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November 2013

Evoking the WombSong workshop


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Workshop- Evoking the WombSong

Saturday December 28th, 2013


Majella Mary Hall, Candlenut Steiner School, 46 Boyles Rd Kuranda, Qld.

$75 per person (payable on the night)

limited placements. bookings essential

 *Includes light refreshments.

*Discount for groups of 3 or more!

*Payment Plan available.

*Please bring a journal, water bottle and wear comfortable clothing

N.B: At present, I am an exclusive breastfeeding mother of a 4month old- so please be supportive with my role as facilitator.

Our wombs are a sacred container for our creativity and dreaming. All too often, we store old emotions and negativity which become trapped and unable to flow or be released. Just as we naturally shed from menses, we can also use the wisdom of the womb to release that which does not serve us and realign to our creative potential- using the womb space to grow and nurture our dreams and goals. This workshop takes women on a  journey into connecting with the Sacred vessel. In a safe and supportive environment, women are guided to delve deep into the dark watery chasm of the womb to find any hidden tension, resistance and emotional trauma.

<More Details about the workshop>

kindling the enigma by Adam Scott Miller

kindling the enigma by Adam Scott Miller

Auraura Freedom

For Auraura Freedom… A mother’s reflection

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 For Auraura Freedom

April, 2013

Half One in the morning and I watch you peacefully sleeping. I marvel at the rhythm of your breath, cupid lips and soft skin. I kiss your cheek and whisper how much I love you and that I will always be there for you. As I gaze at you, beautiful daughter, I reminisce on how poetic it is that I helped to co-create such potent perfection. My womb, a sacred vessel and chariot you chose to embark on this wild journey, intrinsically connecting my story with yours. Our hearts beat in sync. I rub my pregnant belly in complete gratitude for the gift of motherhood and the mystery of a new unfurling story. The divine passage of birth, both of a child and new mother… Mother, Mama, Mater… The mythic spiritual path that I have chosen to serve, in this lifetime, with complete reverence!

I wonder what you are dreaming about dear Auraura. I wonder what you will experience in this life, your purest joy’s, deepest heartaches and your ability to traverse the decadence of human emotions. I wonder how our story will unfold, whether we will seal the deepest bonds of the One Song, redefining a sisterly bond as we dance with our Great Mother… Gaia.

I know you are not mine and I am so blessed to share this part of your life with you, as the wombman who birthed you into being. The Wombman who at 18 years of age heard your song and was strong enough to hold onto the golden threads of your dreaming, surrendering to the greater calling and aligning her path with complete trust for your arrival. When I first looked into your eyes… into the portals of pure untainted consciousness, I knew that my life had changed forever! My world view suddenly expanded and pierced the dreaming of generations that I will never get to meet. In that moment, I knew that I had become an ancestor and with that acknowledgement came a deep sense of responsibility to weave a world of Majick and abundance.

You are one of my greatest teachers and inspirations. Indeed there have been times when I have struggled to keep it together, particularly the journey of raising you as a “single” mother. The anger that I projected onto your innocence, so blindly…is one of my deepest hurts and sorrows. I am truly sorry, and I have whispered that into your ear many a night, so that it would penetrate into your subconscious, until the day comes when you will be mature enough to feel my hearts pain, and I can offer you my apology in complete humility. I have forgiven myself indeed, though the self inflicted scars are still there as a constant reminder of the energy I do not wish to embody again. From that dark place, a gift of compassion blossomed like a lotus steming from the mud. For all of the mother’s trying to keep it together, who have become so far removed from themselves that they have forgotten the gift of wonder that children bring. I thank you for showing me my shadow and being the biggest catalyst for me to change, to grow… to heal.

I have made a promise to you, to serve you in the best way that I can as your elder. I will offer all of my wisdom to you in complete gratitude for the Divine Essence that you embody. As you blossom into a young wombman, I shall gift you with teachings and tools to help guide you through life in creating abundance and joy. You deserve to be surrounded in love, grace and beauty. You are worthy and appreciated on so many levels.

Auraura, if these words are anything, they are a humble attempt at portraying the scope of love that my heart holds for you. I am so blessed to be your mother and student. You inspire me to become the best person I can be. You give me the courage and strength to delve deeper into the mystery and you provide hope, to return safely with the medicine. For all that you are, I see you. For everything that you express I feel you. You are destined for a beautiful life and as your mama it is my duty to help you thrive on your own path with heart, for wherever that may lead, you will always be home!

Donna Raymond and Adam Scott Miller


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(for my beloved)

My body aches,
Longing for your embrace
And spiralling fingertips upon my breast.
My eyes sparkle with the thought of kissing your lips.
Oh my love, a thousand days pass with each second.

Pull me closer to you
I want to feel your everything.
Whisper sweet somethings into my ear,
I melt into the softness of every word that escapes your breath.
Oh my love, I bathe in the beauty of your heart script.

My heart’s ablaze in a passionate inferno,
You are the spark that ignited me so…
In the haze of your enigma,
I drink from the elixir pooling from your eyes.
Oh my love, Intoxicate me with your essence.

Like dew drops on a spring flower,
My heart glistens in the light of our love.
Casting away shadows hiding a Souls yearning,
To be rejoined with its counterpart.
Oh my love, Illuminate my sense of remembering.

Hold me so that I may be free to surrender.
Enchant me with your smile.
Open me up, so you may plunge into my deepest longing for you.
Fill me with your desire,
Oh my love, I am yours.

Let us paint our future together with star dusted silken threads.
Weaving majick of waking dreams.
On heart wings we set sail into the sunset
Dawning the Ecstasy of true loves bliss,
Oh my love, it has always been you!

Donna Raymond dreaming

Embracing the Shadow Self

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It’s important in these times to bring awareness to the darker sides of our psyche- as what is cultivated in the internal world is projected into our external reality- as above so below etc. The world is a mirror of our own inner world and consciousness, so when we take responsibility and make amends with aspects of ourselves that we’ve refused to recognise, we make peace with ourselves and the world.

The first step in any form of healing is to bring your awareness to the fact that there is something to heal in the first place. Awareness is key and the ability to admit that something is wrong takes a lot of courage and humility. It can be quite challenging to look at ourselves deeply- especially when we are so over stimulated by our external world!

Sometimes when you are in a downwards spiral people will tell you to “get over it” but the key here is to remember its not about getting over anything- it’s about going THROUGH it… the only way out is IN… inside ourselves!

So now is the time for some deep soul excavation! Dig deep. Inside our darkness is where we find our jewels- it’s the place where we learn our deepest lessons that bring us the most precious gifts, and return us to the seat of Self. When we navigate through the realms of the shadow self,  we illuminate from within and begin to merge both aspects of ourselves to become whole. We realise the grand dualistic game play and begin to see how our fears are an illusion and a construct of the mind- created to distract us from our true essence… our authentic selves, Love.

Feel the fears, do not feed them!

Processing emotions is easy when you discover that emotions are just energy in motion. Our brain receives information through our senses, thus triggering the release of certain hormones and chemicals so that we can respond to our environment. Emotions are kind of like a lense or filter that we perceive and experience our world through. We are not our emotions.  All life is a dialogue of energy.

All to often people will turn away from the “negative” expressions of reality. Ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance is ignorance… and in a world over-run with malevolent, sociopathic entities- bringing our awareness to what is playing out is the first step to heal the social conditioning and dis-ease! There are still children starving in a world that prefers to spend energy and billions of dollars perpetuating a draconian military state- whilst the people who can make a change, un-consciously choose to feed off a fear based diet, perpetuated by the media machine to support the grand illusion. When really, WE are the ones being fed off!

Our vital life force and energy is being sucked dry and it’s no wonder most of us feel hopeless! So how do we get out- how do we unplug ourselves? Well- we must find the discord that resides inside us. If you want change- you must first go within! We change our external reality by changing the internal. We must first identify our social conditioning. We must identify the programmes that we are running and the patterns that we keep creating in our lives. We have to look at our shit- just like compost, it is a valuable resource! Don’t be afraid of yourself or your shadow. It is what it is, and it serves a great purpose for our evolution! If you choose to look away- it will still be there.

When we claim the shadow self, our “negative” emotions and fear, we create a sense of freedom- freedom to just be! We become resilient and less sensitive to the attacks of character from a system that is so desperate to stay in control. In my opinion, there is a grand battle going on and we are in the trenches without even realising!

Real eyes realise real lies!

Never underestimate the power of intention and the power of the people. Just as in a game of chess, it is possible for a pawn to over throw the hierarchy. It just depends on how conscious of the game you are and the strategy you choose!

It all comes down to one choice really, the choice between fear and love.


Love is…




Listening by Adam Scott Milelr


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Words are spells!

We cast them out to create and form language… to mask and cloak matter. We label things with sensory tones so that we can each find a commonality to unite our perceptions with meaning. How often do we really take the time out to feel into what it is we are putting out there… How often do we break down semantics and powerful prose… feeling into the energy and manipulation behind such words we so often take for granted? I have always loved word play and it wasn’t until 2006, when watching a documentary by Freddy Silva, that I really took interest into spoken word and how often we cast our spells blindly. Freddy spoke of the appropriation of the church over Pagan practice and posed a couple of poignant questions which really struck a chord with me. To paraphrase him- (only because I can’t even remember what the documentary (about crop circles) was called) When you enter a building you enter via the entrance… but what exactly is it entrancing? and then you walk down the nave to the altar, but what exactly is it altering?

When studying my Visual Arts degree, I gained a little insight into typography and how we can even take fonts for granted- particularly those with energetic imprints from long ago. I remember hearing about how the  serif was from Roman times, often used in political propaganda etched in stone- where little bits would sometimes break off the end, consequently causing the serif. That made me wonder about the energy that is carried through when that font is used and appropriated in design today. Interesting!

Words are codes, and the way in which sentences are strung together can be used as a form of persuasion or manipulation. The more I delve into word play with syntax and semantics, the more I am called to be mindfull of the words I weave, and the intention in which I write and release those symbols into the world. When I am in flow, my words spill out in a poetic dance in what I like to call, Heart Script.

Some words I have been ruminating on recently, particularly how they sound when you break down the syllables.

Deserve- De Serve

Insane- In Sane (the truth is stranger than fiction!)

Believe- BE LIEve (when we believe something, it does not come from a place of knowing- beliefs can always evolve and change)

Politics- Poly Ticks (Many Parasites?)

Responsible- Response Able (Ability to Respond)


When I embarked on my first LSD journey in 2004, I saw a massive Shiva/Laksmhi, clock like deity in the sky with all these turning cogs and gears- the “clock face” was multi faceted and was inscribed with sigils, glyphs and symbols that I had never seen. The clouds spelt out words as if from a foreign cosmic language- the letters of the english alphabet where all there, they were just in a sequence that I couldn’t interpret. It was this journey that I began to feel into what I call “The Secret Writing” or the coding that makes up this 3d reality. In a sense, it’s like how binary code creates our platform for digital communication- The Secret Writing as I see it, is the blueprint to create the map of this Earthly dimension.

I often see the imprint of these codes in my peripheral vision-  they shift like auric energy, but linger just enough to know they are there! I often wonder if this energetic language that I see is what we/I have projected outwards to engage in communications with the Cosmic Intelligence. Or perhaps it’s what is known as the “Akashic Records” and we are swimming in a cosmic soup of discourse, weaving the heart script of the Divine!

The more I delve into trying to make sense of it all, the more I am often left in a quandry over questions I’m not sure I can find answers to, as human language is so very limiting. It’s like the more I learn, the less I know!

When we set our intentions to actively create spells with our words, it is important to express ourselves from a pure heart space. When we look at language in the context of ritual majick, we must be cautious as to what exactly we are casting, as what goes out comes back! I guess looking at it this way, helps to become more impecible with our words, for we are responsible for the consequences, whether direct or indirect… Sometimes we’ll never know how far the ripple can travel and what interference it may cause.

Love and Blessings,


Donna Raymond ceremony

Being Gentle

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It’s time to step up and get the job done! Go deep, and find the medicine with personal ceremony and ritual. Through the flux of life, remember to be gentle with yourself and your journey.



In Service

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Donna Raymond- Contemplation    And so I find myself sitting in wonder- I feel this MASSIVE container of dreaming floating right above my head- in the realms of spirit- not yet ready to spill forward into physical creations. The ideas are still seeding and laying dormant, patiently waiting for the perfect conditions… of fertile soul soil to anchor into. The dreaming is so strong and profound that I know this is why I have been cultivating myself- from deep soul excavations to gently tilling the stubborn ways of programmed thinking. I am a conduit of spirit- a vessel for consciousness to flow through- When I am grounded and open, My womb speaks to me of medicine so forgotten,  almost lost in the ebb and flow of the passing tides of Herstory. I am humbled by these experiences and will continually offer myself in service for the greater good of all and trust that I will be received in all facets.   with an abundance of Love and Blessings, D xx