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December 2013

transitioning into a new year

Reflections on a Mammoth Year

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Donna Raymond open heart

limbic imprinting




Donna Raymond and daughter


little hands- donna raymond

mama womb atonement


2013 you were an epic year! You were challenging, wild and you stirred me in ways that I could not have imagined. I knew you were going to reveal a side of me I’m not sure I was entirely ready to embrace, but as a willing participant in the unfurling of the greater dreaming I stepped up to the plate… that felt like it was jam-packed with all the trimmings of a 5-course meal and I know I’ll look back in years to come and see that it was all a just a finely crafted Amuse-bouche!

So with that interesting food analogy (must have triggered from the Earth Oven smoking away in preparation for our New Years Pizza Party/ Sacred ceremony) I’d like to close 2013 with a list of my achievements, recapping on such a mythic year!

January– After the news of being pregnant, I flew with Auraura over to Pennsylvania to visit with Adam’s relatives and see the snow. Being pregnant and travelling with a 5 year old is an interesting experience! Thank goodness for the new suitcase Auraura got for Christmas off her NannaH. On her first day she experienced snow for the first time and built up the courage to toboggan down the slope in the backyard.

February– Adam and I were guests artists at Earth Frequency Festival. Went to see Puscifier in concert and had an early honeymoon in Mount Tambourine and inner city Brisbane. It was beautiful to catch up with some lovely friends  in Northern New South Wales and we were fortunate enough to stay at the beautiful  Living Arts Sanctuary- home to the Izwoz and Myco-Halo crew.

March Attended a 4day Birth into Being Workshop facilitated by Melissa Aardema. Held a few Sacred Cacao ceremonies.

April- Continued Wedding preparations whilst Adam was in the USA for his feature artist presentation at CoSM– Alex and Allyson Grey’s Chapel of Sacred Mirror’s

May– Adam and I were married at Paronella Park- in the pouring rain! The area had record un-seasonal rainfall for that month! We chose the date based around the fibonacci sequence 5.8.13 the second wedding was set for the 5th of August but had to be rescheduled as our baby was due in July! I held my first ever Womens healing intensive- Seeding the Circle of the Sisterhood- followed by a few other women’s Moon Temple (Red Tent) circles and a shared circle at the PachaMama House.

June Had the most beautiful blessingway with some close sisters and experienced the communal turquoise birth pool for the first time. Started working with Chanel Baran on a conceptual film project celebrating wombman.

July – I free-birthed Maia Lily at home in the room where she was conceived. It was the most empowering experience of my life, breathing her out and tuning into the deep shamanic realms of the birthing field/portal… bringing back new maps for a conscious bEARTH evolution movement! EPIC Experience!!!!

September My mother, Auraura, Maia and I flew to Pennsylvania to meet Adam’s family.

October -Married again at Moonstone Manor – a beautiful old property established in 1739 in Elizabethtown- PA. Started developing my website and Wise Wombman Dreaming blog. Travelled though Norther California to see the Gentle Giants Recorded my first video blog called Perspective at the base of Mt.Shasta

November – Celebrated the arrival of my Saturn Return with the Mama Womb Atonement workshop

DecemberEvoking the WombSong Workshop

which leads us to tonight- on the eve of a new year I will be holding a sacred circle and transitioning into 2014 in a quiet meditation ceremony… I will be focusing on my dreams and goals for the new year and beyond. Releasing old patterns and mind-sets that no longer serve!


Blessings to you and yours!


Love is…




evoking the wombsong

An Intimate Journey into the Womb- Evoking the WombSong- and exploring my role as facilitator.

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It took me 2 days in preparation, cleaning out the school hall, sweeping and singing up the room in order to create sacred space to journey with with women, deep into the womb and collective feminine expression. It was no easy task that is for sure, especially after being bed-ridden with mastitis from letting Maia sleep on my chest. The milk fever sent me into a weak delirium and I am so thankful to have support around me to be able to rest. It bought up old memories of having blocked ducts and being a single mother- being unwell in bed, hardly able to move and yet still summoning the strength to look after a little one! At times when I look back on that journey I can’t fathom how I managed to do some things… I just did it I guess.. there was no other option but to keep pushing forward regardless of the pain or fear! For some of you reading this, that will strike a chord… It’s a challenging journey for sure and one that I am so blessed is not my present experience of life… For all you single mamas, or with partners who work away or are not fully present… I feel you!

So by 4pm on Saturday afternoon, the space was finally set, the energy felt clear and I was ready… only challenge now was to get Maia settled and asleep before I could leave her at home with Adam. She usually goes to sleep around 6pm when the outside sunlight starts to fade behind the rainforest trees across the road. I needed to leave the house at 6pm, so to navigate around this I put some dark sheets up over the curtains to make the room perfect for little miss Maia to settle in. It worked, with more hesitation then I have ever felt before, I left the house and headed for the School Hall where the workshop was being held. Even though I know Maia would sleep through and that she would be perfectly fine, with the best alternative back up plan in place if she were to wake (as my mother could not come up as was initially planned)… my heart still skipped a beat leaving her home… at 5 months old!

I arrived at the school hall at 6:30 with enough time to light candles and incense before my guests were to arrive for a 7pm start. That sickly nervous feeling in my stomach started to creep in- very familiar to the moment before I’ve gone on stage to perform in the past… I breathed through this feeling and any doubts that rose to the surface with it. It was hot- and as I looked around at the hall in recognition of all the work I had to do to prep the space, I caught myself thinking “why do you do this Donna?!” Sometimes I ask that question more often than not, and I usually come back with the answer “To Serve.. to help others heal” It’s a challenging process as facilitator when no one really sees the energetic input for what you have to offer… the months researching and cultivating the tools to share, the hours sourcing the perfect venue or prepping the sacred space, then holding that space as facilitator, being available and present with your participants and then cleaning the space and unpacking afterwards. Phew… it’s certainly a huge task, albeit challenging at times, but one I do love and hope that some day in the near future, I can hire an assistant or two!

The first participant arrived a little early which was great, I love it when women are committed to their healing journey that they arrive early to become familiar with the setting. 7:30pm came and only 5 women had shown… I started to feel a little unsettled as there was a lot to be shared before delving into the deep womb work.

Having late attendees really throws you a curve ball.. Do you just start? Or wait a little longer? How does this affect the people that have arrived on time?… How flexible can you be with your course content?… How much will participants then miss out because of late arrivals?

A few more women arrived and I decided to start- even though I was expecting over 20 women to attend, being mindful that 3 had already cancelled. To top all of that off, there were two women who had a “story” together that didn’t know either one was attending…

Both women sat together in sacred circle and I am SO Proud of them for staying true to their own healing journey.

All this made for an interesting dynamic to navigate around though, and definitely a test as a facilitator to keep the space sacred for others… Ah wow… all this and we hadn’t even begun yet…

And then, with the trust and commitment of all present, some deep majick was woven into the night… Evoking the WombSong!

Emu Egg Dreaming

 Evoking the WombSong Circle

sound therapy
oracle circle
evoking the wombsong altar

evoking the wombsong sacred circle

sacred womens circle

Yeah, I felt a bit pressed for time with some of the processes I had developed and in hindsight, I know that there are definitely ways in which I will fine tune this workshop and other material I would like to offer… but as the first intensive of it’s kind, I feel that it was a huge success! The success being measured by the overwhelming positive feed back, hugs and thank-you’s I’ve received. This kind of recognition makes my heart smile and to see and hear the difference that it is making in women’s lives makes all the effort worth while!

Overall I am blown away with how deep the 15 women went into themselves. The nature of this work can be quite confronting for some, and yet I feel within the sacred circle of sisters, the shared vulnerability makes for a potent symbiosis of growth- both directly and vicariously. In circle we are all equal- all present to reflect on self, to sit and heal. Story become irrelevant in the present moment which allows the dynamic to tune in deeply to where emotional trauma can be anchored. The more I journey with women and witness this process in action, the more I am humbled to be of service to this womb work! There is so much beauty in wombman when she is navigating the internal wombspace, singing her song in the way that only she knows how…

So much reverence I have for all the beauties who instilled their trust in me to guide them through this process… I have so much love and respect for the courage they have shown by giving themselves permission to step outside of their comfort zones and try something new and peeling back the layers!

When I arrived home at midnight, Maia had just started to stir. I was delirious by this stage, but felt that great sense of satisfaction that comes with the completion of a goal… I did it… and I feel great knowing that the healing journey has made an impact in the lives of the women who attended. Although most women have kept their process close to their hearts, I knew when I looked around the room during the closing circle, that some deep clearing had taken place and that the ripples from that will begin to gently surface and create healing in their wake. It is these moments, when I am quietly reflecting with wombman that I know this is what I am meant to be doing. Beyond all the doubts and fears that I process whilst discovering the role as facilitator, my dedication to hold space with pure intentions and being witness to these subtleties of wombman, gives me the courage to keep stepping up… to keep doing the internal work myself as ultimately I know that you can only take someone as deep as you have gone yourself- and I am not afraid of the depths nor am I afraid to admit that I am still learning too! We’re all in this together! xx

Love and Blessings xx

Photography (except for the emu egg) by CHANEL BARAN

Big love to Deya Dova for giving me permission to use her music in my workshops! Super grateful… as I absolutely love her new album Symbiotic!


solstice altar- donna raymond

Solstice Blessings

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I had a really special and beautiful night to celebrate the summer Solstice. Auraura had gone out to dinner with her step-mum and upon her return home all sleepy eyed, I grabbed a candle and said,

“Hey! Auraura, come here… Do you know what night it is tonight? We are going to have a special ceremony”

“For poppy?” she replied.

“No darling, not for Poppy… for something else… go brush your teeth and I’ll meet you in your bedroom.”

Auraura was excited. There was a certain majick in the air, and I noticed she had caught it with the twinkle in her eye! I sat on the edge of her bed and waited for her to join me. She sat beside me on the bed. I proceeded to tell her that tonight was the Summer Solstice, that it was the longest day of the year and that’s when we honour and celebrate the Sun for all of its majick and life giving energy. (She thought that Solstice was when “the moon and the sun come together”- an eclipse) So, the candle that I held inside a turquoise lotus tea-light holder had drawn her curiosity. I told her that on Solstice we have a fire ceremony, to honour the sun, to transmute all discordant energy so that we can also align with the energy of abundance. We can use the element of fire to release any energy that no longer serves us, or we can use it to send out prayers. I asked her if there was any energy that she would like to release (I mentioned things like having bad dreams etc) or if there was a prayer she would like to offer to the world.

“I would like to release all bad energy in my body” she affirmed with confidence

“Oh, that’s a good one!” I replied.

I then told her to close her eyes and proceeded to take her on a short guided meditation.

“Imagine for a moment that you are the Sun. That you contain all the light inside of your body. Reach out your arms as wide as you can, and wrap them around the Earth with all the love that is inside your heart. Offer your blessings, prayers and good intentions to the Earth.

At this moment I circled the candle around her head in a spiral motion

Now bring your awareness to the energy that you wish to release tonight. Ok, now hold that intention inside your heart, breathe and feel it deeply… and when you are ready Auraura, give yourself permission to let go… and then blow the candle out!”

Auraura released her intention with the fire ceremony and then drifted off to sleep after a cuddle and a funny “sticky kiss” that we do nearly every night!

So mum duties had some to completion for the night, and I could now enter into the realms of ceremony, which I wanted to facilitate for my husband and two close sisters, Toddi and Maddi. I grabbed some paper, candles, singing bowls, lit some incense and prepared some tea. I tuned into my heart and acknowledged the Bulwai ancestors and all their song-lines, dreaming and wisdom.

We sat outside on the veranda and wrote down our intentions of what we would like to let go of, and what forms of abundance we would like to draw towards us. We sat for a moment in silence, I lit some Palo Sant and placed it inside a metal bowl and then offered our words to the fire.

solstice ceremony

solstice ritual
one by one we offered our intentions to the fire
working with fire
working with fire
solstice release
and the fire consumes…

After we released our fears, restrictions etc, I called for everyone to sit in silence for a moment.. to offer prayers to the Earth and all beings. For healing. We called in healing for Fukushima. We called in support to preserve the Great Barrier Reef which is currently being threatened. I started playing the singing/healing bowls and everyone took turns in sending out prayers to the world. This probably went on for about 30min and the collaboration was so incredibly beautiful and inspiring. I love my friends! My prayers were for all indigenous cultures to be acknowledged and respected, that we embrace the wisdom of the old ways and for all children to feel loved, safe and protected!

Maddi then blessed us with a song- her voice is so smooth and dances around octaves with a soulful elegance well beyond her years. Silence crept in and the ceremony was complete… which meant it was time to film my video blog! HA! I wasn’t sure on what I was going to talk about, but after sitting with these beautiful souls it suddenly became apparent. So here it is below… Just a simple one this week.

Just a gentle reminder to always acknowledge the original people of the land on which you stand/sit. For those of you who don’t know what country you are residing in- please take a look at the map at the bottom of this post, below the video!


Love is…


Indigenous Australia Map
Become familiar with Indigenous Country.



Love is...

Love is…(the medicine of heartbreak)

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Throughout my life I have traversed vast landscapes of human emotions- such intoxicating drama really! In the necessity to be seen and heard I stumbled upon a mantra long ago- etched into the chasm of an aching heart. Within these intimate walls I found it, scribed- with deep scarification as if I had been there before…many, many times… heavy and broken. In complete overwhelm, I allowed the words to seep through the cracks of my broken heart. In this intimate moment of chaos and confliction, a lotus bloomed from the murky waters of heart-ache. Each petal unfurled and plucked my heart strings with gentle resonance. So it was to be, as the lotus blossomed from the mud, I found the medicine of heartbreak:


I breathed a sigh of relief as the words offered a gentle reassurance to my bruised heart and tear soaked cheeks. I was young. 19 in fact and donning rose coloured glasses, I viewed the world with a sweet naivety that only growing up in the suburbs of a small town in Queensland can breed. The big city purred like an engine and I found myself floating helplessly outside  the vortex of the drumming drones, saturated in neon promises to fill my cup with shit I didn’t need. I may have been lost- rural girl like me, swimming in a sensory sea of stimulation, if it weren’t for being rescued by those simple words with such clarity. I was sitting on a rooftop in Melbourne- crafting a lengthly letter to a lover from a relationship that had just abruptly come to an end. I had a tendency to write and pour my heart out- often at times I would wear my heart on my sleeve for others to sit back and just watch it bleed! I didn’t mind though, I was being real- and yea, maybe my youth provided the fertile playing field for unnecessary drama- after-all I grew up watching TV and Hollywood movies- this is what it means to be an adult right? These were my reference points and I didn’t know any better.

Maybe it was the transformative energy of the Autumn Equinox that enabled this change of perspective. It happened whilst crafting this novel of a letter. I found myself consumed in thoughts and stories. The archetypal victim sprang forth, screaming of heartbreak ,dribbling heavy hearted accusations onto paper… as if to somehow validate its experience. You said that… you made me feel this…I’m so hurt… I love you so much… blah blah blah- purge purge purge! If I remember correctly (as it was almost a decade ago now) I think I got up to page 4 or 5 of this drool before I had the realisation… If I love someone.. than that is ok.. If they don’t love me back in the same way.. than that is ok too- and if that is so than if I am loving unconditionally than it wouldn’t matter either way! I would continue to love freely, honestly and with an open heart regardless. This AHA! moment snapped me out of victim mode and back into the front seat- steering this experience in a direction that I was happy with. I tore up the emotive ramble and started fresh. My tears spilled as did the ink from my pen.

The note read something along the lines of: “Dear…. I Love you, Love is”

Immediately after I finished this simple little note- I felt the weight of my heart ease. Suddenly the tears stopped flowing and I looked up to the sky and laughed! “It’s so simple- I get it!!!!” Wow- how much drama I could’ve created for myself.

So the lesson is, that Love is…

Love Is...

If you truly love someone than it is what it is- when we love unconditionally we free ourselves from the trappings of stories- and also provide the other person with their freedom to choose. Love is an energy and a state of  being. It can not be owned nor taken. It can not be lost our used to create restrictions. Love is expansive and all encompassing, it can grace you with it’s presence in a small fleeting moment or linger for however long you choose to accept it into you life. When we decide to step outside of the the story- and let go of all expectations, love flows and grows in ways we can never define or imagine. There is a great mystery to this vital life force energy that triggers us to somehow want to capture and possess it.

Taking the medicine of this mantra allowed me to find my way through the copious ‘dark nights of the soul’ which I found myself succumbed to. In the darkest moments when my heart felt like it was caving in on itself, when I was broken on the floor in a complete mess, I would often come back to these simple and profound words.

Love is… it just is… there is no need to label it, attach conditions to it that justifies its worth to someone else. Love is the fruit from the universal seed implanted inside us all- waiting to be nurtured, to blossom our hearts with grace and wonder. I love deeply so this lesson was one of the hardest to learn and a process which was a psychological test. I made my way through and now have a grasp of the vocabulary and I feel as though I brought back a map to share with others.

WombSong Journey

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Over the past couple years I have come to realise the significance of the feminine Womb Wisdom. I have witnessed the ebb and flow of cycles and have tracked the energetic threads of my intuition to deep inside my womb-heart. It is my understanding that Woman- Wombman, has the innate ability to birth the most sacred dreaming into being. We have the capacity to nurture our goals and dreams inside our womb, preparing it for life outside of us. All to often though, this fertile space is filled with discordant energy which is usually steeped in hurt and trauma from past stories. The womb is the centre of our creativity and if we do not bring our awareness to clearing this space, than we can not realise our full potential as conscious co-creators. The womb is a gateway and holds a song unique to each wombman. Even if the womb has been removed, the imprint is still there (although it may be more challenging to connect with that space) it is indeed possible and necessary to evoke the wombsong!

In the video below, I share a very brief description of the first time I was “sung”, the first time that I had intuitively connected with my womb and let her song be expressed in its powerful rawness. (I will blog more about this experience another time) Still to this day, I have not felt anything like the energy of being activated for the first time, it was a deep primal connection to the great, ancient mother archetype, in which I am now thoroughly committed to serving and sharing this majick with other women who have the courage to discover themselves deeper!



Present Prescience by Adam Scott Miller

Letting Go- A practical tool for releasing negative energy.

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Sometimes “letting go” isn’t as simple as we want it to be! When we bring our awareness to strong discordant energy, there are usually threads of attachment which can stem way back into our past due to intense experiences or strong connections to people. If you have ever felt threads like this, you will know that they can feel very sticky and can hold you back from living your life to its fullest potential. These threads are portals into story and access points which can deplete your vital life energy. It is essential to disconnect these pathways and reconnect with abundant Source energy rather than feeding off each other.

Let go of past stories, fears, negative energy and imprints, hurt, trauma, resentment  etc, knowing that these portals are not serving your best interests- no matter how enticing the stories are!

It takes a lot of psychic energy to constantly travel to the past in order to hold on to these stories and keep them alive. This can be quite draining on our energetic resources. Be mindful of what you weave with your thoughts and intentions! Often, these threads can be cast out towards us from other’s (remember it work’s both ways too!) in the shape of negative thought forms, psychic hooks and knives in the back . The imprint of these can be very real and can be a direct portal for “energy vampires” to feed off.  Ever felt like you couldn’t shake this feeling that someone or something is directing negative energy your way- or that someone is purposefully manipulating a situation to keep you trapped in a feeling of helplessness and restriction- with a feeling of no escape? Re-claim your power to be the creator of your life-  It takes a lot of intention for letting go of these attachments and actually severing all ties to these discordant and harmful energies, which brings us completely into the present moment with direct access to our own truth.

By letting go, and pulling our energetic body into the present moment, we are making sure that we are not making ourselves vulnerable for others to tap into our individual energetic resources. When we are ready to let go of the story of the past, and close down all portal ways, then we can begin to feel the infinite  abundance of energy around us that we can tap into without causing harm or taking from anyone else.

In the video below, I give an example of a very simple but effective ritual that can help to pull back these treads and sever the connections. Of course this is just one of many types of tools that can be used for this matter.

Love and Blessings,

Love is…


Donna Raymond

Excuses, Excuses…Excuse Me…

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Excuses Excuses- they are a sign that we aren’t content with particular parts of our lives- that we see a need to grow and change. If we were  embodying our Truth and authentic expressions 100%, then there would be no need for excuses, defence mechanisms or apologies, as we would just BE.

If I make an excuse for not cleaning my space, it’s really a mask of embarrassment that I project outwards to blanket my perceived and expected reactions and judgements of others coming into that space… where the underlying root cause actually comes from my own yearning to “step up” and be the best person I can be- keeping a clear and tidy space to thrive in, and that requires Effort… So looking at excuses in this context, I find that people usually don’t care about the issue as much as I do… and that the excuses I give, are a trigger for me to be aware of ways in which I would like to change and grow.

Ultimately if I was completely happy with having a messy home than I wouldn’t feel the need to defend that when people come over or catch me off guard- because it wouldn’t matter. Having this realisation enabled me to look at my behaviour and interactions differently. I began to really listen to myself as I was talking- what else do I make excuses for? What parts of myself do I feel the need to defend, validate or give reason to justify my actions- and are they REALLY an authentic expression or a mask for something deeper that requires my attention?

Questioning our behaviours is a tool for uncovering the Shadow Self, to peel back the layers, programs and patterns. Of course, it helps to look at yourself with humour, as it makes the process so much more rewarding and less intense!


Love is…

D xx