to have access to these sacred spaces. So, I decided to make a brief list at all the benefits being involved in a Sacred Women’s Circle has to offer. I could explore this topic in depth, but felt to keep it simple for now. Sacred Women's Circle

  • Women have a safe space to be vulnerable, sharing their tears and laughter.
  • Sitting in Circle with women, hearing others stories helps us to connect with each other and realise that we are not alone. Sometimes the biggest insightful moments that arise in circle come from the, ”me too!” vibe.
  • Giving ourselves permission to attend a women’s circle can be a step out of our comfort zone… a step out of the ordinary that some women need to have something that is deeply meaningful in their lives. Something to look forward to. Something Sacred.
  • Sacred Women’s Circles allow us to see beyond story, without judgement… to see each other on a human level and that is a fundamental role in developing a healthy community.
  • Sharing emotional bonds, allows us to not only hold space for one another in respect, but also the feeling that a group of women have ‘got your back’ looking out for your health and wellbeing. And that is such a lovely feeling to have. Women genuinely interested in who you are and what you offer. Indeed YOU provide value simply by being present.
  • Whether physical or virtual, Women’s Circles can help to curb loneliness and isolation.
  • Friendships can be established or deepened within circle, with women you would never cross paths with, or think that you would have anything in common. This is special.
  • Sharing from our hearts, we get to share in the celebration of our successes and honour each other’s challenges and struggles.
  • Women’s Circles can provide a Sacred container for your most intimate thoughts… that will be held without judgement… relating to sexual health, relationships, parenting, the stress of being a woman in the modern world etc. Being Witnessed is truly powerful.
  • Deep listening and being held by the feminine during a process can be cathartic and liberating for some… having the opportunity to express desires or fears simply for what they are… being seen and heard in your truth in a nurturing environment is deeply healing.., and often a rare opportunity.
  • Women’s circles provide deep healing on many subtle and profound levels. Sometimes we don’t know what we’ve been holding onto, until a sister let’s go in front of us… inviting us to do the same… giving us permission to become more self aware and present in our bodies and hearts.
  •  Sacred Circles will open you up to new experiences and fresh perspectives of the world.
  • Staying committed to a circle is a surefire way to see amazing transformation in your own life, by making a declaration that this time is sacred for you and that YOU are worthy of that which fills your cup. It becomes a space to invest in your Self… and others.
  • Circles can invoke and explore the elements of Play through Creative expressions. Singing, Dancing making art and wildcrafting… learning traditional skills and life hacks.
  • They help provide accountability. A good circle will have women checking in on you to see how you are… even if you haven’t been able to attend a gathering for personal reasons.
  • Sacred Circles honour the seasons of each women. From Menarche to Menopause. Maiden, Mother, Queen and Crone are held with equal respect and reverence. Each woman brings something of value, a gift of self to the whole.

On a more serious note and often not acknowledged or talked about:

  1. A woman dies at the hands of a current or former partner almost every week in Australia
  2. One woman in three has experienced physical violence, since the age of 15
  3. One woman in five has experienced sexual violence
  4. One woman in four had experienced emotional abuse by a current or former partner.4
  5. There is growing evidence that women with a disability are more likely to experience violence. For example, 90% of Australian women with an intellectual disability have been subjected to sexual abuse.
  6. Intimate partner violence  is the leading contributor to ill-health and premature death in women under 45, more than any other well-known risks including high blood pressure, obesity and smoking.
  7. The cost of violence against women and their children to the Australian economy in 2009 was $13.6 billion. It’s calculated to rise to $15.6 billion by 2012-22 without the right preventive action

Statistics sourced from”

Sacred Women's CircleWith the added pressures of modern society… the overwhelm of being a woman can lead to many living a life of disconnect and stress.

Joining or creating Sacred Women’s Circles or Red Tents can be very beneficial to not only your own health and wellbeing, but the effects ripple out into the family and community at large. You will be encouraged and supported on your journey for personal empowerment. You will learn new ways to communicate with others and have a deeper respect for the Sacred.

***I am about to launch my new Online Training program to help women step up into the role as Facilitator of Sacred Women’s Circles with confidence. If you have felt the calling to serve on this level, then please check out Sacred Circle Secrets.

Love is..

Donna xx

self sabotage

Self Sabotage

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Self sabotage… sets in at the point of expansion out of what is familiar… when I feel this creeping in, usually in the form of procrastination I take a moment to reflect on my journey… how far I’ve come and where I have yet to go.

Once I acknowledge and declare that ‘I’m scared’ everything starts to shift…

I get out of my own way and start making decisions… ‘failing’ fast

Dusting myself off and getting back on track… walking the entrepreneurial path is not for the faint hearted… you are constantly tested… teased and poked by your will to serve and succeed… whatever that means as it’s all relative.

It’s been a massive spiritual learning curve… showing up fully… learning to serve myself as much as I serve others… as a Highly Sensitive Empath that’s quite ambitious it means setting boundaries for my physical and energetic well being.

I totally suck at catering to ‘my’ needs first but slowly learning to take the pressure off and stick up for myself… as ultimately the only person who has such high expectations of myself is me… general consensus is that I’ve done so much to be proud of. When your dreaming is huge of the legacy you want to create and leave behind after you pass… sometimes it’s hard to acknowledge those ‘small’ achievements.

But you know what I’ve learnt? 

life is a celebration

Everyday there is something so profoundly beautiful transpiring before us… whether you can sense it or not. So much to be grateful for… so much to honour and pay respects to… including the wondrous being that you are. ♡♡♡